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The beginning of the holidays, instead of smoking the kids out of the neighbouring houses, seems to make them vanish altogether. Where have they all gone, we wonder – off to the seaside, perhaps, or Spain, or to visit their grandparents in Lincolnshire, or to school holiday programmes or whatever working Londoners do with their kids over the summer. 1,477 more words

The Greek Crisis and Why It's All Greek to Us

The Greek Issue. Facebook is full of it, newspapers are bursting with it, blogs far and wide and covering it and most of us have no idea what’s going on. 2,206 more words

West Midlands Police to axe 2,500 jobs in effort to find £130m in savings

West Midlands Police has admitted it will be axing 2,500 jobs over the next five years in a bid make savings of £130 million across the force. 259 more words

Social Justice

Community: How the desire to self-promote can get in its way

No I’m not going to write a critical piece about the Nigerian wife, of the former Nigerian Prime Minister, Goodluck Jonathan. Although I am going to compliment her expensive and elaborate headdress, her equally expensive and no doubt elaborate lace cloth outfit (to buy the actual material can cost hundred of pounds even before you have paid a seamstress to design and sew the outfit.) and her costly jewellery. 377 more words

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Faking It...

That’s just the point you can’t, fake it. James Murdoch, the chairman of News International, when closing down the News of the World Newspaper, announcing that ‘the final edition would be published that weekend, cited the… 634 more words

Social Justice

Documenta Still on for Germany and Greece...Despite That Whole Debt Thing

With Greece’s debt crisis still in full swing, and its state-funded museums and cultural programs struggling with funding shortages, it seems logical to wonder just how Documenta, the forthcoming mega art show that will split its time between the country and its antagonist, Germany, will go forward, exactly. 433 more words

Austerity Measures: Who Is Really Paying for the Bailout in Greece?

Source: The Organic Prepper, by Daisy Luther

Everyone knows that when you fall on hard times financially, you tighten your budget. But it’s one thing to go through and examine your own personal spending, making decisions where to cut and where to continue spending, and quite another to have someone personally unaffected by those cuts make the decisions for you. 243 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence