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Throwback Thursday: Landscapes

It’s now been six months since I left the UK. To celebrate this wee anniversary, I thought I’d post some of my favourite landscapes I’ve shot so far. 93 more words


The Triangle

Just one of the many hills in Victoria on the Alexandra

I love natures art


Mad Max - 1979

George Miller is a celebrated visionary who has emerged in and out of the spotlight over the past few decades. Most known for his ambitious and highly successful apocalyptic trilogy from the late 70’s and early 80’s, Miller was definitely an integral part in putting the Australian film industry on the map. 747 more words


Good morning, afternoon, evening or night depending on where you’re reading. Today I’m going to continue on my first week on Gold Coast, Australia.

Dan and I arrived yesterday and our orientation day with GLOBAL WORK AND TRAVEL COMPANY isn’t until tomorrow so what can we do? 570 more words

where it all began.....

From the time I was in 18 I was pretty positive that Vancouver, Canada was not my forever home and my heart was starting to feel displaced, I felt as though I was so incredibly displaced and that’s when my mind starting trying to figure out where it was I would head off too as soon as I possibly could. 556 more words


Australia: everyone must get vaccinated, except the Prime Minister’s daughters

Meet vaccine refuser, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott

by Jon Rappoport | InfoWars | April 27, 2015


We’re talking about Tony Abbott, who just ruled from on high that there are no more exemptions from vaccines in Australia. 782 more words