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Former PM Tony Abbott said ‘Stop the boats!’ — and that was the end of that.

Jan. 15, 2017, various reports

Half a dozen European countries and the European Union have secretly asked Australia for advice on how to stop the flood of asylum-seekers crossing into Europe by boat. 236 more words


See you in 13 weeks.

Yesterday I joined the great wave of underemployed and unemployed Australians who are seeking financial assistance from the Australian Government to find a job. 1,564 more words

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Can Malcolm Turnbull Salvage His Reputation?

Here’s the thing. On the 15th of September 2015 the man who would be King, Malcolm Turnbull, repaid Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s kindness from 2009 by rolling him in a Party vote that removed the Prime Minister from office, installing the Lord of Wentworth in his place. 1,635 more words

Get Green Power Without Blowing The Budget

Published on Australian Solar Quotes.

Zero-emission electricity is now affordable for Australians without the risks of being left without power.

With the rapidly changing electricity prices and rise of alternative sources of energy to the grid, the Australian Government is reviewing the market to ensure reliable and secure power can be provided to all. 450 more words

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Who needs experts when we have Cory and George? - » The Australian Independent Media Network

What are we paying the experts for? Malcolm Turnbull has categorically refused to even consider an emissions intensity scheme because he wants to keep power prices lower and guarantee power security. 39 more words

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Where the hell are the Liberal moderates? | The Monthly

Two and a half weeks ago, at the height of the latest Peter Dutton brouhaha, a sole Liberal MP rose to voice his dissent at meetings of the party. 60 more words

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