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Long Division of Walls

Bed-sits are where

alienation crashes

Nothing matches

and there’s broken latches

The landlord says he’ll fix next week

No one




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If even the DWP isn't Disability Confident, how will a million disabled people get jobs? - Bernadette Meaden

Nobody would expect a person who suffers blackouts to drive a bus or bin waggon once they had thought through the potentially devastating consequences. But political, cultural, psychological and financial coercion is being used to force people sick and disabled people to work – the government continues to cut welfare, which was calculated originally to cover only the costs of meeting basic needs. 685 more words

Political Ideology

Welfare sanctions can't possibly "incentivise" people to work

Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs

A summary

The Conservative-led welfare “reforms” had the stated aim of ensuring that benefit claimants – who have been stigmatised and inaccurately redefined as economic… 1,727 more words


UK has shameful but unsurprising levels of inequality

Austerity was never about what works or what is needed. It’s about traditional Tory class-based prejudices. Austerity is simply a front for policies that are entirely founded on  757 more words


In the piece posted below, Henry Stewart exposes Osborne’s sleight of hand by using the high level of government debt to justify his cuts – the debt that has…

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