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Sunrise Bike Ride - That Week in Auroville Part 2

Continuing from Part 1 from our week in Auroville, this was our first full day in Auroville, and a full day it was. The previous evening over dinner a few of us talked about waking up early to go for a bike ride around Auroville, as a way to explore a bit and to maybe even catch a glimpse of the Matrimandir. 788 more words


Brand Pondicherry: Some Spiritual and Religious Attributes

Pondicherry has a unique charm for people of different hues, sizes, shapes, ethnicity and faiths. Some drive down with the singular purpose of unwinding and experiencing a spirit-ed upliftment of sorts. 789 more words

A Vibrant Life!

Hidup Damai Tanpa Uang, Politik dan Agama di Auroville

Biasanya, manusia akan hidup tenang dan damai jika mereka menjalankan ajaran agamanya dengan maksimal, keuangan tercukupi dan kondisi politik di negaranya stabil. Sebaliknya, tanpa semua itu banyak yang menyangkan tatanan kehidupan akan kacau. 181 more words


Getting to Auroville - That Week in Auroville Part 1

I’ve mentioned in passing about the time spent in Auroville for last semester’s design studio, but I haven’t really sat down and wrote about the whole experience. 646 more words


Why horse riding is a sport for life

They say learning to ride a horse is akin to giving yourself wings.

I find that utterly true. On my recent visit to Auroville, I was clear about my intention of going there: One was to learn to ride a horse at one of the best horse riding schools in India – The Red Earth Riding School and two, to experience the quiet and calm of the lush surroundings. 514 more words


August Preview: Our Top Five Indian Releases

August, the month where we celebrate our freedom, enjoy our independence and almost always revisit our long-standing issues with our neighbour Pakistan. No wonder two of the top five releases this month are based on these themes, while the other three include a witty and deeply insightful memoir, a satirical novel, and the past and present of a city made for the future. 563 more words


Workshop on Yoga Philosophy

I have written on this blog, in the past, on various workshops on Indian philosophy subjects and related topics based on Sanskrit source books which contain Indic knowledge, conducted by Prof V N Jha. 995 more words