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Fire and Flood... Resourcing Year 5 Geography

In the early 1900’s, Dorothea Mackellar wrote of, “Flood and fire and famine”, in her poem My Country. She began penning the poem when in London, homesick for Australia. 561 more words

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People helping people - "Roads to Refuge"

This site was shared with me by a family member and it has helped restore my faith in the good that can be done and achieved when people actively decide to help people. 181 more words


A day in the life...

I was recently introduced to a moving virtual reality film titled “Clouds Over Sidra” by Chris Milk.  This film lets us walk in the virtual shoes of 12 year old Sidra, a Syrian refugee girl living for the past 18 months in the Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan. 685 more words


Education is key for Syrian refugees, wherever they may be.

I have noticed a resounding theme whilst researching further into the Syrian refugee crisis facing the global community. Beyond the immediate needs for safety, food/water, medical access and financial aid, a major need appears to be that of education. 556 more words


All the world's a stage... Resourcing F-2 Drama

I decided to try something different in Term 1 this year by using an idea from my background as a secondary Drama teacher in my Prep (Foundation) library lessons. 619 more words

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Liminal Space - What does this mean?

A place of transition, an in between place. A place of unknown and indecisiveness. A place of uncertainty and a place where you feel you are not in control, the future is in the hands of others, a superior being or God, whatever your beliefs may be. 543 more words