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Current Project – City House (Chennai – Site photos until February 2017)

Shown in this post are site photographs of the Kilpauk house recently taken. Site has steadily progressed since the pile foundations were completed; by now two floors are up and we are waiting for the water and electricity connection. 389 more words

Residential Projects

Current Project – City House (Jaipur – Site photos January 2017)

A few photos in this post show the house as it stands at the beginning of January. Civil work is almost complete and while initially the quality of the masonry (9″ fired brick  used for the walls instead of the Cement/Siporex/Porotherm blocks we are used to in Chennai) didn’t seem too precise by now the plaster work is done to match our drawings. 122 more words


Current Project – City House (Jaipur - Update 2016-2017)

A long-overdue update of the house white ant studio is building in Jaipur for a family of well-respected merchants. We’ll try and recapture the most important moments of this project which has become a big learning exercise in terms of understanding the needs of a large family and the internal dynamics when designing a multi-generational house. 729 more words



When Lunara brought this book home after her trip to Pondicherry, I couldn’t wait to dive right in. There’s a part of me that’s always wondered how an early years programme would look like in an alternative school. 421 more words

What is special about the Kindergarten in Auroville?

Just recently during my solo travelling I came across a book, called “What is special about the Kindergarten in Auroville?” by Heidi Watts.  And due to my current occupation and an interest in pre-school education and child development, I found it catchy and felt curious. 445 more words

Explore India’s French Connect – Puducherry : Festivals @ Puducherry

Puducherry was a small fishing village which turned into a big port city by the 18th century. It was occupied by Portuguese, Danes, Dutch, English and then finally in the year 1670 the French occupied it and ruled it till the year 1954 – yes Puducherry became the part of India 8 years after the independence. 1,212 more words




I’m pretty tall
And semi-fit
So go on lads
I’ll try it

Two minutes in and I’m knackered, ‘Totes!’
These wiry Indians can jump like goats.