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What is Energy Medicine?

“The next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine,” said Dr. Mehmet Oz, director of the Cardiovascular Institute at Columbia University, nearly a decade ago (2007). 464 more words

Disease Relief - Prevention

On the verge.

Me: stress, funny lighting (even just bright white cloudy sky or sat in the cinema), pre storm weather, food and THAT time of the month. All potential contributors to the dreaded migraine. 605 more words

Auras - compliments and context

Hi all! Here’s a video explaining how auras can work together to provide more information and context about how your soul is reacting to the environment: 12 more words


The art of having the Aura..

These flowers.. What do they bring to your mind?

Thoughts that they have got rotten, become bad in colour, Or they are beautiful, wonderful, pink blushing flowers…? 352 more words


Aura Colors and Meanings//

•Brilliant Yellow: spiritually inspired. Playful. Going through a time of enlightenment.

•Dark Yellow: student with a loss of love for learning. Burnt out.

•Lemon Yellow: fear of loss and abandonment… 111 more words

How to Clean Your Aura//

Every living creature has an aura. Keeping yours clean and healthy will help in keeping your body and mind healthy as well ^^

•breathe deeply… 93 more words

Focus On Aura Homewares

Aura by Tracie Ellis is a homeware retailer based in Australia. I can hear the cries already; no fear flat rate international shipping is here! Now back to the good stuff … By just taking a peek at their Instagram you can see the range of beautiful pieces which are stylish and universal to any interior. 113 more words