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Austerity vs Fiscal Stimulus Part 1: Analyzing Austerity’s Negative Impact

Austerity vs Fiscal Stimulus Part 1: Analyzing Austerity’s Negative Impact

by Ryan Lee

The idea behind austerity measures is that by cutting government deficits to more “reasonable” levels (or lowering the debt), investor confidence will increase and lead to higher growth… 1,000 more words

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Sickness benefit claimants may be forced into work

Hundreds of thousands of people who claim sickness benefits could be forced to work part-time under controversial new welfare reforms designed to target Britain’s “benefits culture,” Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith has announced. 710 more words

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Why Corbyn is Right and Blair is Wrong

Tony Blair, like a lot of mainstream people, is mystified why anyone would support Jeremy Corbyn for the leadership of the UK Labour Party, but then he’s mystified why anyone would think invading Iraq illegally based on a lie was stupid and wrong, so his views are not worth discussing. 816 more words

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Should people certified as medically unfit for work by doctors be forced back to work by a Government obsessed with reducing the number of welfare claimants? 536 more words


Six Word Story Challenge: Regret

“I regret nothing!” Replied the psychopath.

This is my response to this weeks ‘Six Word Story Challenge’ 2:  Regret

If you would like to take part too, visit https://nicolaauckland.wordpress.com/2015/08/29/weekly-six-word-story-challenge-2/

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VIDEO: Tony Benn speech on the aims of Thatcherite policies

The late Tony Benn speaks out about the real aims of the banking industry, debt slavery, and the policies of pro-business politicians from Thatcher to the present day. 11 more words