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A 93 year old Wellington man who fell & broke his hip, left on floor by Free Ambulance staff & told to call his own doctor!

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This story I heard very recently and is clear evidence of the downturn our once caring nation has taken since the advent of Neo-Liberal economics courtesy of the now ‘Sir’ Roger Douglas. 1,427 more words


The “Many” Shake Off Their Chains to Defy Britain’s Parliamentary Elites

The stunning result of the British elections last week heralds a sea-change in the country’s politics. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn energized a new layer of younger voters to enter into the political process, pushing up Labour’s vote to 40 percent of a greatly increased participation rate and winning 30 seats away from the Tories. 1,162 more words


Hmm .. must remember to make sure I hit save and but draft when I finish this post.

I thought I did that last night but Google’s crapfest Blogger app started to publish the post and then, the reason why I only use it to save and but publish, it froze during punishing?! 872 more words

Tanzanian loses $12.5m to ghost civil servants

Like in Nigeria, the government of Tanzania on Tuesday said it had removed 13,369 ghost workers from its payroll after discovering that they were either absent, dead or retired from the local authorities. 214 more words


Austerity Measures

On the 5th July 2015, jubilant crowds poured into Syntagma Square in Athens to celebrate an end to the austere conditions which had stagnated Greek society since the 2008 economic fallout. 699 more words


Well odd that I saw this get posted just after Theresa May was talking about how wonderful her and her party is towards people.

Only if you have or make money it seems and has been this way for a long time, with Labour too I might add. 377 more words

International Women’s Day – Bill 75 Setback

By Pamela Langille – NSTU

On March 8 we celebrate International Women’s Day. This is a time to take stock of the trials and tribulations we have suffered in seeking equality for women throughout history and reflect on the ongoing struggles of today as we try to progress toward social justice. 1,257 more words

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