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A Week of Wonders in the Great Barrier Reef + Giant Clams!

We went snorkeling and diving in the Great Barrier Reef for a week in Australia and it was fantastic! This is our snorkel footage. There are so many underwater wonders in the coral reefs! 86 more words

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Change of address

With June approaching and four and a half years of New York City under my belt I am ready for the next adventure. So I am saying goodbye to the l train and my overcrowded commute, the smell of piss all over the streets and the freezing cold winter winds. 111 more words


A Weekend in Jervis Bay

Australia is famous for some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world. A trip to Jervis Bay is affirmation.

Sitting peacefully a few hours outside of Sydney’s CBD, the Jervis Bay area is a perfect destination for a weekend away. 463 more words


Exclusive Interview: John Borghetti, CEO, Virgin Australia

By Tony Hall, Chairman and Editorial Director APAC, Travel Daily Media Group

After six years at the helm of Virgin Australia, John Borghetti is as charming, polished and passionate about the airline as ever. 582 more words

Australia Travel

Take a walk through the South Bank, Brisbane

One of my favourite things to do in Brisbane (apart from visiting my sister obvs) is to spend the day down at the South Bank Parklands. 612 more words


Western Australia

So I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Australia is absolutely beautiful. You can see the bottom of the ocean floor. The weather is so perfect you’re like how is this real? 180 more words


How to speak Australian- Bloody Oath Shazza don’t you know what we are saying?

Need to decipher what Australians are actually trying to say?

Australia is a funny old place. Most of the animals can seriously injure you, the ripe tides can take you out to sea, it can be stinking hot in one part and then snowing in another and half the time visitors can’t work out what we are trying to say and I’m not even going to mention the drop bears. 852 more words