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Solly's Girl: a memoir by Ros Collins: book review

In the opening lines of Solly’s Girl: a memoir, the author is wearing a Pierre Balmain copy wedding dress as she rides pillion on a Lambretta named… 1,227 more words

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Robbed of Every Blessing, by John Tully

 Robbed of Every Blessing is a splendid book; it’s compelling reading.

It begins in the 1800s as the Brits impose harsh repression on the Irish in the wake of the Napoleonic Wars and the action then moves to Van Dieman’s Land (Tasmania) when the rebel Maurice O’Dwyer is transported after a shambolic trial.   477 more words


Goodbye Sweetheart, by Marion Halligan

Since her earliest work, Marion Halligan has always been very good at writing about journeys of the self. In her latest novel, Goodbye Sweetheart, there are multiple characters struggling with shifts in their self-perception after the death of William Cecil, a thrice-married lawyer who has a heart-attack in a swimming pool, and drowns. 812 more words


Coming Rain, by Stephen Daisley

Stephen Daisley’s second novel, Coming Rain, is a brutal book in many ways; it’s grounded in the harsh reality of harsh country and the harsh people who live in it. 1,102 more words


The Slap, by Roger McDonald

Fire.  Even when we live in cities, as most of us do, Australians fear fire.  Our legends of fire don’t feature a Promethean gift: … 1,366 more words


The Strays, by Emily Bitto

It was Glen Hunting who brought my attention to Emily Bitto’s debut novel when we were commenting on the Miles Franklin longlist, and so I owe my discovery of this terrific book to him – thank you, Glen! 1,135 more words