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Friday Evening LOLly Gagging...

lollygag (v.)“dawdle, dally,” 1862, lallygag, American English, perhaps from dialectal lolly “tongue” + gag “deceive, trick.” Related: Lollygagged; lollygagging.

I’ve been dawdling and dallying online this evening, Dear Reader.

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Who Knows What

The Vermont Bar Exam

The bar exam is today and tomorrow. As I type this entry, 40 aspiring members of the Vermont bar are 1 hour and 14 minutes into the exam.   654 more words

The Top Five Best Fictional Studs

It’s Valentines Day today. I bet a lot of websites have posted their favorite couples from movies, TV, video games and the like. We’ve all seen those kinds of lists during the previous year’s Valentines Day. 1,118 more words

Fiefo's Editorial

Dad and Son or: Pie Day


Yesterday 3B and I made homemade pizza. Dough and sauce, we made it all. The BCPF and I had gone to the store on Saturday and picked up all the stuff we needed. 514 more words

Life As We Know It

A cough, a car and a chef!

We were getting ready for the school run. It had frozen overnight so I had to spend ten minutes or so to defrost the car. Somehow my car has moisture on the inside so I have to spend time defrosting both the outside and the inside of the windows! 670 more words

Movies of 1997 Bracket Game Final!: Austin Powers vs Boogie Nights

Yep. Here we are in the championship round of our 1997 movie bracket, and obviously we all knew that this matchup was coming from the start…right? 416 more words


Movie Quotes A-J

Movies Quotes A-J

Shagadelic. Austin Powers
That’ll Do pig, that’ll do. Babe
That’s not a knife. Crocodile Dundee
Well, Do ya punk? Dirty Harry… 57 more words