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Tweaking your expectations


Now, I don’t know what I was expecting… laughably perhaps, but a cross between New Orleans, Goa and somewhere in the south of France. 1,248 more words

Auroville #2 - Chai et énergie quantique

Comme chaque matin, le chai indien nous est préparé par un Russe plutôt âgé, Aurovillien depuis pas moins de vingt-six ans. Comme chaque matin, il nous accueille avec une chaleur et des rires communicatifs. 658 more words


Auroville #1 - Insight in an utopian city // Plongée dans une cité utopique

Early morning wake-up under the mosquito nets of our little wooden hut, covered with tiles that isolate us from the heat: it is nearly 7am and the temperature is already twenty-five degrees. 1,061 more words


Reflections on Teaching in Auroville Schools

Sundranandhan (12/6/2017)

A book with the collection of teachers reflections on teaching in Auroville schools was published by Saiier. The covers had EBD children had made in Isai Ambalam School.


Guruji Sri Vast Center

In honour of the full blue moon lunar eclipse on January 31st (and a large donation by a devotee) Guruji Sri Vast offered a 5 day gathering in his Auroville ashram as a gift to any spiritual aspirant who so desired to attend. 513 more words

Oru katha sollatta Sir!

10th Feb,2018

Ok. First things first! Before you get disappointed in the end after reading this, my sincerest apologies for writing such a bad story by starting with an amazing catch phrase from Vikram Vedha!! 1,160 more words

The first field note...

16.12.17 Rubini & the Samugam Foundation 

by Dorothea Mursch-Edlmayr

We’ve started our second day in India with our first yoga session on the roof of our Guesthouse Mitra at 7 in the morning, before we took the bus to Pondicherry. 527 more words