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Movie Review: Needle (2010)

Needle is independent Australian horror movie that combines a classic slasher style within a murder mystery all wrapped up with a voodoo bow. 397 more words

The Disc

Family Demons (2009)


Summary: Billie lives with her mother, an abusive alcoholic, and her infrequent travels in the outside world put her at odds with the neighborhood boys. 251 more words

Horror Movies

A "Throwback" to Bigfoot Down Under

Throwback (2013, 93 mins.)

Independent filmmakers put their passion, savings, blood, sweat and tears into a film; sometimes having to stop production due to lack of finances, actor schedules or good old Mother Nature.  473 more words


The Babadook (2014)

(Scream Factory Blu-Ray, Not Rated, Running Time: 94 minutes)


A widowed mother and her son are terrorized by a supernatural monster from a children’s book. 415 more words

#hbfilmfest Playing Possum

Me and my brother Jared Crates made this film for the Horror Block/Rue Morgue film festival. We would really appreciate it if you could vote for us (We are the only Australian entry!). 236 more words


Throwback (2013) | I’m a Yowie, Get Me Out of Here! - This shaggy tale from Down Under is a yawn-er!

Two mates, Jack (Shawn Brack) and Kent (Anthony Ring), take a canoe trip deep into the rainforests of far north Queensland to search for the lost gold of an infamous 1800s bushranger. 355 more words


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