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Have Your Say: Should the Date of Australia Day be Changed?

One of the most robust debates in Australia of the last few years centres around whether the date of Australia Day celebrations should be moved from January 26th, the date that marks the landing of the First Fleet in 1788, to a date that doesn’t mark the beginning of European settlement. 2,361 more words

Australia Day

Invasion or settlement, no land rights for militant Aborigines

by Sherry Sufi

January is here and gone and the invasion versus settlement debate is back making news headlines.The Prime Minister wants to keep Australia Day as it is while the Greens are calling for the date to be changed. 794 more words

Liberal Party Of Australia

The Greens Fantasy Imperils Us

One of the consequences of the creeping advance of political correctness that constrains debate in academia, bureaucracy, politics and the media is that the extreme left is normalised. 1,231 more words

Australian News


It’s started – the arguments about a day and date for Australia Day. Why don’t we forget about it for the moment and get on with achieving a REPUBLIC…and then we can have a day called REPUBLIC DAY with no connotations of brutality or persecution; no massacres; no arguments about who abused who. 47 more words


2018 so far...

Where do I start? Firstly I apologise for the lack of content. I’ve had visitors and a house disaster so I’ve been a little preoccupied. 691 more words

Secret Exchange Business

In late January two Teacher Exchange meetings took me away from school. This involved signing onto and navigating the Substitute Teacher scheme and preparing relief notes. 842 more words

Listening on Australia Day

In the lead up to the January 26 public holiday, my social media feeds were flooded with news articles, opinion pieces, status updates and long threads of back and forth comments. 624 more words