Falling Aussie Dollar boosts Gold stocks

The Aussie Dollar is tanking, falling from a September high of 81 US cents to below 76 US cents. Test of support at 73.50 is likely. 32 more words

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Gold softens as market contemplates another rate rise

The Dollar continues to strengthen, with the Dollar Index testing short-term resistance at 95. Another rate rise from the Fed in December would strengthen the Dollar further. 101 more words

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#OctPoWriMo – “Never Again”

OctPoWriMo 26 has a picture theme today, so see below. I’m combining with Tale Weaver Prompt #141 from  Michael of MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie. The Tale Weavers Prompt is on the lege… 14 more words



बढ़ती गाड़ियां बढ़ते लोग, आह-आह कर बोला रोड, बसकर जनसंख्या का अब ना, और बढ़ा धरती पर बोझ, बढ़ती गाड़ियां बढ़ते लोग,आह-आह कर बोला रोड|२ जनसंख्या मानव का दुश्मन, धर्म से इसको मत बांधो, हिन्दू,मुस्लिम,सिक्ख,…

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Unassuming Diversions

In her thoughts, she could see only him Hear the sound of his voice, a whisper Sending shivers through her body Her unassuming, unpretentious ways Giving delight to his darkness While deep inside o… 6 more words


Winter’s Candle

BY COLLY Image, shutterstock The snow crisscrosses, darts, haphazardly in the air. As continuous flakes make their way to the ground. Skyline and earth below whitened day or night. 10 more words


किसने समझा उसे?

उसकी आँखो में भी , कुछ सुनहरे ख्वाब थे। उसके दिल में भी,  कुछ हसीन  हसरतें थी। उसके जज्बातों में भी,  कुछ अनदेखा जुनून था। उसके लबों पर भी, कुछ हक की  बातें थी। उसकी बातों मे भी…

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