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Austerity Measures

Austerity measures are used by governments to reduce budget deficits and government debt. Typically, governments achieve this by implementing a number of policies that simultaneously reduce spending while raising revenues. 235 more words


Austerity Measures

Austerity Measures

Unity believes that seven years of austerity measures have done little more than to marginalise people on the lowest incomes and people in greatest need of public services. 254 more words


Πουλάμε τρέλα -- "selling craziness" -- ordinary Greeks' take on the Greek "recovery"

Greek people queue to enter a soup kitchen run by the Orthodox church in Athens. Photograph: Alkis Konstantinidis/Reuters

There’s an expression in Greek: “Πουλάει τρέλα” — He’s selling craziness, literally, which is used when it seems like someone is acting like they don’t get it, or don’t understand, or didn’t see, or didn’t notice, in order to escape some kind of responsibility : 378 more words


Well this isn’t good.

Well what it is stating was obviously going on but reading a news report about it .. and the imminent crisis kind of brings it home. 1,104 more words


I saw this report and I simply could not believe it .. I thought I was dreaming!

I read through it quickly and I still couldn’t believe it. 1,397 more words

A 93 year old Wellington man who fell & broke his hip, left alone by Free Ambulance staff & told to call his own doctor!

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

This story I heard very recently and is clear evidence of the downturn our once caring nation has taken since the advent of Neo-Liberal economics courtesy of the now ‘Sir’ Roger Douglas. 1,428 more words


The “Many” Shake Off Their Chains to Defy Britain’s Parliamentary Elites

The stunning result of the British elections last week heralds a sea-change in the country’s politics. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn energized a new layer of younger voters to enter into the political process, pushing up Labour’s vote to 40 percent of a greatly increased participation rate and winning 30 seats away from the Tories. 1,162 more words