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Aboriginal Elder – Two Dollar – Australia


Australian better economic environment don't stop rate cuts

Following recent pools and data from RBA, the Australian economic conditions seem regain ground pushed particularly by the non-mining sector. Service industry for example is one of the best performers, followed by the manufacturing and transport ones. 279 more words

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Will the RBA cut interest rates in May?

From Justin Smirk at Westpac:

The headline CPI surprised in Q1 falling 0.2% compared to Westpac’s forecast for +0.4%….. The annual rate is now just 1.3%yr compared to 1.7%yr in Q4.

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FRESH HOT PANIC, GLOBAL EDITION: Sleepwalking Policymakers Lose Another Year

Szu Ping Chan reports: The world is sleepwalking into a fresh crisis as investors start to lose faith in policymakers’ ability to revive the global economy, according to the… 524 more words

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"Clown puke": Australia absolutely hates its new $5 bill

Perhaps Australians are spoiled when it comes to banknotes. In a 2012 episode of the podcast 99% Invisible, design experts singled out Australia’s polymer notes as being… 339 more words

Today’s Top 5 Business News Headlines

  • Success!  FBI Solves Apple Problem, Drops Lawsuit
  • Pending Sales Up by Most in Year
  • Australian Dollar Now Worth 65 Cents of U.S. Dollar
  • Facebook Starts Shifting Occulus Rift Head Sets…
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Notes From Underground: Where Are We?

First quarter is winding down and after a great deal of volatility it is time to reflect on the markets. The SPOOS are virtually unchanged  while the Nasdaq 100 is down 5%, the Nikkei is down 10% and the German Dax is down 8%. 629 more words