AUD, NZD down after Chinese economic data

The data on the annual rate of China  made the majority of the market players to be extra cautious and fueled the plunging of the basket of currencies.  499 more words


Trade Ideas for this week, Jan 11 - 15

Market turmoil in China is big news for the last week or so, also falling commodity prices. I’m going with a “RISK OFF” theme this week, which means my stronger currencies are the safe havens of USD and JPY, with EUR and AUD and CAD serving as the weaker side of my pairings. 20 more words

China accelerates devaluation of the yuan; China stocks trading halted after rout -- "Virtual trade war"


An investor rests in front of an electronic board turned off after the market suspended at a brokerage house, in Beijing, China, January 7, 2016. 405 more words

Why what happens in Washington matters in Canberra

Among the economic indicators Treasurer Scott Morrison needs to keep an eye on, the US labour market should be toward to the top of the list. 859 more words

Reserve Bank Of Australia

Aussie tourism's Work Christmas party splurge

Big spending work Christmas parties are back but it’s not the financial sector that’s splurging, it’s Aussie tourism.

Imagine feeling like you’re a kid again, yet being adult enough to sip champagne, indulge in great food and dance the night away to live music. 245 more words


Notes From Underground: The FED ... Unsafe at Any Ultra-Low Rate

Last week, in the middle of gorging our material senses, Janet Yellen was responding to a letter from Ralph Nader, a well known consumer advocate who took the Bernanke and Yellen to task for keeping interest rates too low, resulting in asset inflation for Wall Street and the very wealthy while… 748 more words