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The Corbynites are right, there is more to politics than getting elected

By Adam Blanden Twitter: @Adam_Blanden previously  published here

Labour’s renegade membership – a majority of whom support the left-wing leadership candidate, Jeremy Corbyn – has certainly peeved the parliamentary party.

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Are “Realistic” Labour Leaders Best Placed to Win An Election?

By Bryan Gould  previously published on bryangould.com

Conventional wisdom has it that the outcome of the Labour leadership contest most feared by the Tories would be the election of the candidate perceived to be nearest to the middle ground.

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The Permanency of the Left's Defeat in Greece

After the painful capitulation of Greece’s Syriza led government to the impositions of the country’s European creditors, one point of consolation for Europe’s left has been “now we know who the enemy is.” Such is the darkness of these times that even this minimalist point must be denied any merit. 789 more words

European Crisis

Why are Labour So Scared, When Their Opponents Seem Permanently Terrified?

Previously published on Critique Archives

By Martin Odoni, @HavetStorm 

It is June 2012. The Chancellor Of The Exchequer, George Osborne, has flip-flopped on a policy to increase fuel duties.

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Thinking of Joining Labour? Join us!

Thinking of Joining Labour? Then Join us!

Many people have been surprised at the support shown for Jeremy Corbyn as a candidate for leader of the Labour Party. 439 more words

Unions And Political Activism

Let the euro go: Joseph Stiglitz

A Nobel prize-winning economist has said it is unsurprising that an anti-austerity figure such as Jeremy Corbyn has emerged as a contender for the Labour leadership. 207 more words


Six Reasons why Jeremy Corbyn could win the next General Election By James Meadway , previously published by Novara Media

Jeremy Corbyn, on current polling, is on course to win Labour’s leadership campaign.

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