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Tales from Pornland: Barber shops and Brothels

Back when I was drunk and gainfully employed as a writer for porn rag The Picture, it wasn’t uncommon for me to appear in many of the magazine’s photo shoots. 572 more words


Kid Quote #2

Today Chloe (age 5) asked me to play the song “Hey hey you sexy lady!” (Still unsure as to what this song actually is). She then proceeded to ask, “Do you know what a sexy lady is?” At this point a lot of scenarios ran through my head, but before I could choose one (ah the relief) she said, 66 more words


THE ASHES 2015 – Aussie Batting Missing

Ahead of the fourth Test, England remain just as capable of running riot through the Australian middle order as they are to succumbing themselves. This year has seen very little of team cricket, with many a star throwing away their wickets, or losing their form. 477 more words


Kid Quote #1

While I was driving the kids home from basketball – because I’m an “adult” now – they were glee-fully singing/yelling….mostly yelling…SO MUCH YELLING….the old phrase: “Liar liar pants on fire!” Except the kids have gotten much more enjoyment out of: “Liar liar pants on an electric wire!” This sparked a very intense debate over which scenario would be worse. 24 more words


The All About Series #1: Anime & Manga - Pre-Order 10th of August, 2015!

The All About Series #1: Anime & Manga

Introducing The All About Series!! Each eBook contains in-depth history of each Mangaka from their birth to the birth of our favourite Manga and Anime series. 173 more words


A Cuddly Koala

I am a koala, it said smiling at her,
A cuddly koala, you can tell by my fur,
My paws and claws give also a hint, 151 more words

Alice In Wonderland

Happy 6 months!

I’ve been in this relationship 6 months now, and I think things are getting pretty serious. I know it’s still too early to make a long term commitment, but I think this could be the real thing. 951 more words