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Paranormal Photography: Auras, Lens Flares and Psychological Priming.

As a ghost hunter and investigator, I often get asked to review photographs as well as audio and video recordings. I love doing it because I get to interact with people who’ve had, in their opinion, unusual experiences that they cannot yet explain. 2,320 more words

Technical Article


Our Auras connect our physical body with Spirit.

The Aura exists in relation to the 7 wheels of energy in and around our body, called the Chakras. 964 more words


How did I get lost

on this foreign planet

from which I am made

yet about which I know so little.

I am made from the Earth… 88 more words

How 'Silence' Is The Ultimate Form Of Prayer!

Sometimes silence can speak volumes without you ever having to say anything. Silence, according to various religions is the real communication between anyone.

Silence is supposed to be the best way of communicating wishes, feelings and emotions. 222 more words

A Book! And what to do with 1998?

I’m looking at the last date I posted on this blog and wondering what has happened in the last 16 months… In short, I’ve had a (second) baby, taken a year away from work to look after her, moved house (twice), settled my older son in a new school. 535 more words


Lightning Events: Detail Overview Part 2

In last post we study that in Lightning we have two types of Events. We study the Component Event. In this post we will continue and will cover the application event. 860 more words


Lightning Events: Detail Overview

In my previous post I have explain the Lightning Basic. But I in that post we only cover basics of Lightning events. I think Lightning events are more complex and need a detailed separate post. 519 more words