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Political Scandal Mix and Match.

Political Scandal Mix and Match is an exciting new card game the whole family can enjoy, and it’s out just in time for Christmas. Match the Australian politician to the scandal they committed and impress family friends with your knowledge of Australia’s crumbling democracy. 1,299 more words


Australian Government to Pay Prisoners.

The Australian Government has shocked the world after launching a program to pay lucrative salaries to criminals. The world-first program will award salaries of up to $AU550,000 to prison inmates who have been found guilty of a range of crimes. 394 more words


The Week in Federal Politics and review of NZ and ACT Elections

It’s been a quiet week in Federal Politics with Parliament not sitting for a week after the hustle and bustle of the budget week. Meanwhile, the focus continues to be on Victoria even though numbers in NSW have been similar over the last week. 1,228 more words


Friends Tell Gladys To Not Look For Love Through Prison Pen Pals

Friends of NSW Premier (for now) Gladys Berejiklian have held an intervention to stop her looking for love through the Prison Pen Pals website.

“Poor Glad, she has had such a tough run lately,” said a friend of the Premier. 186 more words


National Carers Week 2020

11-17 October is National Carers’ Week.It is indicative of the enormous contribution that Australia’s 2.65 million unpaid carers make to our economy and society that it would cost $77.9 billion to replace their work with paid care. 21 more words

In The Community

ScoMo Tells Staff No More Wednesday Arvo Meetings As They Are Getting In The Way Of His Weekends

Australian Prime Minister Scotty from marketing has told his staff to stop booking in Wednesday afternoon meetings, as they are getting in the way of his weekends. 205 more words