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The Invisible Physical: Proved by Seven Scientific Experiments

ALWAYS ready to argue for the existence of an invisible physical world, within the visible matter, the writer of The Secret Doctrine, Helena Blavatsky, was ever adamant. 1,995 more words

Psychology & Human Nature


Feeling your energy float around me

Dodging each body in our path

Shall I succumb

Shattering the myths

As your energy drift

A powerful shift… 29 more words


5 Ways to get rid of negativity

We are getting to that time of the year where things slow down and we can reflect on what we have been able to manifest in our lives and the intentions we would like to set for the rest of the year and beyond. 668 more words

Leprechauns and their Auras

She went about her ways trying to polish up her aura as best she could. She knew her aura was that light that shone about her as she lived her life, getting darker with black moods and lighter with loving thoughts and meditation. 858 more words


tl;dr – aura photography is worth it for a cool picture and some self reflection. currently expanding my throat chakra by writing a blog

Hello, friends, family, internet people, and all others who got so lost in the depths of wordpress-owned domain names that it somehow led you here…and welcome to my small place in this big internet. 745 more words


Auras: A More Detailed Look

A Witch’s fascination with reading people and delving into their soul, knows no bounds. Other than Divination Tools such as tea readings, tarot and oracle cards, reading auras is not a thing of the present. 802 more words

Protecting Your Energy at All Costs

Your energy is salient.

Knowing where to release, channel, divert and direct your energy is essential. Often times we lose ourselves momentarily in search of acceptance by others (who serve us no purpose). 201 more words