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Government for the people or wealth and opulence for the few?

Theresa May has not been in the job long but she has quickly established a reputation. Unfortunately for her it’s a reputation for doing nothing. 988 more words


Education cuts to funding will adversely impact on outcomes

Among the education funding cuts, the government does not have assurance that its policies are affordable within current funding cuts which will adversely affect outcomes. 10 more words


NHS cuts are a political choice. Hunt should be honest with the public.

Speech in Parliament by Margaret Greenwood MP

The fact that an organisation as highly respected as the Red Cross should describe our NHS as facing a “humanitarian crisis” is absolutely shocking. 919 more words


Things will continue as they are until, instead of giving us #austerity, they give us what we need.

The NHS. What a bloody mess. But don’t worry you can always rely on the #Tories. They always come up with a plan. Guaranteed to make things worse. 263 more words


Transfer of care delays threaten to capsize the NHS

Doctors face a struggle every day and everywhere in England: the fight to secure social care for patients well enough to leave hospital.

Even officially it worsens month by month, increasing harm to patients and financial strain on the NHS, at a time when it’s least needed. 1,943 more words


Unity for a peoples' exit from the EU

Corbyn’s ‘Peterborough Declaration’ provided the basis for unity and advance for a people’s exit from the EU, writes Robert Griffiths

It would be a shame if the labour movement misses the significance and importance of Jeremy Corbyn’s speech in Peterborough last Tuesday, January 10. 1,492 more words

Labour Movement

Denholme mourns one of its own

The local mayor this afternoon called for a week of mourning following the burning to the ground of the Mechanics Institute late last night. The Mechanics, as you all know has been a focal point for the village, housing the more often than not empty Police contact point, the library and a reading room whch was great for sitting in smoking Berkeley as you had fcuk all money to buy anything better when you were bunking off school. 1,009 more words