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The Power of Crystal Healing

I first learned of the power of crystals when I visited an energy healer, Maria, in Newport, Rhode Island.  I was just at the beginning of my healing journey, and she helped me tremendously. 298 more words

Walter Benjamin - The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

About three weeks ago I read Walter Benjamin’s The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (didn’t have time to write this earlier). … 359 more words


A different aura

It’s summer, and for that we need a fresh take on travel. From the perfect lunch date to incredible sunsets, you’re guaranteed to fall in love this summer. 175 more words

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How to Stay Connected for Free While Disconnected

> http://rudecoder.com/how-to-stay-connected-for-free-while-disconnected/ >How to Stay Connected for Free While Disconnected


While we stare deeply into the lcd abyss together, be weary of fingers soldered to the keyboards and touchscreens and use the tools wisely. 68 more words

Me, My Shadow and the International Lollipop Salesman

One of the things about being on your own is that people talk to you.

I thought it was just a small town thing – everyone seems to chatter away to me in Kendal… but here I am in Dubai, one of the biggest cities in the world, and I’m still meeting such interesting characters. 661 more words


40 Shades of Pink

I don’t see myself as a pink person (my fave colors are black and gold!), but I have no idea why I’m subconsciously drawn to it lately. 218 more words


Emotional Seduction! The Power of Emotion to Change Your Life, Part 6

Emotional Seduction!

A smile is contagious! But, so are frowns, jeers and anger. We tend to mimic each others emotional expressions and synchronize to the emotional vibration too. 541 more words

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