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Alone in Auroville

I just tried to sit down and write this post at a cafe and a born and raised Aurovillian/German/Swiss man sat down to talk to me and I’m not sure how to politely refuse further conversation so I’m just sitting here awkwardly. 2,814 more words


Just write something already!!

The creation of this blog was supposed to happen every day since boarding my plane to India over two weeks ago. Alas, flying across the world doesn’t seem to magically lift the perfectionism curse… it just took over five minutes to settle on how to form that last sentence, in fact. 454 more words


Peaceful Pondicherry: Give time a break

“Peaceful Pondicherry. Give time a break”

The promoters of Pondicherry tourism couldn’t have chosen a better tagline than this. The coastal town is unique in its own way. 637 more words

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रविंद्र रुक्मिणी पंढरीनाथ असे लांबलचक आणि संपूर्ण असे नाव असलेल्या लेखकाचे खेळघर हे पुस्तक मी नुकतेच वाचले. त्याबद्दल थोडेसे येथे.

ही कादंबरी म्हणजे एका सेवाभावी संस्थेचा, तसेच ती निर्माण करण्याऱ्या व्यक्तीच्या आयुष्याचा लेखाजोखा आहे.


Strange Auroville

Imagine a place:

  • that belongs to no country but to the humanity as a whole
  • where education is not based on exams and competition but on constant learning of various skills…
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Auroville: A world within a world

Party.Drink.Club. This weekend wasn’t just meant to do these, a quiet weekend is what I needed. It had been a while since I’d just relaxed, sipped a nice cup of coffee and heard nature. 1,150 more words


Back in 2013, after completing a huge project, I went on a break for 10 days out of which I decided to spend 3 in Puducherry. 672 more words