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'The Road Warrior' (1981): Review

Directed by: George Miller || Produced by: Byron Kennedy

Screenplay by: Terry Hayes, George Miller, Brian Hannant || Starring: Mel Gibson, Bruce Spence, Emil Minty, Michael Preston, Virginia Hey, Kjell Nilsson, Vernon Wells, Max Phipps, Arkie Whiteley… 870 more words

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The Water Diviner a Fine Reminder of Crowe

The most surprising thing about The Water Diviner isn’t that Russell Crowe directed it, but that in taking upon the extra role of director, and a debut director at that, Crowe somehow got one of the best performances out of himself in quite some time. 515 more words


The Water Diviner (Australia/US 2014)

I recently read Roy’s review of Suite Française where he took Peter Bradshaw in the Guardian to task. So I went back and read Bradshaw’s review and whilst I could sympathise with Roy’s contentions over the language of the review I still disagreed with Roy’s actual assessment of that film. 320 more words

War Movie

Charlie's Country

This is another Australian film from the wonderful Wales One World festival, starring a man  they describe as ‘legendary,’ actor David Gulpilil. Well, he’s the only famous aboriginal actor, so is well deserved, and says much about the industry. 466 more words


Deep Listening (Dadirri)

This fits well after the last article, on listening to music:  a film about the aboriginal practice of deep listening – to the land and to each other, and how this is practiced in ‘intentional communities’ in Australia. 504 more words

Real Life

History Wars: Postcolonial Austarlian Cinema

Last Monday we had a discussion about Australian cinema. As we already know Australia was colonised by British people at XVIII century. It was the age of global colonization and discrimination of other nations. 185 more words

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[Video Review] Manny Lewis (2015) by Bede Jermyn

Dir: Anthony Mir

Starring: Carl Barron, Leeanna Walsman, Damien Garvey, Roy Billing.

IMDb Synopsis: The film follows the story of a famous fictional stand-up comedian Manny Lewis, who connects with millions of fans but finds it hard to connect to one person. 34 more words

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