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Chubut Province - Comodoro Rivadavia

I arrived in Comodoro Rivadavia after a five and a half hour bus trip from Trelew across the featureless Chubut landscape with not a hill in sight. 894 more words



We took our Interior Designer’s advice and headed out to an Austral brickyard the weekend following our pre-colour selections appointment. We thought that starting with bricks would be a good way to work out our preferred palette for our home. 620 more words


Volleyball (Old Shot)

I’ve dug right back into my collections to find this photo. Taken on 13/9/14, this would have been from some of the first photos that I’d ever taken with a proper camera. 392 more words



Second post in quick succession! Ill be making quite a few in the beginning period of the blog, but this will slow down with time. This photo dates back to the 25/7/15, and is the taken at a League women’s game half way through the season. 281 more words



A couple of days ago we received a USB stick from Clarendon with some of their colour/selection options included. Unfortunately most of it was just supplier brochures so you have no idea of what is actually included. 218 more words