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Trump's Away, But Congress Still Plays with America's Future

When President Trump boarded a plane last week Friday for his first foreign mission (as with any discussion regarding the Trump administration, “mission” is a loose placeholder word for whatever it actually is this group executes), I breathed a sigh of relief. 785 more words

Donald Trump

Feminism IV: Love

The mainstream pushes the narrative that men and women are exactly the same, that a true 50/50 can be reached, and that the laws should be pushed towards reaching this ideal. 532 more words



We’re stretching definitions with Extras in this series of posts. Extras are termed that by the fact that they are mostly in the background and once they have a line of dialogue they cease to be extras and becoming speaking parts. 518 more words

Extras Who Add A Little Something

James Bond in Review: From Russia With Love Part One

Dr.No was a huge success, and James Bond films were here to stay. For their next film, the producers decided to adapt the novel that, in the novel continuity, took place before Dr.No-From Russia With Love, although with modifications to the story that would continue the SPECTRE storyline. 1,312 more words

From Sean Spicer Last Minute change: Austin Powers chosen to replace FBI Comey

From Sean Spicer Last Minute change: Austin Powers chosen to replace FBI Comey

Comey FBI
Replacement Chosen
and he’s Shagadelic Baby

more Political Vampires @ 213 more words

Miss Me?

Arrested Development. Gilmore Girls. Twin Peaks.Will and Grace. Crying in Ubers.

All beloved pop culture institutions. 2 cult tv shows, 2 critical and commercial hit programs, and 1 blog that has… 899 more words


Movie Perfection: A Shagadelic Therapy Session

“In the spring, we’d make meat helmets.” – Dr. Evil

In this week’s example of “Where has the time gone?”, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery celebrated its 20 year anniversary. 380 more words