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Postcard Pondicherry

Travellers are the best storytellers
And travel stories make for the best reads. Because they enrich with you an experience one breathed, absorbed and lived first hand. 459 more words


Last night’s red earth ‘dance floor’ in the midst of this little forest in Auroville was packed by happy sweaty kids in the 15-80 age group, kicking up a dust storm. 930 more words


Auroville; Disneyland for the Soul.

Milky moon washed fields with ecstasy lingering inches above the ground. The comfort of this ecstasy pressing to be felt. The coolness of the moon floods the roads, partaking in nights of revelry. 512 more words


Current Project – City House Chennai (Final building)

While updating the WordPress site we realized that the house we built in Anna Nagar – a traditional residential neighborhood in Chennai – was never featured in its completed stage … Here are some photos (mostly just from the mobile… :-( ) of the exterior and interior. 88 more words


For the love of postcards

I don’t recollect when I started collecting them, just that they are piling over, spilling out of files now. Not that I’m complaining. Over the course of my travels, it just became a habit of sorts to hunt for postcards. 160 more words

Travel | Glimpse Into India's French Aura | Pondicherry

Having lived in South India, Pondicherry now known as Puducherry was always on my wish list and recently I got a chance to visit this beautiful town. 409 more words



On a weekend course for integrated clinical hypnosis at an international community at Auroville the conversation at break time typically turned to comparing India with their respective countries. 364 more words