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Additional Security Provided For US Army

Climb to Glory

This week we will highlight more equipment that came to the US Army, making the army an even more formidable force. First would be the article from Dan Goure of The National Interest. 42 more words


AUSA votes to disaffiliate groups based on their views — Kiwiblog

AUSA announced that their members voted that the “Pro Life Club” should be disaffiliated and “any clubs with similiar ideology” be banned from affiliating in the future.

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When losing means you won

Sometimes victory can look a lot like defeat. This week the New Zealand pro-life movement had perhaps one of its most important victories in years, but I doubt they realised it, because it looked a lot like defeat. 608 more words

Life And Death

‘Hate speech’ or ‘free speech’? A plea for open, respectful debate on campus

Having lived my whole life in safe, open, democratic societies, I’m profoundly grateful for democracy. I find myself in thorough agreement with the comment attributed to Winston Churchill: “Democracy is the worst form of government – except for all the others that have been tried.” But democracy doesn’t always get it right, nor is it guaranteed to produce the best and fairest outcome. 1,412 more words

Christian Thought

Defense Secretary Mattis appearing at AUSA 2017

Photo by: Department of Defense

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, a retired Marine general who spent four decades in uniform, will be the keynote speaker at the opening ceremony of the Association of the U.S. 193 more words


Maj. Barbara S. King

Title: Performance Assessment Officer
Company: National Guard Bureau
Location: Arlington, VA United States

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