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Canadian Police Tear Gas Protesters

A pretty severe wave of government repression is taking place now in Canada. While the protesters seem mainly to be protesting austerity measures, it should be remembered that the Canadian government has one of the friendliest relationships with Israel of any country in the world, even more so perhaps than the United States. 39 more words


Quebec slashes budget for improving women's status


“We consider this a budget against women,” said Québec Solidaire co-spokesperson Françoise David.

She slammed the Couillard government’s new budget on Thursday for slashing the fund devoted to improving women’s welfare and position in society. 422 more words

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'Catastrophic failure' allowed convicted killer to murder on day release

A convicted killer was allowed out on day release, leaving him free to murder a good samaritan in a decision described as a “catastrophic failure” by the chief inspector of prisons. 272 more words

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#CutsHaveConsequences - London

Transport for London have announced the dates for when every Tube station ticket offices will close next year – with the first nine set to shutter as soon as February. 1,214 more words

Social Justice

Syrian war started March 2011. Who was behind the protest movement? Fabricating a pretext for a US-NATO “humanitarian intervention”

Snipers firing on police and protestors. Repeating themes.

Global Research, Re-posted March 15, 2015
By Prof Michel Chossudovsky
Originally posted May 3, 2011

Four Years Ago, March 17, 2011: 3,603 more words

Mapped: The #BooDilma on Twitter

For those outside Brazil, it went probably unnoticed the flood of messages on Twitter last night with the hashtag #vaiadilma (Boo Dilma, in English). 549 more words


Pent-up Frustrations In Illinois

The Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day Memoirs

Illinois is in a big mess but on Friday, March 6th, in a small cosmopolitan city in this state, the beer shall be flowing freely. 731 more words