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Lessons from the Stoics

Inspiration can come to us from various sources. With this in mind I immersed myself in the Sydney University library to seek to understand the lessons of the Stoic philospohers. 404 more words


Addicted to Our Problems

We live in a therapy culture. We are taught to talk about our problems so we may find a way to resolve them. 345 more words

You are your worst enemy

Too lazy to put our focus in the present moment, we lose the true possibility of shaping the future. We foolishly think that we have enough time so we put things away for a while.  2,203 more words



Just reading this book is a form of meditation by itself. Each sentence represents a shield of armor that can protect you, through any circumstance you find yourself in. 167 more words

Book Review


Aurelius – from the Latin for golden.


The philosopher and Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius is quoted to have said, “The universe is change. Our life is what our thoughts make it.” This was in his lifetime of 161-180 AD. 31 more words



The Stoics were onto something. Not necessarily Seneca’s “turn over your wrists to find freedom” thinking, but the other more palatable bits: Like expecting betrayal, incompetence, idiocy, disappointment, delays, whatever ticks you off, basically; in order that you aren’t infuriated by it when it eventually shows up. 186 more words