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The day you found out you can't speak English.

Colleague, noun, [C] : person you spend most of your lifetime with, to the detriment of your partner or family.

And there, we are, in the outback. 161 more words

All Up in the Club Like...

I am not an only child. But, I am the only girl, and I would like to think that that is somehow much, much worse. Really, I only have one brother, and a half brother who came much later, after I already figured out how to be the only girl. 2,153 more words

Australian Accent

Woman Accidentally Deletes a Lifetime of Photos - Read, listen and learn a little English!

A woman accidentally deleted every digital photo she had ever taken. Amy Molloy lost 2,600 pictures, including those of her late husband. It happened when she transferred her pictures from her ex boyfriend’s…

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Use subtitled movies and TV to level up comprehending and speaking in regional accents

Check out the latest soundcloud for my ABC Radio pop culture segment with Leon Compton on 936 ABC Hobart. This week I’m talking about using subtitles for a film or TV series to level-up your language dialect skills… 852 more words


Silent Disco is too Loud for Salzburg - Read, listen and learn a little English!

The city of Salzburg has refused to renew a licence for a silent disco after complaints that it was too loud and wild. At a silent disco people listen to music on…

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Great Form Gary! {Fun Friday}

Happy weekend to you! I’m posting late again because I was having too much fun last night. Between studying for his Step 1 exam and traveling to California, Derek and I haven’t had much time together lately. 292 more words

Fun Friday