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The Austerity of Our Love

Austerity measures generally refer to the measures taken by governments to reduce expenditure in an attempt to shrink their ever-growing budgets.

So, in terms of our love, what do austerity measures refer to?

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Price of Hunger: Financial Crisis Forces Greek Students to Sell Themselves

Source: Price of Hunger: Financial Crisis Forces Greek Students to Sell Themselves



The Greek financial crisis has sent thousands of teenage girls to the streets, not to protest, but to earn a living; however, their hourly earnings are barely enough to buy them a cheese sandwich, according to one researcher. 385 more words


Austerity has widened Ireland's gender pension gap

25 November, 2015.

In late December I will be presenting a draft opinion on ‘Poverty – A Gender Perspective’ to the European Parliament’s Employment and Social Affairs Committee. 496 more words


Sticker Wars

On Saturday November 28th, different unions and activist groups took the streets to protest austerity measures suggested by the Quebec government. The protest went peacefully, however, the SPVM GI riot police was deployed and used as a political tool for the province’s elite. 168 more words

Class War

6 ways George Osborne's tampon tax plans are a bloody disgrace

Protests against the EU’s VAT on euphemistically named ‘feminine hygiene products’ have long been headline news, with feminists across Europe rightfully calling out the injustice of a tax on female reproductive organs – not to mention the assertion that sanitary products are luxury items, as if mood swings and bleeding from the vagina every month is a blissful joy that we should all be eternally grateful for. 959 more words


Bringing Barnet to Cornwall: Council Council chooses another Chief Exec

Welcome, Kate Kennally, Cornwall Council’s latest Chief Executive. You join a distinguished list of occupants of the hot seat at the council that harbours odd delusions it’s some sort of (powerless) regional assembly. 821 more words