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The Muse of the Maze—BryshaWilson Press

First published by BryshaWilson Press 17/9/2016

Hitch-hiking young tourists assailed by a ‘truly woeful Eagles tape’ and trapped in an ancient Merc carrying an impressive haul of hash and coke across the border of France and Spain, does not sound like the stuff of a literary adventure undertaken to meet a highly-regarded poet and man of letters. 715 more words

Ruins, by Rajith Savanadasa

For most Australians, I suspect, Sri Lanka is the source of asylum seekers from the civil war, (1983-2009) and in metropolitan cities and suburbs, also the source of cheap and cheerful cuisine in Sri Lankan eateries.  1,385 more words


Wildlight, by Robyn Mundy

Just recently I read an indignant opinion piece by a young person who was sick of being told to put down her phone and engage in real life.  934 more words


The Last Days of Ava Langdon, by Mark O'Flynn

The Last Days of Ava Langdon is an affectionate homage to the Australian author Eve Langley, (1904-1974),  but it’s also an homage to eccentricity.

In this generous and respectful fictionalisation of Langley’s life, there’s a boy who lives near Ava who taunts her each time he sees her.  1,077 more words


2016 Kibble and Dobbie shortlists

Oh, what a difference it makes when a competent publicist sends out a press release about literary news!  Thanks to Kate Miller from Honner Media for the press release which just arrived in my inbox.  439 more words


The Memory Artist, by Katherine Brabon (Vogel winner 2016)

This year’s Vogel Award winner, The Memory Artist is a departure from the kind of Australian themed books that we have become used to with this prize.   1,819 more words


The Snow Kimono, by Mark Henshaw

I’m not very keen on “intricate psychological thrillers”, so I took the blurb on this book at face value and dismissed Mark Henshaw’s The Snow Kimono… 834 more words