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Why a maximum income is a great idea, but will never happen

Should the Australia have a universal maximum wage? Would it help develop the society and not hinder economic growth? I think so.

At the moment, the Gini coefficient of Australia is around 35% (0 is perfect income equality) and while some might consider this low(the USA is at 41.1%) there is certainly room for improvement. 459 more words

Australian Economy

How the latest job figures expose the Turnbull Government's lies

Almost everything the Turnbull Government says about the economy, employment and their priorities is refuted by the evidence.

Source: How the latest job figures expose the Turnbull Government’s lies

Australian Economy

"Unemployment rate rose to 5.9% in February"

This article on Australia’s unemployment rate illustrates how the decline in jobs and insufficient hours given to labourers impacts our unemployment rate. Although one month’s rate reading is not generally something to be worried about, it does cause some concerns as 5.9% is the highest reading for 13 months. 379 more words

Australian Economy

Why Turnbull Has A Gas Problem And Why Vaccinations Are Not Safe! - » The Australian Independent Media Network

Mm, it gets hard… I’ve spent several days trying to reconcile the idea that certain people can both admire a leader like Vlad Putin suggesting that Australia needs a leader like him, while arguing that any attempts to persuade people to vaccinate their children is an attempt to impose a dictatorship and we all should… 18 more words

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Record-low wage growth presents more economic challenges for Australia

Since the mining boom ended, and jobs in the manufacturing industries were recently cut, our economy has struggled to replicate its wealth and success that it had during the mining boom. 582 more words

Australian Economy

Penalty rate cuts to Sunday workers

This is a topic which has been brought up recently among the year 12 year level on the common room white board and on the Facebook page. 615 more words

Australian Economy

A Return to Public Electricity

The recent blackouts and near blackouts experienced in South Australia and New South Wales have highlighted the growing insecurities experienced by our electricity network. While the causes of this insecurity vary depending on which side of the house chamber you sit on, many in the industry blame the lack of generation capacity and security on a lack of a cohesive federal electricity plan, a not unreasonable assessment given our recent political instabilities. 363 more words

Australian Economy