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Dearth of capital investment

Interesting graph from RBA governor Glenn Stevens.

A striking feature of the global economy, according to World Bank and OECD data, is the low rate of capital investment spending by businesses.

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Why our prep-school diplomats fail against Putin and ISIS | New York Post

“Why do our “best and brightest” fail when faced with a man like Putin?” Ralph Peters asks. “Or with charismatic fanatics? Or Iranian negotiators? Why do they misread our enemies so consistently, from Hitler and Stalin to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Islamic State’s self-proclaimed caliph?” 203 more words

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Deflation in Australia?

The Eurozone experienced negative CPI growth over December/January.

Australia shows consumer price growth declining at the end of 2014. The next CPI update (Q1 2015), at end of April, is likely to reflect further slowing. 14 more words

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Goldman describes Australia’s lost decade | Macrobusiness

Posted by Houses and Holes. Reproduced with kind permission from Macrobusiness.

Goldman’s Tim Toohey has quantified the unwinding commodity super-cycle for ‘Straya':

Lower commodity prices risk $0.5trn in forgone earnings…

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Health Care (Australia)

A chart of Australia’s ASX 200 Health Care , compared to Financials-x-Property and the overall index over the last 15 years, shows that outperformance of the Health Care sector is not just a recent occurrence. 11 more words

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Health Care

One of the top-performing sectors, both in the US and Australia, is Health Care.

The strength of a momentum strategy is the ability to identify and concentrate investment in outperforming sectors like this. 21 more words

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