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Trip to pondi!!

We have been planning for a trip from many days but were not able to get holidays.  We were so bored by the monotony of our work routine that my friends finally came up with a full-fledged plan of visiting Pondicherry. 918 more words

Pondicherry-The little European pocket of India.Part-1.

Our first trip on “The Beast” ( the new Mahindra Mojo 300). So we wanted something not too taxing, yet a bit adventurous just to get warmed up to the new Motorbike .Hence we chose Pondicherry for our maiden road trip.Now mind you when we embark on a journey, we make sure most of the journey is clearly outlined.We don’t make decisions on the whim, so even the restaurants were decided well in advance.Though I did not quite understand the importance of deciding everything before-hand initially, the food that we had here was easily among the best we have ever had had.Also my hubby had all the places, that we planned to visit, marked in Google maps and transferred the marked map to my mobile phone so that we could use an offline map and GPS to locate all the places without having to stop every now and then for directions.That helped a lot! 820 more words


The Land of Dawn

This summer, I was looking for opportunities to travel, to volunteer, to learn and to grow when I was presented with the perfect option to volunteer in the ‘land of dawn’ known as Auroville; which is situated about 10 kilometres north of Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu. 90 more words


Auroville art cart rendition, 2015

We visited Auroville in Oct 2015. Auroville is practicing self sustainable living.


You need to stay longer to know Auroville, their practices, volunteering, etc… 60 more words


Home is behind, the world ahead ....

By now, I’ve been in Chennai for about six months, and I have another six to go before going back to Germany. Time for a half-time recap I think! 1,372 more words

Incredible India


Auroville, an experimental township designed by Roger Anger in South India was inaugurated in 1968 with its charter written in French emphasing on Integral living. The name Auroville comes from the French words ‘Aurore’ (dawn) and ‘ville’ (city). 29 more words

Fact Food

Back to India 

Back via train, plane, rickshaw, bus

Back to the land in gods we trust

I’ll embark in Colombo with hundreds of Tamils

Dreaming of cows, goats and camels… 54 more words