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Court rules that Tory benefit cap unlawfully discriminates against disabled people

A high court judge has ruled that Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare policy unlawfully discriminates against disabled people by failing to exempt their carers from the… 958 more words

When the Right don't know what their right hand is doing: more embarrassment for the PM regarding the impact of austerity cuts on Tory councils

David Cameron is under investigation for an alleged breach of the ministerial code, (despite the Tories’ recent edit of it.) He’s been accused of not separating his constituency role with his cabinet role, showing his own constituency preferential treatment regarding Tory austerity cuts. 522 more words

Political Ideology

An open letter to members of the British public from Dr Rob Galloway.

I am writing for your help in trying to stop the unprecedented damage happening to the NHS.  

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DWP Staff Gifted £42 Million in 'Bonus Bonanza'.

At a time when the Conservatives have inflicted draconian cuts on those needing financial support because of illness, disability or losing their job, justifying this by their claim of “economic necessity” and the need to “live within our means” to “pay down the debt”, which is increasing rather than decreasing, the “responsibilities” imposed by the Tory austerity measures apply only to those with the very least. 506 more words


Conservatives in disarray as Osborne signals raid on Duncan Smith's Universal Credit funds

George Osborne and Iain Duncan Smith have clashed over the chancellor’s plans to soften the impact of tax credit cuts by raiding the budget for Universal Credit. 675 more words


England’s housing crisis is a is now in fact a disaster ¬ can it ever be resolved?

This Country is suffering a vice like grip of a housing shortage that has been around for decades – why is that then? The biggest, but not only reason, is that we simply don’t build enough houses, do we? 1,326 more words


Tories and equality? Don't make me laugh

The government have claimed to be “committed to supporting the most vulnerable” and ensuring “everyone contributes to reducing the deficit, and where those with the most contribute the most.” … 879 more words