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Of a Stoic

As a Reader, I was delighted when I came across a philosophy book that was so relatable and to my surprise, almost 2,000 years old. Meditations, is a series is of notes written by the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius at different stages of his life. 1,875 more words


Uther Cycle

Before beginning the Arthurian Legend – generally known as The Matter of Britain, one must first set the stage. This telling is but my translation and collation of… 1,393 more words


Not my problem

From “The Daily Stoic“. 26 February, “To each his own”.

Another has done me wrong? Let him see to it. He has his own tendencies, and his own affairs.

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Internal response, external event

From “The Daily Stoic“. 25 February, “The smoke and dust of myth”.

Keep a list before your mind of those who burned with anger and resentment about something, of even the most renowned for success, misfortune, evil deeds, or any special distinction.

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Meditations of Marcus Aurelius - Quotes and Commentary

****DISCLAIMER**** As with all my work, this is not meant to be final or scholarly. It is my reaction ad hoc to a work as I read it. 4,663 more words


Stay frosty

From “The Daily Stoic“. 1 February, “For the hot-headed man”.

Keep this though in mind when you feel a fit of rage coming on – it isn’t manly to be enraged.

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I haven’t updated this blog for a while… as much as I think about it I cant find a good reason why other than I haven’t needed to. 996 more words