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Thanks for support & what do will be doing next now the Tories are in...

Dear Supporters

A HUGE thanks to everyone who has voted for us locally and gave support and financial assistance in our anti austerity campaign against cuts & for a socialist alternative in Bermondsey and Old Southwark. 1,286 more words


ENOUGH! Protest Against Cameron's Cuts Coming To Your City Soon!

Who thinks that sixth formers in Bristol are any different from most young people in Britain?

Nobody I hope, unless there’s something I don’t know about scrumpy’s special ingredients.So why were they able to mobilise 3,000 people in a few days to protest about the actions of a newly elected government? 655 more words

Election 2015

Stop Mourning, Organise - Owen Jones

Stop Mourning , Organise – Owen Jones. Get together – and Win

Owen Jones is speaking here following the election defeat. Yes it hurt, but it’s happened. 123 more words


If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It–What The Country Voted For

In Camoron’s first incarnation as the Nation’s Prime Minister he set about reforming the Legal System system, amongst others.  In doing so he aimed to save about £450 Million from Legal Aid bills.  1,130 more words


Dear Tory Voter

Dear Tory voter,

This is addressed to the twenty-five percent of my fellow eligible voters who decided that another five years of Conservative rule sounded like a good bet.  1,990 more words


Come On Cruella - Explain It To Us

Ii have heard many eloquent people highlighting the problems faced by Police and Public alike caused by the government’s reckless policy of repeatedly cutting the Police Budget. 398 more words


Tories Divide and Conquer : Class Unity to Defeat Capital

The outcome of last Thursday’s general election victory represented an historic defeat for the working class in the UK. That seems like a startling statement, as it was only a parliamentary election after all, and the class struggle is not won by electioneering. 3,084 more words