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Feeling an human aura

Exercise to try out with a friend

  • Ask your friend to stand in the middle of the room – lighting is not important in this exercise…
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Sounds between the thoughts,
clouds rounding the edge,
feel to sign the pledge
for wholehearted knots.
Looking for the grace
in your aura space.

@Simona Prilogan



Weekend Update

One of my favorite gluttons for punishment readers, who has been with me since the amazingly icky TD days and has yet to tell me to piss off or thrown her smart phone out the window upon reading about yet another insane recap of my bad behavior contacted me this morning in search of an update on my weekend.  865 more words

Internet Dating

Natural Born Carers and Healers

I’ve recently written about a series of books I’ve read by Debbie Johnson called the Comfort Food Cafe. The owner of the cafe and matriarch of Budbury is called Cherie Moon. 708 more words

Chic Lit

The human energy field ~ and how to see one

This exercise may feel initially strange, but bear with me, all new experiences feel strange to begin with.

  • Ask your friend to sit in front of a plain background , preferably a very dark or very light background…
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Golden Bubble

A perfect light form of protection from outside forces and other peoples energy, as well as protecting your own energy.

A Golden bubble is as effective as any spell/charm/mantra and it all stems from your imagination! 479 more words


Human, Not Machine!

We all have our time machines.  Some take us back, they’re called memories.  Some take us forward, they’re called Dreams.–Jeremy Irons

You are starting to slip a bit into the hole of loathing that has become a constant in your life.   5,084 more words