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New Content by Australian Teachers for Australian children!

Our Content Manager Katie Lowson explains how the team decided which areas of the curriculum to target when creating the new resources:

G’day Skwirkers, 


What a busy few weeks it’s been! 383 more words

Australian Curriculum

How Skwirk saves me hours of lesson planning a week!

Roughly I would spend about 60 hours per week preparing lessons for my year 4 students. I spend anywhere between $40-$60 a fortnight on downloadable resources from particular websites, as well as 3 different subscriptions to a Math, English and science platform. 609 more words

Australian Curriculum

Why is Skwirk the best online education option for parents?

A quick search for “online educational resource” will reveal hundreds of different sites, each making impressive claims about their credibility and results. One of the biggest challenges parents face when trying to find a suitable site to assist their children with learning is deciding which one will be best. 476 more words

Australian Curriculum

Skwirk - An Education Revolution

The school students of today are undoubtably facing a different education environment than the one that confronted their parents. The introduction of substantive curriculum changes over recent years can make it challenging for parents and caregivers to understand what their children are studying. 455 more words

Australian Curriculum

Five ways teachers are using Skwirk with their class

A growing number of teachers across Australia are finding that the internet not only provides a useful medium for accessing relevant information, but helps many students to engage more fully with learning. 484 more words

Australian Curriculum

OUT NOW - Off the Shelf July 2015

Off the Shelf is a FREE resource from Penguin Teachers’ Academy for teachers and librarians. Each edition contains articles, author interviews, teaching resources and new books from Penguin and Puffin. 243 more words