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Please, Joe, stop looking for consumer demand to lead the recovery

Joe was Great! There was not a moment in the whole of Q&A tonight that I thought he was behind, and this is enemy territory. But most importantly, this was even when the one-eyed Labor Party stooge, Tony Jones, tried to sandbag the Treasurer with a NATSEM study that had not been released EXCEPT TO THE ABC!!! 381 more words

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Australia's supply side revolution

I don’t mean to be pedantic – well I guess I do mean to be pedantic – but the problem with bracket creep has nothing to do with whether the economy will recover. 195 more words

Economic Theory And Policy

The budget - even better one day later

As I was picking up the paper this morning, my wife said to me, it’s just like reading The Age. You may be sure she did not intend that as an encouraging sign of the times. 525 more words

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Nice budget

It’s none of my business, really, but I quite like the budget. I teach Tuesday nights and don’t get home till too late so only get a vague sense on the night. 421 more words

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