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Re-Entry: Life After Savasana

You have just had the most incredible yoga experience, your best savasana, and you’re riding the yoga high. ¬†You’ve been focusing on your intention, your mantra, and intend to carry this amazing sensation with you wherever you go. 1,327 more words


Burrard Inlet Trail Shrine

The Burrard Inlet Trail Shrine is an art installation that represents the intersection of a number of ideas and concepts from this course, through it is centered on 2 major conceptual themes; play and animism. 486 more words

(Best New Music) THE GRIND: BICEP - AURA

Bicep releasing a full-length project!? And it’s coming out on Ninja Tune!? I’m sold! (audio) 253 more words


How Can I Clean My Aura?

Archangel Michael says that to declutter your life allows room for more to come in. Is this as obvious as doing a little spring cleaning in the home? 244 more words


Let Us Begin

Here we go the fully positive blog post. My aim being to only spreading the good happening in this fantastic world, also sharing information to create good vibes around yourself. 120 more words

I just want to see you one more time

Your words are still whispering in my ears all the time
Your hands are still holding me in your arms in my daydreams

Why just can’t I see you… 101 more words

Counting the woods, dark and deep

As I walked down the memory lane, it was only his memories that l owed. The woods along smelled of him. The lane seemed to continue till eternity, beyond what eyes could see. 149 more words