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South Solitary, 2010

Set in 1928, South Solitary (directed by Shirley Barrett) centres on Meredith (Miranda Otto), an unmarried woman in her mid-30s who accompanies her cantankerous uncle (Barry Otto) to the eponymous island when he takes up his post as head lighthouse keeper. 432 more words

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Saturday Morning Cartoons: Mary and Max (2009)

Mary and Max is a sad, yet heartwarming tale about the cruelty of people towards those who are different, the strength of friendship, and the serendipity that can bring those together who may need each other the most. 853 more words

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Wake In Fright (1971)

Doc Tydon: “All the little devils are proud of hell.”

John Grant: “Do you mean you don’t think the ‘Yabba is the greatest little place on Earth?”

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April 2016 Roundup

Bits and bobs or things that made me happy:

-The teaser trailer for Rogue One dropped and I, among many others, cannot wait until December. 970 more words


Pricing Considerations and Approaches for Australian Cinemas. Movie Tickets: Rip-off or Reasonable?

The cost of a movie ticket could set you back from anywhere between $8-$40. The price may vary due to many different factors, such as, which cinema you choose, what day you see the movie, use of vouchers or other discounts and which format you choose to see the movie in (IMAX, 3D or Gold Class). 733 more words

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'New-Wave Horror' Part 1/3 : The Babadook 2014

Just when I thought that modern horror cinema had been reduced to recycled clichés, cheap edge-of-your-seat thrills and tired sequels, my recent (although admittedly late-to-the-party) discovery of ‘The Babadook’ , ‘It Follows’ and now ‘The Witch’ have changed my mind at last, and convinced me of what critics have conceived as a ‘new-wave’ of horror. 444 more words

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Just been watching...(8)

The Babadook (2014)

*****Contains spoilers*****

I had read some very good reviews of this film, and it had received much critical acclaim, including praise when it was shown at the Sundance Film Festival. 807 more words