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This story linked below is one I heard about a few days ago.

British film director Ken Loach wins a Palme d’Or award for a film about a widower and his difficulties with the British welfare system?! 239 more words

Get growing Breightmet 24th May: Make hay whilst the sun shines

A great days work today it has to be said, and it wouldn’t have happened in the matter it did without the help from Bolton Urban Growers very own Wynn ‘Firestarter’ Hutch and Alan ‘Mr C’ Chadwick, thanks lads, great effort! 264 more words

Practical Permaculture

Hundreds march in protest of Newfoundland and Labrador budget

Hundreds of people marched in St. John’s Friday morning to protest the Newfoundland and Labrador government’s latest austerity measures.

Big, big crowd. pic.twitter.com/GzQxhSmASp

— James McLeod (@TelegramJames) …

248 more words

Get growing Breightmet 26th April

A chilly start to the morning today but the sun was out a little so we made our way up to Breightmet with a van load of gardening resources for our growers. 230 more words

Practical Permaculture

China Bans Rich Kids From TV So They Can’t Embarrass the State

The progeny of China’s rich and famous can have a hard time sticking to the socialist script that’s in fashion these days under President Xi Jinping. 678 more words



I have taken it upon myself to do a special throwback edition to commemorate #tbt. Oh, by the way, by means of a digression, have y’all noticed how the internet has changed our lives? 908 more words

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I was reading the report below regarding the interview of Iain Duncan-Smythe by Andrew Marr on the BBC.

It makes me laugh these days to read stuff about the BBC stating at how others have launched attacks upon others. 772 more words