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Dr Martin Gluckman Esq

Meeting different people and understanding their cultures is one of the goals for us on our journey, but to be honest meeting Martin (not actually a Dr) has been one the most interesting characters to have come across so far. 204 more words


Malin's Mindful Moment: Who are the "SocialSisters"?

So, who are the “Social Sisters”? And what the heck are they doing in Auroville?

Let me just give you a brief introduction about what we are doing here and who we are. 218 more words

2015 Programmes

Storytelling and the Auroville Radio Project

I could describe my time at Auroville Radio through sensations. It could be the sensation of traipsing barefoot into office in the morning, at ease in this little corner of Town Hall. 856 more words

Meeting Jason Statham in India

My dear Indian friends and photo-bombers I would just like to confirm that I am in fact NOT Jason Statham. I realise that the more I deny it, the more you believe it to be true and that I sometimes tease you with my demands of 500 rupees when you take photos of me. 131 more words


Scooter with da hooter

Here are the golden rules for riding a scooter in Pondicherry, not the rest of India:

Golden rule 1: don’t use your indicator it confuses the hell out of everyone else… 177 more words


Spiritual Enlightenment 

Our visit to Pondicherry has made us even more curious about life in India with our first experiences of spiritual enlightenment and divinity as explained through the work of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. 104 more words



Walking along the sea front at Pondicherry you could be anywhere except India..

At 5 in the afternoon before the ‘passeggiata’ starts and just after the road has been closed the sea front is almost devoid of people. 2,111 more words