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Rights for all, except...

Written by Kelsie De Haan, Political Intern, Opportunity International Australia

Language is one of the most powerful tools that we can employ. Words have the power to build people up or to tear them down. 556 more words

The thing about marriage equality...

Australia is currently in the process of undertaking a postal plebiscite (a non-compulsory, non-binding postal vote) for marriage equality. The vote asks the simple question – do you support marriage equality? 477 more words


Statement on marriage equality: Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Association of Australia - September 2017

Right now the Australian Government has decided that everyone who can vote will be sent a letter asking whether they approve of ‘marriage equality’. This means that we have tick a box, either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, on whether we think people who are in same sex relationships should, by law, be allowed to marry one another, thus enjoying the same legal rights as heterosexual couples who choose to marry. 1,570 more words


Bigger fish to fry. Australian gay marriage plebiscite.

It’s 2017 and now I don’t only stir the pot (as a few of you know I like doing) I’m adding the ingredients too. So take a couple of minutes to have a think before you jump the gun and #voteno 🙄. 635 more words


The new NATIONAL CODE (ESOS) 2018 finally announced and it is a huge victory for AAERI’s demand to retain the clause to check poaching. Can I also take some credit?

AAERI was the first association of education agents to raise concern against the move to remove the restriction on “change of provider” and had argued that this will work against the interest of Education Providers that invest in international recruitment and also their education agents. 962 more words


Open fraud with cooperative sourced financials in Nepal results in unusual growth in Australian student visas. I predict a fall as soon as this loop-hole is plugged.

Inclination of students from the Indian sub-continent (or lets say from South Asia) is more or less the same. Students have post study work/settlement as a goal and preference for an education destination is “whether we like it or not” influenced significantly by the pathway to work/settlement following the program of study. 1,645 more words


electric vehicles in Australia, a sad indictment

(this is reblogged from the new ussr illustrated, first published August 15 2017)

I must say, as a lay person with very little previous understanding of how batteries, photovoltaics or even electricity works, I’m finding the ‘Fully Charged’ and other online videos quite addictive, if incomprehensible in parts, though one thing that’s easy enough to comprehend is that transitional, disruptive technologies that dispense with fossil fuels are being taken up worldwide at an accelerating rate, and that Australia is falling way behind in this, especially at a governmental level, with South Australia being something of an exception. 1,203 more words