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Nature's Abstract

In two days, I start putting up my photographic work for an exhibition, a joint venture with Susan Nethercote, called ‘Nature’s Abstract‘. I have admired Susan’s work with paint for some time and it dawned on us that we really work with the same subject a lot. 141 more words

Photographic Artwork

Aussie Landscape Ideas

Walking at the local lake and wetlands provides lovely landscapes for future artworks. Australia’s landscape is often messy, full of undergrowth, birds and animal habitats. ┬áIt is common to sea black swans, parrots, galahs, cockatoos, swamp hens, blue wrens, magpies and even the odd pelican down at the lake. 52 more words


This staunch individual

stands amid ash and smoke

of the passing fire 35 more words


Right before you

It really is about seeing what is right before you sometimes. These shots are an example of that for me. I came home after Christmas to be reminded that all I had to do was stop for a moment and open my eyes. 107 more words

Photographic Artwork

The Elder

John McCartin

The matriarch,

the dominant one,

the one around which

all others grow 56 more words


Christmas focus

At a time when there is always something to do, to help with and to watch out for….

The prawns need marinating, there’s a few salads to put together, and LOOK OUT, that puppy’s nose is getting a little too close to that tray of sweets! 116 more words

Photographic Artwork

Being still

Every breath of wind leaves a mark on something. Every stirring vibration creates a shift or a ripple leading elsewhere. Every sign of life is a wound. 153 more words