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Thank you for embarking on this adventure with me through Australia. I am about to go backpacking through the great down under and it will be my biggest adventure yet. 
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Eyebrow Serum 

Eyebrows are a significant feature on our face & one feature that seems to get forgotten about. Our serum works on boosting the growth of your brows ,there for thickening them in the process as well. 136 more words

Australia Bound!

Hello readers!

As I write this, I am sitting in the LAX airport after a short flight from Portland. After a long and stressful 40 minutes of walking through different terminals and underground tunnels, I finally made it to my gate. 589 more words


New South Wales, Australia

Seorang pelayan wanita di sebuah restoran di Australia telah berlaku kasar terhadap seekor biawak gergasi di sebuah restoran dengan menarik ekornya untuk dibawa keluar dari restoran tersebut. 134 more words


Packing for Working Holiday Australia

Hey guys,

As you might have known, I’ve just moved to Sydney 3 weeks ago. In the previous post I have talked about my first impressions on Sydney, Australia. 763 more words


Rocky Road Chocolate Crackles 

Today I made my rocky road chocolate crackles. This recipe is not healthy in the slightest but I have held on to this recipe for about 10 years as it’s cheap and easy. 173 more words


Brisbane Street Art Festival. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 11 of February to 3rd March 2017. The Zookeeper.

The Zookeeper. Fairy Wren.

Another View

The Zookeeper Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_thezookeeper/

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