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Gold selling pressure continues

Selling pressure on gold continues, with the SPDR Gold ETF consolidating in a bearish narrow band above support at 119. Twiggs Money Flow below zero warns of long-term selling pressure. 61 more words

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Australia: Infrastructure spending nosedives

From Andrew Hanlan at Westpac:

Total real infrastructure activity contracted by almost 10% in the June quarter 2016, to be 26% below the level of a year ago.

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Australia & Canada's experience with equal weighted indices

Correction to my earlier post. Equal-weighted indices don’t always outperform cap-weighted indices, as with the S&P 500. Australia’s ASX 100 Equal Weighted Index underperformed the cap-weighted ASX 100, recording annual growth of 3.79% (EWI) compared to 5.28% for the ASX 100 on a total return basis over the last 10 years. 59 more words

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Active managers and Index funds: How to avoid the pitfalls and get the best of both worlds

From James Kirby at The Australian:

Australia‚Äôs big fund managers are now openly bagging index funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs)….Keep away from index funds and ETFs, they cry, the market is too tough for investors to blindly follow an index-style fund when returns are as modest as we have seen in recent times….

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ASX 200 stalls

Two short weekly candlesticks suggest the ASX 200 rally has stalled at 5500. Bearish divergence on Twiggs Money Flow warns of selling pressure. Reversal below the lower trend channel would warn of a test of primary support at 5000/5100. 62 more words

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Paul Kelly: To Her Door

More Australiana. Paul Kelly – shades of Dylan and Springsteen.

To Her Door

From Little Things Big Things Grow

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