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Australia's AAA credit rating

Australia has managed to hold its ‘AAA’ credit rating, despite the negative outlook on its review in July 2016 (http://www.tradingeconomics.com/australia/rating). The agencies that decide on the credit ratings have given Australia a chance to make evident the possibility of a budget surplus by 2021 before the credit rating is downgraded to an ‘AA’ standard. 303 more words

Australian Economy

Why to buy books locally

Amazon, the world’s largest book seller, has recently come under fire from authors and creatives for not paying them appropriately for their work.

As a struggling university student studying Creative Writing, I’m always looking for a cheap way to buy books whilst also supporting the wonderful authors who provide us with entertainment. 200 more words


Australian Politics – Newspoll: Budget Flop, Coalition Government Sinks

By Andrew Bolt ~

Where the Liberal Party is mentioned here, this party is the political party from the conservative right side of the political fence, similar in nature and principles as the Republican Party in the U.S.

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Australian Politics - "Pragmatic". A New Word For A Prime Minister With No Convictions

By Andrew Bolt ~

The media agrees. Malcolm Turnbull is being “pragmatic” with his Budget. That’s their kind of way of of saying he’s got no ideas and no fight and has given in to Labor. 438 more words

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Free-to-air tv is dead

Beyond the budget headlines like the Medicare levy , the bank levy and that pesky university fee rise; there was a major proposition for free-to-air tv companies to have the licensing fees changed completely. 416 more words

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