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Beamed to the 'Mothership' - The Matrimandir @ Auroville, India

In my last blog post I spoke about me and my globe trotting granddad taking a trip to Pondicherry and Auroville in India.

I left out a vital part of that blog post…the Matrimandir, also known as the soul of the city, is placed at the centre of Auroville on large green gardens which are known as ‘Peace’. 555 more words


Pondicherry and Auroville the Grand Duo

Grandfather & Granddaughter travelling to explore Pondicherry and Auroville.  What more of a grand duo can you get than that? <3

I had been away from home for three months and to my delight my granddad, the man who I believe passed the travel bug onto me (we are also both the year of the tiger and tigers do love to fiercely explore) came to visit. 1,191 more words


'Meditations on Savitri' by The Mother

On the poetry of Sri Aurobindo
‘Meditations on Savitri’ by Mira Alfassa – The Mother, paintings by Huta Hindocha under the guidance of The Mother…
230 more words


06-07 Bande Mataram

(Bande Mataram. Political Writings and Speeches. 1890–1908)

Part Four. 28 May–22 December 1907

Europe and Asia

The London correspondent of a contemporary quotes, with the apposite change of a word, some verses from a poem by Wilfrid Blunt which so admirably express the basic motive of the Nationalist movement in India that we reproduce it here. 2,630 more words


05 Translations - from Bengali, DWIJENDRALAL ROY

Part Two. Translations from Bengali. Section Four. Disciples and Others

India, my India, who dare call thee a thing for pity’s grace today? Mother of wisdom, worship, works, nurse of the spirit’s inward ray! 72 more words


05 Translations - from Sanskrit, Bhartrihari, The Century of Life

(Part One. Translations from Sanskrit. Section Four. Bhartrihari)

The Century of Life
The Nitishataka of Bhartrihari freely rendered into English verse

To the calm Light inviolable all hail… 345 more words


05 Translations - from Sanskrit, Kalidasa, The Birth of the War-God

(Part One. Translations from Sanskrit. Section Three. Kalidasa)

The Birth of the War-God

Weary with tracking the wild deer for rest… 748 more words