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49 Thoughts Everyone Has While Shopping At Bunnings

Sausage sizzle or death. View this image ‘ Flickr: vk2gwk / Creative Commons 1. Man I want a sausage sizzle.2. I hope there’s a sausage sizzle.3. 31 more words


Theme for the Week - Quirky Dorset Part 5


Another of those quirky things in Dorset relates to its bridges! The bridges themselves are normal but many of the older ones have signs on them such as the one below threatening transportation if anyone was found damaging them. 461 more words


Winter time=Business time.

Talking to my bro today.

He’s currently two thirds through the offspring’s birthday celebrations at the moment.

They have three of them.

I didn’t realise this but apparently they’re all a week apart with their respective birthdays. 52 more words


Unearthed, the Aboriginal Tasmanians of Kangaroo Island, by Rebe Taylor

A new book is on my TBR: it’s called Into the Heart of Tasmania: A Search for Human Antiquity and it’s by historian Rebe Taylor.  But as soon as I started reading it, I knew I wanted to read her first book, so I reserved that at the library… and lo! 1,498 more words


Australia - Down Under in Sydney and Cairns

08.03. – 14.03.17

At the beginning of our planning for the great trip, Australia was definitely on our list of countries we wanted to visit. At some point we even thought about doing a similar road trip as in NZ! 1,709 more words


25th March

Another’s burden…. iPad collage, brushes XP