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Michelle Grattan: Is she Australia's neoliberal mastermind?

I posted the following comment on this article – “Pre-budget battle weapons – a slogan and a slide show.” 

Grattan: There is not much incentive, in these circumstances, for in-depth discussion about the budget fundamentals.

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Joe Hockey to tart up the budget with lipstick :The Treasurer moans about Labor’s budget tricks, yet considers a similar sleight of hand.

Treasurer Joe Hockey during Question Time. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

Never have I less looked forward to a budget. The one due in seven weeks is going to make me feel dreadful; not because of what it will do, but because of what it won’t do. 830 more words

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Australian Politics - Australian Labor Party Damns Us To Greece-Style Debt. So Why Is Prime Minister Tony Abbott Blamed?

By Andrew Bolt ~

The recent Australian Intergenerational Report showed that Australia is headed for astonishing – and very dangerous – deficits unless changes are made. 778 more words

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The myth of Coalition economic management

We need to stop passively accepting “truisms” that long ago ceased to be true, and we should start with the myth about the Coalition’s superior economic credentials, writes Tim Dunlop. 1,138 more words

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Australian Economic Outlook - PC Conference - Part 6.

Property Club is former Investors Club based in Brisbane, Australia. PC is number one wealth creator in Australia since 1994.

Mark Bouris speaks about Australian Economy on the biggest conference of Property Club in front of 5000 people. 344 more words

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Australian Inter Generational Report - A Battle For Our Future - And Your Taxes

By Andrew Bolt ~

Paul Kelly on the great clash – Liberals vs Labor over the ballooning deficits as the Australian population ages fast:

The atmospherics of politics changed this week with the Abbott government taking control of the agenda with a narrative about why spending and budget reform is essential — the irony being Tony Abbott is in retreat from such unpopular rigour… …

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