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Three economic factors under RBA’s radar for a prospective interest rate cut

The updates coming from the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) relating to a probable interest rate cut in the month of August 2016 based on their July meeting, hinge on three key economic factors. 823 more words

Four factors surrounding the commodity forecasts

Recently, a lot of hits and misses have been witnessed in the Australian mining and resource sector with regard to earnings given the volatile market scenario. 939 more words

Four facts about Australia's Recent Lending Data

Recent data revealed by Australian Bureau of Statistics led to a hit in property market with total lending finance plunging by 3.2 per cent in May 2016, which attributes to the second consecutive fall. 671 more words

Four facets of the ongoing lithium gamble

Lithium is the world’s soft silver-white lightest metal and often labeled as “white Petroleum” with its common usage in batteries. Lithium –ion batteries are lighter, more efficient, and more durable than any other technology and therefore energy storage utilization in electric vehicle, smart phones, camera, laptop power tools among other things. 947 more words

Seven Positives for Australia’s Tourism sector

While domestic tourism is a large component of Australia’s tourism industry, the inbound market is estimated to continue a leading growth of about 9.3 per cent in 2015–16 and an average 5.6 per cent over the ten years to 2024–25 supported by lower fuel prices, the depreciation of the Australian dollar and the improvement of economic conditions in overseas markets. 1,211 more words

Seven headwinds that Australian Economy faces today

This year we have seen many downturns with regard to Australian economy. Many efforts have been taken at the macro level to withstand the challenging environment and below is a snippet of key headwinds that Australian economy faces from growth perspective: 1,349 more words

Five highlights of Australia’s recent trade deficit

As per the recent data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics on trade deficit, the following aspects have come under spotlight:

Largest trade deficit witnessed with missing the market estimates… 783 more words