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It really shouldn't be so hard

Here’s the strategy:

Arthur Laffer has a simple theory of politics. It’s about as simple as his theory of economics. . . . The economic theory says that the lowest, simplest tax code will produce the most growth.

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Economic Theory And Policy

Waste of exercise - do housework instead!

Climate change and Housework Exercise

Recently a radio station ran a campaign for more exercise. People rang in about how they exercised with gyms, bikes and so on. 974 more words


Peter Walsh and Richie Benaud on the same day

This is quite a tragic day. I only knew Benaud from his commentary days for which he was exemplary. It was Peter Walsh I knew – he would not have known that he had known me, however. 329 more words

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For goodness sake, do not introduce an effects test

There I was, minding my own business, quietly reading the AFR at lunch when I came across a column by Chris Bowen that I agreed with. 182 more words

Economic Theory And Policy

Energy company's $11 billion transfer to Singapore rings tax avoidance alarm bells

Heightened worries: Tax Commissioner Chris Jordan. Photo: Bradley Kanaris

An energy company operating in Australia transferred more than $11 billion to the low-tax jurisdiction of Singapore in a single year, heightening concerns that Australia is being duped by tax-minimising multinationals. 541 more words

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