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5 Great Solo Travel Destinations to Visit in 2017

The really Great Solo Travel Destinations are those that are super easy to get around, encourage social interaction, have fabulously friendly local people and are relatively safe to explore on your own. 501 more words

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Ways We've Spent Christmas Around the World

For December’s blog post this year, I wanted to create something warm and fuzzy to bring together some of the amazing humans I have come to know over the last twelve months, to showcase a little bit about where they come from, perhaps where they’ve been and how different people are spending the festive season around the world. 796 more words

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Oldest Beer Brewed from Shipwrecks 220-Year-Old Yeast Microbes

Yeast microbes from the world’s oldest bottle of beer — a 220-year-old bottle found in one of Australia’s earliest shipwrecks — are being used to create a new, modern beer with the characteristic taste of the 18th-century brew. 13 more words


Let Rarotonga Take You Away | Beachin' Getaways

Let me introduce you to the Cook Islands; a place for new discoveries of long-held traditions and to relax in the overwhelming warmth of the Cook Island people and their beautiful lush environment.  529 more words

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CU-Boulder study: Ancient extinction of giant Australian bird points to humans

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January, 2016

Ancient extinction of giant Australian bird points to humans

The first direct evidence that humans played a substantial role in the extinction of the huge, wondrous beasts inhabiting Australia some 50,000 years ago — in this case a 500-pound bird — has been discovered by a University of Colorado Boulder-led team. 932 more words


The first inter-cultural ‘party’ in Europe?

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Dec 2015

The sharing of food and alcoholic beverages is extremely important today as in the past because provides a wealth of information on societies where this occurred. 812 more words


New Zealand - Tamaki Maori Madness

What more of a ‘Kia Ora’ experience can you gain then an overnight stay at New Zealand’s most awarded attraction? The straightforward answer: you can’t. The Maori word meaning ‘welcome’ is not only uttered from the lips of every native, it is their way of life and their aim is for you to experience it too at this home stay village. 285 more words