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Vermilion Energy cuts capital spending, defers Australian drilling plan

International oil and gas producer Vermilion Energy Inc. said Friday it will defer or cancel its offshore Australian oil drilling program and cut its 2015 capital budget to $415 million, down $110 million from $525 million announced in December. 451 more words


Australia's Agribusiness Company Elders Extends Beef Operations to China, Vietnam

Agribusiness company Elders Limited is moving to capitalise on the growing global demand for food and fibre, by extending its beef operations to China and Vietnam, managing director Mark Allison said yesterday. 480 more words

Fact check: Hockey over-eggs 'borrowing $100 million a day' claim

  • The claim: Joe Hockey has warned that Australia is at a “tipping point” and living beyond its means. “We cannot continue to go on borrowing $100 million a day as a government just to pay our daily bills,” he said.
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Australian Economy

Scottish First Minister Sturgeon slams ‘austerity economics’: A meesage to Joe....Hockey that is. If he still has a job.

The coalition government’s “austerity economics” have completely failed resulting in damage to the UK’s economic credibility, Scotland’s First Minister will announce on Wednesday.

Prior to the speech in London, in which she will say coalition austerity policies have failed “ 454 more words

Australian Economy

A Tribute to our Prime Minister—the Right Honourable Tony Abbott

In the past week we have seen a swarm of negative commentary about Tony Abbott in the media. I say, enough is enough!

Firstly, we should all exude an immense pity for his predicament. 791 more words

Abbott leadership: Canberra's 'Game of Thrones' is bad for business :

The Australian stock market and our local currency may have brushed off Canberra’s rendition of Game of Thrones but make no mistake: the instability and uncertainty surrounding the attempt to topple Tony Abbott’s crown is bad for business. 841 more words


Why the government is a brake on the economy

Peter Martin

Abbott says we’re on the right path, but the numbers paint a different picture. Such exaggerated claims have eaten away at the public’s trust. 1,029 more words

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