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Fairness Over Family

How important is it to be fair?

This is the question that Adam Swift, professor of political theory at the University of Warwick, and Harry Brighouse, professor of philosophy at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, wrestle with in their book, … 948 more words

Correction to post about Radio National

I wrote about Radio National recently, and forgot to list Richard Aedy and Jason Di Rosso among The Indispensables. Big oversight!

Richard Aedy is an extraordinary interviewer and listener. 44 more words

Philosophy And Culture


Mid-morning Sunday last, I am watching ABCNews24, as is my wont, and, as also is my wont, my finger is hovering over the “mute” button on the remote just in case any Australian politician or “leading business figure” pops up talking slogans about bullshit billions here and bullshit billions there and gnarling and gnashing their squirrelly pebble gray teeth over what troublesome little bunnies we all are and how much easier it would be to run a country if it weren’t for all the fucking people in it. 720 more words


Transformation required: The death throes of a once great radio station, Radio National

Attention: Mark Scott

While this post is about what’s happening to radio here in Australia, the issue is one you may have in your country too. 394 more words

Philosophy And Culture

The ABC and the Mainstream Media "Managing" Our Reality

There is no issue more divisive than 9/11. Australian politicians and the Australian press followed the Bush narrative dutifully, and any questioning of the September 11 script was quickly called “stupid and wrong”. 396 more words


Hulu Gets 'The Wiggles' in Another Exclusive Kidvid Pact

Hulu has picked up another kids’ show, this one from Down Under: “Ready, Steady, Wiggle!” season two, featuring the popular Australian preschooler music group.

The streaming service entered into an exclusive pact with Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) for the series, which will debut in the U.S. 172 more words


Japanese Occupation in Singapore, A view from Down Under

15 February is called Total Defence Day in Singapore, a day in remembrance of the fact of Singapore’s 3 years and 8 months under the Japanese. 172 more words