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Personal and Social Development of Students on the Autism Spectrum: What can Australia Learn from England's PSHE Curriculum? (Presentation)

Presentation: Personal and social development of students on the autism spectrum: what can Australia learn from England’s PSHE curriculum? Link to presentation about as a pdf document is here:  205 more words

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Expanding Pictures

This is a very effective technique to magnify the effects of a great image.

Young children have enjoyed this activity using images of animals, motorbikes, or an action sporting figure. 413 more words

Australian Curriculum

My Somewhere

For assignment 2 I have decided to focus on my passion HPE and an age group I particularly like, year 4, however this could change.  I have been scrolling through the tags in our… 59 more words

Name Poster

It’s great when little ones come to school and know how to spell their name.

Our name is closely linked to our identity and how we see ourselves.   323 more words

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Paper Plate Wolf

Here are  a fun activity which could be modified in various ways, using crepe, paints  or pencils/textas.

This activity should provide for a wide range of ability levels. 593 more words

Australian Curriculum

Play with Play Dough

Playing with play dough can be a great sensory activity for children who have experienced grief and loss as it can give them a sense of control in their own world as they create something uniquely their own. 191 more words

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