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Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975)

The landscape has always played a vital part in Australian horror. The beauty and the terrors of the vast Outback have been an integral part of everything from… 1,364 more words


Just When You Thought It Was Safe...

The essay analyses how the generic conventions of horror have been modified to depict ‘Australianness’ in the film Bait (Kimble Rendall, 2012). I will also discuss the history and rebirth of Australian horror over the past decade, and the problems surrounding the Americanisation of Australian horror films with regard to character types and settings… 2,697 more words


(Lake) Mungo, pawn in game of life

Stanley Kubrick mentioned to Stephen King that a ghost story was hopeful because it assumed there was life after death.  In Kubrick’s case, he was speaking about The Shining, but hope is a strange thing to envision in Joel Anderson’s faux docudrama Lake Mungo. 428 more words

Alice Palmer

John’s Horror Corner: Razorback (1984), a nostalgic giant Australian killer boar movie.

MY CALL: More satisfying in its classic 80s nostalgia and animatronic monster, than actually “good.” MOVIES LIKE Razorback: For more Australian horror try… 369 more words

John Leavengood

Movie review: Long Weekend

Celebrating 40 years this year is this little known gem of a movie.

Scribed by Everett De Roche, who produced some cracking screenplays for classic ozploitation flicks such as… 313 more words

Movie Review

If You Go Out to the Outback Today: Razorback (1984)

Welcome to the first week of spring! With the ground thawing and nature awaking from its slumber, horror fans know that there’s more than allergies waiting outside for you. 665 more words

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John Brosnan & the Abomnibus

Travel is good for the soul, not the feet.

I’ve always considered science fiction authors to be sedentary creatures rather than frontier adventurers. Well yes, I did recently… 2,490 more words

British Science Fiction