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It’s Coming Back! ’MythBusters' Is Being Rebooted And You (Yes YOU) Have A Chance To Be On The Show

Before the final episode aired earlier this year MythBusters ran for 15 seasons and over 275 episodes. It was indisputably the greatest show on television over the past decade and a half, and it taught more bros critical thinking skills than half the teachers in America (combined). 135 more words


In Case You Missed It The 'Mythbusters' Final Episode Aired This Weekend, Here's An Incredible Farewell Tribute

After 15 seasons, over 275 episodes, and thousands of pounds of explosives the Mythbusters have finally shut it down. If you’re like me then this final season of… 213 more words


Forget Explosions -- Watch This 67-Foot Tanker Implode Like A Crushed Solo Cup In Seconds

Old hotness — exploding.
New hotness — imploding.

Leave it to Mythbusters to do something better than a giant BOOM! This giant tanker is made from 1/2-inch rolled steel, measures 67 feet and can carry 30,000 gallons of liquid. 40 more words