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What is Happening on Nauru?

Australia takes border security seriously, very seriously which while admirable on the one hand is a bit hard to stomach when you look around and realise that the country is just under 99% immigrant thanks to boat people. 593 more words


Government Funding bridging the gap


LONG-AWAITED funding to realign the Castle Carey Road bridge in Glenormiston has been allocated to Corangamite Shire.

The Federal Government announced on Monday it would pledge $2.6 million to the project as part of its Bridges Renewal Program. 405 more words

Cultural Content or Competency Creation: Re-examining 'public good' arguments to ensure development of local film industry

When Foreign Minister Julie Bishop announced late last year that the Australian Government will invest $47 million to bring the next productions in the Alien… 854 more words

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Turnbull really did withdraw Gonski funding

I just thought I’d remind us, because taking a leaf from the West Wing, he put out the news between Christmas and New Year, knowing that everyone was too full of cheese to pay attention.

here is the channel 10 story

Cutting Bulk-Billing Incentives

The Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook that was released in December has created waves of outrage as Australians realised exactly how $3.7 billion worth of cuts to health, aged and welfare sectors will affect them. 666 more words

Chronic Illness

Interesting Week for Innovation

The analysis of the weakness in the Australian system in converting excellent research to economic benefit has been aired repeatedly over the last months.  Something has to be done about it and it is refreshing that a significant document was released by the Prime Minister on Monday addressing, in a holistic manner, various steps that can be taken, and hopefully will be taken, to pump up Australia’s performance in innovation.  517 more words

When Simple Solutions Don’t Add Up

The trouble with simple solutions to complex problems is twofold: often, they’re not simple and they’re not solutions. So it is with suggestions that the Goods and Services Tax (GST) be imposed on fees paid by parents with children at non-government schools. 792 more words