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Colonoscopy Preparation Tips

It took two years but I finally had a colonoscopy! I know, not everyone’s idea of fun or a source of excitement. Yet, everyday people around the world are having a colonoscopy every day, they just don’t always talk about it. 572 more words


The East Coast: Agnes Water, Airlie Beach and the Greyhound Disaster

So, the Greyhound from Noosa to Agnes Water takes around 9 hours, with two 30-minute breaks. Thankfully, it was one of the nice buses I’ve been on with leather eats and plenty of legroom. 861 more words


Burra Passport Tour - Miner's Dugouts

Continuing our tour of Burra:

In the heart of Burra township hobbit like miner’s dugouts pock the walls of the Burra Creek. When the copper mine was in operation and not enough housing available this was known as Creek Street and housed more than 1800 people in about 600 dugout homes. 83 more words


World of Danger

Does it seem to anyone else like our planet is becoming a more dangerous place to live? Lately it seems like there is some kind of catastrophic weather event every few months. 729 more words


TUNES // Haiku Hands - Jupiter

Post by Misha

this post is in honor of the fact that i am going out dancing with my friends for the first time in like four months. 76 more words


Mini-break Margs style and The Drop Festival

Lately I’ve been getting some serious FOMO, all my friends have their exciting Instagram stories while I try and smash out yet another university assignment. It is the middle of semester, the pressure is on to just get through all that needs to be done. 1,363 more words


Wireless On-site 2

Inside the museum at Wireless Hill you can see this scale model of the site, which shows the 120m radio tower, large concrete anchor blocks and buildings, as they were in their heyday. 20 more words