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A summary of arguments for and against an Australian accent in broadcast.

In the 1930’s – 40’s, there was apparently a lively discussion concerning the use of an Australian accent in the broadcast media of the time (Damousi, 2007). 354 more words

Being asked to review rubbish.

In this post, the activity is to analyse a web site that focuses on the Australian accent and why it is different from other English accents. 1,740 more words

Reflecting on the importance of voice; The Australian Accent

Australians may consider themselves as fluent speakers of English, and many are. What many of us probably do not consider, is how strong our accent is. 300 more words

Introducing Lord Brucey!

Original playout date: 16 August 2007
Duration: 6:49

I did only one with this spoof character, which was invented to troll out my Ozzie friend Graham Rose, who called himself “Lord Moggy” who started out as a viewer of the channel, who ended up coming over to Poland and working with us for about fifteen months. 170 more words

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G’day mate, ag, Bob’s your uncle

At a party this week, a New Yorker asked me a fairly common question. “Where are you from?”

“The UK,” I replied.

“Yes, it was worth my asking. 126 more words