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English Level 10 Creative Response

Subject Area: Victorian Curriculum, Level 10 (Creating Texts)
Author:Tamara De Lutiis, Demi Farrugia, Kim Field, Lynette Kumar


The assessment is a creative response in which students have the chance to develop their creative expression in response to the themes depicted within Shakespeare’s… 497 more words


VCE Biology: Stem cell media article response

Subject Area: VCE Biology
Author: Yui Fu, Aaron Lewicki, Lenita Engelke, Mitch Anderson


In this task, students choose one media article to investigate and write an extended response. 848 more words

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VCE Biology: Cell size, structure and function

Subject Area: VCE Biology, Unit 1, Area of study 1, Outcome 1
Author: Shaun Davis, Amy King, Matthew Price and Samantha Haby


Create a blog that demonstrates your understanding of Unit 1, Outcome 1, cell size, structure and function.​ 671 more words


Australian Curriculum: C2C, Links, Documents, etc.


Documents 1: Australian Curriculum

  • Australian Curriculum: Achievement Standard CHECKLIST (
  • 99 more words
Australian Curriculum

The Inquiry Approach, Direct Instruction and Teaching the Humanities

The idea of inquiry, or a student-driven approach to learning, is a fundamental one in modern Humanities education. As the predominant method of teaching the Humanities, it is important to closely scrutinise its effectiveness of the inquiry method of teaching. 629 more words