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The false economy of decimating the public service - » The Australian Independent Media Network

I sometimes wonder if the real Malcolm Turnbull was kidnapped and replaced by a doppelganger, so different are his actions as Prime Minister to his words before taking on the role. 38 more words

Australian Economy

Stop the waste and we can stop attacking the poor - » The Australian Independent Media Network

As the government scrambles to claw back money from the old, the sick, the pregnant, and the unemployed, they put no such austerity on their own spending. 42 more words

Australian Economy

2016 saw its weakest performance in global trade growth since the GFC

World trade expanded by only 1.7% in the financial year of 2016, the lowest pace of trade and output growth since the financial crisis of 2009. 472 more words

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Australian Economy - Too Tricky, That "Surplus"

By Andrew Bolt ~

Are you  surprised?

The Australian Federal Coalition Government’s wafer-thin projected 2020-21 surplus, the linchpin of the nation’s AAA rating, is achieved entirely by a change in accounting for the Future Fund headed by Peter Costello — the man responsible for the last budget surplus in 2007-08.

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The myth of jobs growth - » The Australian Independent Media Network

Turnbull’s “Jobs and Growth” campaign inspired many in Australia to vote for whom they believed were the better economic managers of our economy. Yet in the first quarter of their second term in office, Australia is showing declining growth in the economy and similar decline in full-time jobs, reports John Haly. 15 more words

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MYEFO: Treasurer Morrison's Mishandling Of Australia's Economy On Show

Today’s MYEFO release is expected to reveal that the deficit has blown out to $40 Billion , highlighting Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison’s mishandling of Australia’s economy. 180 more words

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The Only Republic Turnbull Will Give Australia Is A Banana One

By Andrew Bolt ~

How could Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull think that beating the republican drum yesterday when tomorrow could reveal not only a debt blowout but a cut in Australia’s credit rating that puts us even deeper in trouble? 660 more words

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