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We here at the Fraudsters Almanac take our writing more seriously than it deserves (and more seriously than anyone rightfully should take a review website). So when a migraine unexpectedly struck me this morning and ruined my writing schedule (and day), I was doubly unhappy. 726 more words


I Want to Remember...

The moment I decided I didn’t have to succumb to my parent’s expectations to be happy.

The days that I decided to not kill myself. 188 more words

Mental Health

Meteor Shower Euphoria

That moment that you count how many shooting stars you can see in one night. Focused on how each one is otherworldly. How each one makes you feel whole; like there is so much in the world to live for and experience. 46 more words

Mental Health

Fields of Yogis Day Two: From Burlesque to Yoga Nidra

Who would have thought that burlesque dance and a yogic sleep and sound bath would share a commonality? Boy, did they ever! Our second day of the Fields of Yogis festival, despite our exhilarating exhaustion from Day One did not disappoint! 1,051 more words


The Story of Panda Girl - CHAPTER II: Black and White

Read Chapter I: https://jcalantha.wordpress.com/2017/07/13/the-story-of-panda-girl/

CHAPTER II: Black and White

♦ Cerita di Hari Hujan; November 2010

Haru berdiam sendirian di sebuah aula gereja tua yang cukup minimalis,  beberapa kursi terlihat sudah usang, setiap sudut ruangan ada kumpulan benang-benang putih tipis, tempat laba-laba bersarang, suara hujan yang disertai suara gemuruh beriringan terdengar memenuhi seisi aula, kilatan petir terlihat dari jendela di atas aula. 1,489 more words



When I think of auras, I imagine them as your very own fingerprint that you designed.

A fingerprint, so unique and amazing in which you are the master that if we look close enough we can each appreciate each other’s creations. 558 more words