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How are Japanese schools different?

Japanese schools are different in many aspects. For example, they have free dress day everyday. They have to go to school on Saturday as well. School cooks their lunch. 89 more words

The Nonaka Method

What is a family?

Do you think family is connected each other through their blood? It sounds like OK. But husband and wife do not have any biological connection in terms of blood. 272 more words

The Nonaka Method

Beautifully illustrated story that has been made to help children’s understanding of fundamental particles, in this case photons and gravitons. Read with my kids and they loved it. 54 more words

Book Review

Choice and the new generation

You may be old enough to remember when Pepsi launched a campaign in the 1980s claiming that its cola was ‘the choice of a new generation’. 396 more words

Contemporary Schooling

The Economic Case for Humanities Education

The humanities subjects (History, Geography, Civics, Economics) are often maligned and underappreciated in the context of modern education. The lack of a simple, quantifiable measurement of their importance often results in these subjects being given relatively little attention compared to other core subjects such as English, Maths and Science. 429 more words


The Silhouettes in Life

The contrast of a silhouette onto a colourful background makes a dramatic impact.

There are many different backgrounds a silhouette could be used.  It doesn’t have to be black, any colour that contrasts will have a bold effect. 777 more words


Reading as part of the Year 7 and 8 syllabus

This section is reflective of the current Australian Curriculum (found at https://syllabus.bostes.nsw.edu.au/english/english-k10) and is designed to give teachers, parents and students an idea of what texts are appropriate for this stage of schooling. 163 more words