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Bougainville News: Press Release and Full Speech : NEW MINING LAW A REJECTION OF THE PAST: MOMIS

 “True autonomy, or true independence, will only come when we have our own sources of revenue, capable of providing the best possible services to our people” 3,913 more words

Government Of Bougainville

Progress is being made, kind of.

My partner had his birthday last Friday, and for his present we spent an overnight stay at a gaming/internet cafe here in Brisbane. He’s really into computer games (particularly League of Legends), but unfortunately, our computers are old and can’t run the games at high qualities especially when we’re both playing together, and they have even been known to overheat and die in the middle of a game; which is bad because you can actually get punished if you leave a game of LoL. 949 more words


Bougainville Mining News: Ex-combatants in Bougainville support controversial Bougainville Mining Act.

“The government has done everything to thoroughly explain to the people the new Bill and how it will greatly regulate the extractive industry on Bougainville.We cannot continue to undermine the government for it is the very thing that we fought and died for, doing so only renders the purpose of our struggle moot,  .We are all behind the government and will not resort to creating instability within the region. 419 more words

Government Of Bougainville

Bougainville Education News: NRL League Bilong Laif program commences in Bougainville

Education is also a key priority for the people and government of Bougainville. The League Bilong Laif program will highlight the importance of education to the children of Bougainville so that they can strive to reach professions that will build a better future for Bougainville.” 417 more words

Government Of Bougainville

How long before we adopt the 'new' ageing?

This week I attended another meeting with a government minister who wanted to hear the views of older people, this time it was at the national level. 491 more words

Call to Action Protest: Aboriginal Rights

Yesterday, I attended my first ever protest.

And I assure you this is only the beginning of my active involvement in human rights.

Not only in Perth but around Australia, people of all races were gathering in support of remote, aboriginal communities that are in risk of being shut down due to the decisions of Colin Barnett, Tony Abbott and The Australian government. 278 more words