Notes From Underground: Another FRA Podcast

While waiting for the FOMC‘s rate decision on Wednesday, I am posting a new PODCAST in which I discuss the global macro situation with a woman who whose work I had not been familiar. 611 more words


Australian gold stocks rally despite stronger Dollar

Interesting turn in the gold/dollar saga.

The US Dollar Index is strengthening, testing resistance at 91. Bullish divergence on the Trend Index indicates buying pressure. 92 more words

Australia & NZ

Is RBA more relaxed when it comes to interest rate hikes in Australia?

The Reserve Bank of Australia has recently dismissed a chance of rate hike any time soon after a period of financial turmoil. This has found relation to emerging fears of inflation and the mountain of household debt. 720 more words

Dollar falls, Gold rises

The Dollar weakened, with the Dollar Index testing support at 88.50. Respect of new resistance at 91 — the last primary support level — confirms the strong down-trend. 102 more words

Spot Gold

Faith & Unicorns…

“I wonder if anyone out there has enough faith to make unicorns real.”  ~Brianna Cook (Age 16) Photo credit: pixabay.com

Source: Faith & Unicorns…


Timothy Tarkelly

You think we are gathered for what? To show our hearts like designer labels, to be a fighter, but only speak progressively? To make noise, to wear our throats to shreds and our toes to shreds singi…

Source: 1/21/17- Timothy Tarkelly


19 Jan 2018 (AFR) - Aussie dollar tops US80¢ to hit four-month high as Wall Street frets

(19 January 2018, AFR, p29, by Patrick Commins)

‘The Australian dollar pushed above US80¢ early on Thursday, extending a powerful upswing in the currency that has seen it climb US5¢ in a little over a month. 28 more words

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