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I've got a perfect puzzle for you.

Erin makes sense about politics and mascots.

It seems that even from a hemisphere away barely a week passes without Donald Trump, the overgrown Oompa Loompa wearing a somehow more ridiculous wig, appearing in our news. 658 more words


Don't Let Your Vote Be Rote

There is a growing sense of apathy in the voting populations of western nations like Australia and the United States. We complain to our friends, our family – we project outrage on social media sites – at both thin air and those with contrarian opinions and views to our own. 1,009 more words


WARP enters the election race

WARP enters the election race – for the election – date to be advised

As it is clear that Australian is heading to the polls – eventually, maybe sooner than later, in true political style WARP is recycling its policy platform for the coming election and this is our manifesto… 221 more words


New Year, Old Jokes. Voting in a remote location.

Ah, the New Year, a time to make all those resolutions. And then Australia Day, later in the month, a day dedicated to realising that you’ve already failed.

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Congratulations Australia~!

I never knew too much about Australian politics, that changed when I started blogging. Blogging made my world smaller, so it seems. All of a sudden I had friends in Australia and politics was a subject, were they all became very  219 more words