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Patrick White, Prodigal Son

To Patrick White

Did you find your roots?
You say Australian life ‘aquired a meaning’ in 1958, but the issues you describe are still present.  Most pockets of our society are infected by a tall poppy syndrome. 116 more words

Insights on Australian Literature

The landscape of Australian literature nurtures a close relation between literature and art. Narratives become deeply rooted within the culture and context of our Australian history, but also connects us to memory. 227 more words

Day 3 - Complete Series

Day 3 is about a complete book series. Well I don’t have a complete aussie YA book series but I’m close. The Tomorrow Series by John Marsden is great and the first movie they made based on the first book was also pretty great. 16 more words


[AusLit] Comment Ten

Daniel’s blog was commented on for this week:

Daniel- An amazing read, I really enjoyed the way you experimented with sentence length, and the discordance and repetition of sounds.

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[AusLit] Comment Nine

In week nine I have commented on Corinne’s blog:

Corinne- A striking read, and I am in agreeance that the quality of Marr’s work is a testament to his capabilities as a writer.

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[AusLit] Comment Eight

I have commented on Christina’s blog post

Christina – In this post you have opened my eyes to the qualities of Dobson’s writing, and qualities of your own rhetoric.

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[AusLit] Comment Seven

I have commented on Amelia’s post:

Amelia- The imagery, your use of the orange tree metaphor: wow, a really well thought out piece. There is so much life and sound, and the contrast between landscapes gives a sense of impending melancholy, with the final death and removal of the orange tree.

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