Australian sharemarket loses $41 billion

The Australian sharemarket has lost $41 billion in its opening trade this morning.

At 10:30 this morning the ASX had fallen by about 2.8%. The Australian dollar against the US dollar is now down to $.69. 87 more words

Australian News

AUDUSD: Inside week at Year lows

The Australian dollar, which has been struggling past weeks, strengthened on the back of thousands of new jobs created and on a falling 6.2% unemployment rate in August, as the economy continues to shift away from a massive resources investment boom. 214 more words


Canada – a land of golden opportunity.  As is Australia, Ghana etc

I have just been sent a copy of a new Newsletter being put out by Peartree Securities – which reckons to be the largest provider of mining flow-through capital in Canada so knows something about junior mining.   688 more words

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It's News... But Not As You Understand It

When does news become scaremongering?

If you believe all of the past fortnight’s most prominent stories – which, for our collective edification and convenience, were shown over and over and over thanks to the thousands of hours of television news services at our disposal each week – we’re all about to fall foul of an ice addict or domestic violence, the country’s going down the pan thanks to an Australian dollar in an out-of-control downward spiral and the whole world’s about to be overrun by Syrian refugees and ‘financial migrants’… but only if they (and everyone else) aren’t annihilated by Islamic State militants first. 741 more words

Chinese investors lose $12b of Australian assets over three years as $A falls

With the Australian Dollar going south should Chinese Investors continue to pump money into our economy?

Chinese buyers of Australian real estate and commodity companies have lost about 30 per cent – more than $12 billion – off their local investments in the last three years. 297 more words


AUD steadies below US70c

Bad luck for those planning a trip overseas but the Australian dollar is looking settled below US70 cents in a sign the local currency could have further to fall. 42 more words


5 Sept 2015 (AFR) - Aussie hits new six-year low, falling below US70¢

(5 September 2015, AFR, p41, by Rose Powell )

‘The Australian dollar plunged again on Friday, ending a week of wobbles so significant that analysts are slashing their forecasts to record lows. 23 more words

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