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Reason to Glory

We have reason to glory in the achievements of our ancestors.

source: O No’sa
image: Eddie’s Images
Australian Aboriginal Art


Eddie's Message for 2018

Know Thyself

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing

source: Socrates  469BC-399BC
image: Eddie’ s Images
Aboriginal Art
originally posted January 2, 2015



The good in man should freely flow,
As evil lives beyond the grave;
As Time with fingers moves the pawns
Awhile, then breaks the knight and knave. 16 more words


Always Change

The Great Spirit made it to always change,
sunlight to play, night to sleep.

source: Flying Hawk, Ogalala Clan
image: Eddie’s Images
Australian Aboriginal Art


All Men Want

All men want, not something to
do with, but something to do,
or rather something to be.

source: Henry David Thoreau
image: Eddie’s Image Collection, Australian Aboriginal Art