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Will the RBA cut interest rates in May?

From Justin Smirk at Westpac:

The headline CPI surprised in Q1 falling 0.2% compared to Westpac’s forecast for +0.4%….. The annual rate is now just 1.3%yr compared to 1.7%yr in Q4.

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Iron ore: Only question now is how rapid the fall | MINING.com

From Frik Els:

According to Platts Mineral Value Service, a Munich-based iron ore and steel research company, domestic iron ore’s contribution to the Chinese steel market has declined from 36% of market share in 2010 to around 22% in 2015.

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Real-time payments could hurt banks

Ruth Liew:

….the Reserve Bank of Australia pushes Australian banks to create the New Payments Platform, a new piece of open-source infrastructure being built that will move the payments system to real time.

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Deloitte Access Economics says China, housing and high $A test Aussie resilience

Mark Mulligan:

“Australia continues to swim strongly against the global tide, shrugging off China’s slowdown, rotten commodity prices and a fast fading resource construction boom to chalk up good growth,” said Deloitte Access Economics partner Chris Richardson…..

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Land tax is needed but won’t happen | Macrobusiness

By Leith van Onselen. Reproduced with kind permission from Macrobusiness.

The Australian’s Adam Creighton has written a ripper post explaining why, in the wake of tax avoidance scandals (e.g. 706 more words

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Surprise fall in Consumer Sentiment | Westpac

The Westpac Melbourne Institute Index of Consumer Sentiment fell by 4.0% in April from 99.1 in March to 95.1 in April.

Not a good time to buy stocks — other than gold — I suggest.

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APRA waves wet lettuce at bank offshore funding | MacroBusiness

From Leith van Onselen at Macrobusiness:

…..the banks’ reliance on offshore funding hit an unprecedented 54% of GDP in the December quarter:

As always, the key risk is that the banks’ ability to continue borrowing from offshore rests with foreigners’ willingness to continue extending them credit.

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