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Be'lakor 'Vessels'

Any Melodeath fan worth their salt should be well aware of Australia’s best heavy export by 2016. In case any of my acolytes have been living under a rock for the last decade – insert withering glare here – these lads have made name by refusing to remain still in a fairly crowded and creatively stagnant part of our world. 307 more words



I often ascribe imaginary stories to my images. What sort of sea creature would have a foot like this?

Bancoora Beach, Vic. Australia

© Gary Light
Creative Commons: (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)


Moving down under [2016.04.27 to 2016.06.05]

So, its officially been…38 (thank you Excel) days since I’ve moved to Melbourne.

I’ve never lived anywhere for an extended period of time besides Calgary, Alberta in my adult life. 1,114 more words


Sydney Adventure :: Paddington

After a 12 hour blissful rest our super human powers had worn off and we were left to go about our day at a more normal speed. 811 more words


SeaEscaping and Nice Surprises

Another love place, a little bit to left of my centre. Great Ocean Road, Victoria.



“Even a snail will eventually reach its destination.”
― Gail Tsukiyama, The Street of a Thousand Blossoms

Experimenting with the use of a scanner and a little garden snail that left home.


Canon Infrared

Over the last two weeks I have been having a bit of a play with Infrared photography.

Using a converted Canon 60D

Around Fairfield, Melbourne… 17 more words