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Winners and Losers in the Czech Republic

Two Hotels, Two nights each – a world apart.

Hotel #1 – the Belcardi. Located in Brno, Czech Republic – this should have been a contender. 1,529 more words


Fighting the Battle of Auterlitz - 210 years too late!

It is always a special thrill to participate in Napoleonic European Re-enactments. Unlike their North American counterparts – they are huge affairs – with even the smallest ones being done on fields that to our standards stretch on forever. 1,228 more words


Where Is Austerlitz?

Who has not heard of the Battle of Austerlitz? In this ‘battle of the three emperors,’ in 1805, Napoleon humbled the Russian Tsar and the Austrian Emperor (who then also headed the still existing Holy Roman Empire). 789 more words

Photography for Writers

Why does a writer aspire to make a book of photographs like a traditional photographer did, like me for eg. Why does the writer look to the ‘approach’ to photography as a traditional photographer did, which more often than not often was  ‘project’ based, for a variety of reasons. 366 more words

'Still, I like Rollercoasters - Don't You?'

As we wanted to mark his birthday with some ‘Self’-esteem, I’ve been reading Will Self’s ‘Walking To Hollywood’. The similarity to W.G. Sebald (whose work Self has written about), struck me immediately. 728 more words

British And American

The Club Can't Handle Me

The title of this blog post is so so true, as we got denied entry from not one, not two, but THREE clubs in Paris. Here’s how it happened. 410 more words