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British police arrest Julian Assange in Ecuadorian embassy - World Socialist Web Site

“Assange’s expulsion from the embassy and his arrest are unprecedented crimes,” said James Cogan, the national secretary of the SEP (Australia). “A journalist and publisher, who has committed no crime, has had his asylum terminated and has been dragged off to prison in violation of repeated UN rulings upholding his status as a political refugee.” 7 more words

The first picture of a black hole opens a new era of astrophysics | Science News - Latest News Release


Soooooo…this is huge folks. Have you seen this? A historic moment in time.

“The image also provides a new measurement of the black hole’s size and heft. 121 more words

Only in Australia ~ sad but true 💥

Reminder that there are many people who set Centrelink and disability policies (as well as other health-related policies) with no background or even basic knowledge in health and medicine whatsoever.