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Horror Movie Campout - Sydney (2017)

WHEN I first heard about the Horror Movie Campout earlier this year, I instantly fell in love with this notion of a festival dedicated to like minded individuals all eager to have their appetite for all things blood and gore. 215 more words

Wes Craven

Scare Campaign (2016)

AUSTRALIANS HAVE A CERTAIN knack for delivering successful horror films throughout the ages.

One only need to look at the likes of Wake In Fright, Razorback, Saw, Wolf Creek… 534 more words

Horror Movies

Hell's Bells, you'll want to read this!

Hell’s Bells, stories of festive fear penned by members of the Australian Horror Writers Association went live this week.

The Christmas-inspired ghostly anthology of flash fiction contains forty works from emerging and established Aussie authors, and includes my nasty little tale… 317 more words

The Babadook (2014) | This frighteningly brilliant Australian Grimm fairytale will scare the life out of you!

When troubled six-year-old Samuel (Noah Wiseman) finds a pop-up book called The Babadook on his bookshelf, his widowed mum Amelia (Essie Davis) makes it his new bedtime story. 373 more words


22 Days 'til Halloween, 2016: MR. WRONG aka DARK OF THE NIGHT (1985)

Every year I reserve the right to at least once have a very brief, half-assed kind of post in order to give myself time to…you know…take a nap, finish my laundry, and maybe go have a drink with a friend while watching the presidential debate. 390 more words

1980s Horror


7. The Werewolf vs The Vampire Woman (1971, León Klimovsky)

Before Batman vs Superman, before Alien vs Predator, before all that garbage, Spanish horror movie legend Paul Naschy gave us the classic monster mash up of WEREWOLF against VAMPIRE WOMAN. 573 more words



Silence is golden for a good horror film.

Killing Ground isn’t the first shocker to be filmed in the isolation of the Australian bush, and based on the success of the formula, deployed to no small effect here, it won’t be the last. 428 more words