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Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (2010)

(Blu-Ray, Rated R, Running Time: 99 minutes)

Alex and his girlfriend Kim are working to restore Blackwood Manor, which was once the home of a famous wildlife painter named Lord Blackwood. 553 more words


Thriller, family drama and murder mystery, Ellia (Sarah Bishop) returns to her family’s vineyard in rural Australia after her father is crushed by a barrel, only to learn that members of her family are prime suspects in his sudden death. 318 more words



I might as well start my 2015 picks off with one of my absolute favorite horror movies from 2014. The Babadook is one of those movies that, from the very first frame, you know you’re about to watch something special. 444 more words


Movie Review: Needle (2010)

Needle is independent Australian horror movie that combines a classic slasher style within a murder mystery all wrapped up with a voodoo bow. 397 more words

The Disc

Family Demons (2009)


Summary: Billie lives with her mother, an abusive alcoholic, and her infrequent travels in the outside world put her at odds with the neighborhood boys. 251 more words

Horror Movies

A "Throwback" to Bigfoot Down Under

Throwback (2013, 93 mins.)

Independent filmmakers put their passion, savings, blood, sweat and tears into a film; sometimes having to stop production due to lack of finances, actor schedules or good old Mother Nature.  473 more words


The Babadook (2014)

(Scream Factory Blu-Ray, Not Rated, Running Time: 94 minutes)


A widowed mother and her son are terrorized by a supernatural monster from a children’s book. 415 more words