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Love and Friendship - New Release Review

A sparkling Austen adaptation which is as playful with Austen’s text as it is reverent…

It’s requires a certain boldness to integrate your own humor into Austen’s work, and quite a level of skill to pull that trick off successfully. 362 more words


Why I Love Jane Austen

On top of Austen being an impeccable writer, she also brings an incredible source of entertainment to her books. I know that she’s been written about countless times, but I don’t think she’ll ever truly be understood and cultivated from the literary criticism world. 420 more words


​Yesterday, I dreamt of you.
You were in the shadows of my mind
Lurking behind the bonfire rhymes.
Asking me to seek you out.

Today, I thought of you.

130 more words

My Enemy; My Love

Help! My protagonist has fallen in love with my antagonist!

Calm down, it happens.

Even in the classics, sometimes the main character falls for the… 420 more words

Betty Thomason Owens

Author Interview: Natasha Farrant

I loved Natasha Farrant’s book Lydia: The Wild Girl of Pride & Prejudice and was delighted to get to ask some questions about her research, her writing and all things Austen. 824 more words


6 Things the Modern Man Can Learn From Mr. Darcy

  1. She might be right.

    I know, novel concept, but if a gal you like tells you why she won’t date you, consider your faults. Is it something you can change or even want to?

  2. 380 more words