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Concert virgins and acoustic guitars..

I was sixteen; says it all really. I became a dark, bitter, angry brat; a lot of it was justified, the other bits because it’s how you’re meant to be at that age. 381 more words

On fireworks and invasion

Now that Fremantle has decided to dress up a budget cut in Politically Correct language and claim it is doing everyone a favour, Dodgy Perth needs to ask the question no one else is asking. 392 more words


If you don't want to celebrate Australia Day, then it's your right

The council of Fremantle in Western Australia have contemplated not having fireworks display on Australia Day next year. The reason is because the 26 of January signifies the dark era of British colonialism for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 748 more words

Tales From The Whip: Matthew Watson

Matt Watson, who we can only assume is referred to as “Watto” by his mates, threw us 150 succulent ones during our crowdfunding campaign last year. 1,773 more words


Hurling words at dead Kings and into the void

 Reagan and Hawke’s nationalism gap 

You have heard the declaration of independence with its majestic ending, which is worthy to live forever, which has been hurled at the bones of a fossilized monarch, old King George the III, who has been dead these many years, and which will continue to be hurled at him annually as long as this republic lives.

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Forest Fairies chosen for Belonging in Queensland mural

By: Michael Fox

“After a community barbecue on Australia Day afternoon, a group of us wandered into the enchanting Toohey Forest to admire the work of Mount Gravatt Environment Group. 114 more words

Fox Gully Bushcare

Canada Day

I’ve never been one for Canada Day. It’s the connection to Australia Day I grew up with that was celebrated on the day Europeans first arrived to form a settlement on the continent. 60 more words