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Aurelius - A Planet at War

I’m standing in the door to my shop. Aurelius is playing with Philo, our felnus. He’s a four-legged animal that thrives on companionship. Since I have no other children, am an only child myself, and don’t live near any other parents, I knew I needed to get a pet. 1,062 more words

Aurelius - A Son

Panic and dread cover me like a dark cloud. Why isn’t he a screaming? Why isn’t he crying? Where are the sounds I hear every mother talk about? 493 more words

Aurelius's Father

“You can.” She is the perfect specimen. She has no idea the destiny the gods have aligned for her. Her innocence and disposition are exactly what is needed. 745 more words


I’m standing next to our vehicle. I’ve never felt this much pressure and pain. He wants out and he wants out now! I place one hand on the side of the car and wrap my other hand around my stomach as another wave of tension moves across my back and abdomen. 482 more words

A Musing

Cheek flares signify he’s in direct contact with the Literary Gods.
Go[o]d things will be coming my way…



A new venture?

I’ve just spent the last part of today musing an idea of uploading a video about some of my views on the current political climate. It’s now upon my youtube channel, and it’s decent enough. 76 more words