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Yet another article on the Australian accent

The Conversation has a piece in response to the article that was in the Age the other day by the Frenkel fella.

The original article seems to have hit a nerve, if not outright annoyed, a number of academic types. 210 more words

Australian Politics

Origin Of Australian Accent Could Be Attributed To Drunkenness

It’s one of the best accents out there… right? That and the British accent. And now the origins of the Australian accent can be attributed in part to the drunkenness of the nation’s early European settlers. 69 more words


Don't Dos

I am compiling a list of the “What Not To Dos” in Northern Ireland – per friends:)  Leave a comment if you have any suggestions!  So far I have: 90 more words

Before NI

Accents: Brits sorting Americans from Australians

A while back, I mentioned that I’m sometimes asked if I’m Canadian. When your accent stands out, people feel free to ask questions. Sometimes I’m fine with it, sometimes I’m tired of it, and sometimes when no one comments I wonder why they haven’t noticed. 278 more words

Americans In Britain

The day you found out you can't speak English.

Colleague, noun, [C] : person you spend most of your lifetime with, to the detriment of your partner or family.

And there, we are, in the outback. 161 more words

Research has found Australian babies can pick the different vowel sounds in a Canadian accent better than Aussie accents.

From ABC News

“Researchers in Sydney have found that Australian babies sometimes struggle with a broad local accent and find it easier to comprehend someone from Canada.” 96 more words

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