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An Isolated Incident: review

Although in style Emily Maguire’s novel, An Isolated Incident might fit into the psychological thriller genre neatly alongside Jane Harper’s The Dry, I think that is a short sell for this complex novel. 422 more words


A Siren Call to Remember - A Review of Christine Dibley's 'To The Sea'

I have often shied away from novels set in Australia, largely because most of the Australian novels I was forced to read in high school were ‘bush books’, books that pigeon-holed Australian stories as tales that were dependant on outback settings and dry bushland. 680 more words


The Hate Race

With a population of close to 2 million, Greater Western Sydney is a key influencer of election outcomes, yet the voices of people living there are rarely represented in Australian literature. 370 more words


Australian Women Writers Challenge 2017

The Australian Women Writers Challenge encourages participants to read and review books by Australian women. In 2017 the challenge also focuses on classics and diversity. … 150 more words


Review - 'The Dry' by Jane Harper

I feel like I must have missed something with this book, considering the almost universal praise it’s received! To me, everything about this book was fine. 405 more words

“It’s Okay For You To Be Angry”: A Review of Clementine Ford’s 'Fight Like A Girl'

“Dear girls, I wish that I had written the rules.”

– Clementine Ford

Fight Like A Girl is a manifesto like no other. Having seen this book becoming a staple read on my twitter feed and amongst readers whose taste I completely trust, I could not resist picking up this book. 704 more words


Patrick White, Prodigal Son

To Patrick White

Did you find your roots?
You say Australian life ‘aquired a meaning’ in 1958, but the issues you describe are still present.  Most pockets of our society are infected by a tall poppy syndrome. 116 more words