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Langley's Coaches Fleet Profile: 1988 Austral HRP2 Minimaster TV8354

Today, I have a very special vehicle profile for you – this little Austral is the subject….

Originally owned by Deluxe Coachlines of Wangaratta, Victoria, wearing fleet number 203, it then went through to Hopkinson’s of Sydney as TV533, then Australia Coach in Cairns, Queensland as 578IDY then to Coach Australia (Red and White Coaches) as 578IDY then COA30 before coming to Dubbo, NSW and joining the Langley’s Coaches fleet as TV8354. 170 more words


Upcoming Photo Alert!

I have a photo shoot coming up next week – friends of mine have just completed a project on one of their coaches and I will be profiling it in a very special vehicle profile on here! 98 more words


A day in the life 2016 #15: old favourites

With no meetings on Friday and things still a bit in summer-slow mode, there was time for burgers and beer at the Austral for lunch. It doesn’t change much.

HSC: Grace nominated for ARTEXPRESS

Grace Esposito’s series of candid photographs of Austral residents in their backyards were nominated for ARTEXPRESS.

The Clancy Catholic College West Hoxton Year 12 graduate’s five images titled… 250 more words

Teaching And Learning

Chubut Province - Comodoro Rivadavia

I arrived in Comodoro Rivadavia after a five and a half hour bus trip from Trelew across the featureless Chubut landscape with not a hill in sight. 901 more words



We took our Interior Designer’s advice and headed out to an Austral brickyard the weekend following our pre-colour selections appointment. We thought that starting with bricks would be a good way to work out our preferred palette for our home. 623 more words


Volleyball (Old Shot)

I’ve dug right back into my collections to find this photo. Taken on 13/9/14, this would have been from some of the first photos that I’d ever taken with a proper camera. 392 more words