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The Male Moon And The Female Sun

The Moon has always been of great importance since time long lost in memory, while humanity was still young and looked at the skies for guidance, not only with their deities but also as something to mark the passing of days so they could move from one place to another and count the distance by the passage of the moon. 599 more words

European History

Galloping across the steppes

Around 50 million years ago, long before the Epoch of the Twilight Beasts, a little mammal, Eohippus, scurried about in the forests of North America. 1,130 more words

Lascaux Caves

Can an Aurignacian age for the Chauvet cave paintings be maintained?

The cave of Chauvet (Southeastern France) became instantly famous after its discovery in 1994, now exactly 20 years ago. 425 painted and engraved figures were found in the cave, with a wide variety of themes and all with an excellent state of preservation. 348 more words

The Meaning of Gravettian: The Divisions of Prehistory

“OK, goddess I get, but Gravettian? What the heck does that mean?”

We as humans like to categorize, to give us a sense that we understand. 902 more words


History Of Europe - Prehistoric

In the great continent of Europe, people have always been free with their belives, the first human settlements in Europe were between 45,000 and 25,000 BC. 349 more words

European History

7th Experimental Archaeology Conference Abstract - Luc Doyon

Contribution of tool curation in the morphometric variability of Aurignacian projectile points made of antler

Luc Doyon

Département d’Anthropologie, Université de Montréal

In the last two decades, the study of prehistoric technologies has relied on the concept of the “chaîne opératoire”(production sequence) developed by the anthropologist Pierre Lemonnier (1976). 510 more words


history of animation : cave paintings

During a history of animation lecture we looked at cave paintings as an arguable first animation. We had looked at cave paintings in the histories of illustration and graphic design too, but they stuck out for me more in animation. 514 more words