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RealTime Racing Team Saves Lost Dog: Feel Good Story of the Week

Looking for that feel good story to get you through Hump Day and into the weekend? Check out the link below for Stef Schrader’s excellent story on how one racing team saved a lost dog in Austin from the sweltering Texas heat. 15 more words


On Sundays We Brunch

I don’t know about you, but brunch is one of my favorite meals! I love having breakfast type foods in the middle of the day. Who am I kidding? 558 more words


And here's a look at those Maximilian sunflowers in their own right

Behold some Helianthus maximiliani along the North Walnut Creek Trail on July 24th. A couple of nearby Maximilian sunflower flower heads played the role of… 80 more words


Writing Wednesday: No Internet

It’s been an odd week for me. Mostly because since I woke up Monday morning, we’ve had no internet. Kept hoping it would come back on. 821 more words


Road to Milwaukee: Day 6

Today marks the halfway point of our 12 day cross-country road trip and what a special day it was. Jonny has been looking forward to trying the famed brisket at Austin’s Franklin BBQ for years now, and we were finally going to make it happen! 554 more words

Road To Milwaukee

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

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I’ve always preferred cars to airplanes. So I was thankful we were able to hit the open road instead of being stuffed in an airplane for this adventure. 345 more words