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New Zealand, the return....

It seems such a long time ago since I was living in Auckland, and sadly I have not returned since.  However this week I am returning after six years! 60 more words

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Dental plaque reveals key plant in prehistoric Easter Island diet

A University of Otago PhD student analysing dental calculus (hardened plaque) from ancient teeth is helping resolve the question of what plant foods Easter Islanders relied on before European contact. 433 more words


Top 10 FREE Things To Do in Western Australia

My home state has some of the best undiscovered and undeveloped land in the country. I’m a little biased, sure – but I think you can all appreciate the following FREE things to check out over here in the West. 1,030 more words


Epic pre-Columbian voyage suggested by genes, sweet potato's traded

Epic pre-Columbian voyage suggested by genes

Wooden canoes like this one from Easter Island may have brought Native Americans and Polynesians together.
Polynesians from Easter Island and natives of South America met and mingled long before Europeans voyaged the Pacific, according to a new genetic study of living Easter Islanders. 464 more words


14th century Polynesian settlement discovered

Evidence of early Polynesian settlement dating back to the early 1300s has been uncovered within a stone’s throw of central Whitianga, in a discovery of national significance. 422 more words


Japanese Whaling Crew Eaten Alive By Killer Whales, 16 dead

Note: Pretty gruesome scene, my sincere condolences to loved ones for your loss. As tragic as this may be, hopefully the Japanese will see this as a sign that Gaia’s had enough of Japan’s cavalier, inhumane stance on whaling – “ENOUGH”! 401 more words

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48hrs in.... Melbourne

It should come as no surprise to anyone that I’ve spent a fair amount of my time in Melbourne over the years. This is a city that holds all of my favourite childhood memories, from watching the window displays in the shopping malls at Christmas time, to riding the tram out to St Kilda beach with my grandmother to eat fish and chips. 817 more words

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