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My auras and how I'm controlling seizures with them

I have heard and read about auras about 10 years ago when I really started documenting myself on epilepsy. I saw that, unofficially, it’s considered as a preamble for a seizure. 166 more words


Day4: Create a protection bubble

When you feel in need of protecting your aura, this is a tried and true way. Practitioners praise it as a beautiful way to connect them to the Divine, and when it’s done in the mornings, it will start your day with positive energy. 136 more words



Our bodies are surrounded by an aura, made of our energies that can be read and felt by our surroundings. Our energies radiate how we feel and the emotions that engulf us at that moment. 287 more words


Day 3: cleanse your own negative thoughts

Are you still feeling like you have negative energy wafting around? You might have to look inwardly and make sure you aren’t pulling yourself down. Start paying attention to your thoughts. 126 more words


Day 2: Discard negative energy

We’ve all been around a stick in the mud.

You know, a person who is completely negative, always has something bad to say about any given topic, and generally has a big frowny face on more than a smiley one. 179 more words


Day 1: visualize your aura

Choose a quiet, distraction-free zone in your house.

Sit there.

Stay seated comfortably in a position you can relax in for about 15 minutes doing some de-stressing breathing exercises. 114 more words


Learn to see your own aura in minutes

This video takes the mystique out of seeing your own aura or the aura of someone else. While it may take some practice to tune into the auric energy with your eyes, anyone can do it. 177 more words