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Five...Of my favourite book-to-screen adaptations (and a few terrible ones for good measure)

I love books, and I love TV, and I love films, and I love theatre. Basically, I love make believe, I love how things can come to life before your very eyes. 831 more words

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Love, Jane Austen, and Zombie Mash-up Writing

To continue from yesterday’s post :Catching up with Jane: She is Tolerable:  My writing assignment for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was a mash-up. 254 more words


Pride and Prejudice and Coffee

Yesterday I released my first ebook and am wondering what took me so long!  It’s a great high, this experience, and although caffeine might be playing a part in all of this, I cannot express the feeling of satisfaction when a friend (or acquaintance) grasps the “message” of the story; the message that we writers spend time crafting and scrutinizing over. 57 more words

A Review for: Emma by Jane Austen

So, Emma wasn’t one of those books that particularly gained my interest. The only reason I had any thought on paying attention to it at all, is that it’s a Jane Austen novel, and I picked it up in a second hand store for $5. 386 more words


The Sense of Struggle

When reading a classic, there is an adjustment that needs to take place.  An adjustment to the topic, the views, and the writing style.  Personally, writing style is the biggest thing I must grapple with, and there are times that in the end of the wrestling match the writing style is deemed the winner. 428 more words

Not just a book about marriage: Pride and Prejudice - By Jane Austen

Pride and Prejudice is one of those books I always felt I should have read. I didn’t even know what it was about, just that is was written by Jane Austen and considered a classic. 605 more words


It's you, it's you...It's all for you

We’re talking books again!

This time though, I have spoken to some of the wonderful people in my life about their special books and memories and have tried to give them a little something about it: that’s right, their very own book covers! 217 more words

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