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The most arrogant people in Australia are business people and we're sick of them

How the worm – and the world – turns. When the Abbott government came to power just four years ago, it claimed its arrival signalled the “end of the age of entitlement”. 113 more words

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August economic news: Marvellous for the moguls, miserable for the majority

August 2017 has been atrocious for the wellbeing of most Australians. Treasurer Scott Morrison and his cabinet colleagues must be jubilant that other calamities are drowning out mainstream media reports on the failing economy. 12 more words

Australian Economy

Revealed: the minimum income for a healthy life and how the dole falls way short

Surveys show most people say they need a little bit more than their getting for a comfortable life. Trouble is, they say that no matter how much their income rises. 16 more words

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The truth of the matter about the extent of our unemployment problem

So, the Australian Bureau of Statistics told us this week, the rate of unemployment fell a click to 5.6 per cent in July. Trouble is, most people know the official unemployment rate understates the extent of the problem. 13 more words

Australian Economy

Inequality in Australia and reclaiming the fair go

Inequality is rising but we can learn from an earlier, more egalitarian Australia and reclaim the “fair go”.

Source: Inequality in Australia and reclaiming the fair go

Australian Economy

Exploring the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership

With China and Singapore working to expedite talks on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), it is worth taking a closer look at the oft-talked about trade proposal. 549 more words


The government is backing the wrong industries, as our economy changes: Productivity Commission

Under current government policy we are penalising the sector of the economy where there is the largest proportion of existing employment and the best prospects for future growth. 14 more words

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