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A Phone Call With The DWP

“How can I help?”

“Hi, I’m calling to change my bank details.”

“OK, I need to ask some security questions.”

*We go through the security questions* 268 more words


I am Daniel Blake – and there are millions more like me

By Jack Monroe

What kind of person are you if you aren’t angry, devastated, furious, howling when you leave the cinema after seeing Ken Loach’s Palme D’Or winning film, … 2,236 more words


Don Macpherson: An admission by the Couillard government

It was hard to believe Finance Minister Carlos Leitão when he told Radio-Canada economics journalist Gérald Fillion on Tuesday evening that the budget update he had presented earlier that day had nothing to do with the next Quebec election. 621 more words


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State persecution

Of welfare claimants, an old

British sport; treat them

Like dogs, pat them on the head,

Then beat them with a cudgel; 8 more words

Building anti-imperialist solidarity in the United States: The need for internationalism

“…the U.S. state was born in violence and maintains its existence through brute force and coercion inside the country and abroad.”

By Abayomi Azikiwe

Global Research, October 25, 2016…

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A New Chapter in the Life of The Breadline Mum

I found out tonight that I may very well soon become a single mother again. I have very mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I think it may be a good thing. 794 more words

The Sick State and the Language of Division

There is a long tradition in the History of Political Thought of comparing political societies with biological entities and human bodies. My personal favourite is Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s detailed portrayal, which presented certain aspects of the economy as corresponding to a human stomach and government as being represented by the head. 2,077 more words