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Book review: The Anchoress, by Robyn Cadwallader

The scenario is claustrophic: in medieval England, Sarah, a seventeen-year-old virgin, relinquishes worldly life—family, human touch, comfort, light, fresh air—and is locked into a tiny stone cell attached to the village church. 979 more words

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I'm not ready to read this book, not yet, but I'd like to promote it, so do visit this enticing review at Amanda Curtin's blog, Looking Up Looking Down

The People's Train, by Tom Keneally

Keeping up with Thomas Keneally’s output is a bit of a challenge for any reader, and if I were a “completist” I would have a long way to go before I could tick this author off my list.  1,299 more words


Hunger Town, by Wendy Scarfe

I wonder how many of my readers have ever had the opportunity to speak to an older Australian about their experience of the Great Depression?  I was a young woman when I heard about teenage boys cycling from Northcote to Black Rock (25km) just to have an orange from their aunt’s tree, and it was the aunt who mentioned it (in the context of something else) because forty years after the event, the middle-aged man maintained a stoic silence about the shame of that poverty.  931 more words

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A Short History of Richard Kline, by Amanda Lohrey

Amanda Lohrey is a distinguished writer who hasn’t had as much attention as she deserves, which is perhaps one of the reasons she was awarded the Patrick White award in 2012.  ( 884 more words


The Well-dressed Explorer, by Thea Astley

As you will know if you have viewed the Opening Lines or my more recent Sensational Snippet, there is much to love about Thea Astley’s… 976 more words


Sensational Snippets: The Well-dressed Explorer, by Thea Astley

I was reminded recently that it’s been a while since I made any progress with my long-term project to read all the Miles Franklin winners, but it was no hardship to take Thea Astley’s  482 more words

Australian Literature

Isabelle of the Moon and Stars, by S.A. Jones

My apologies to those of you who saw an earlier draft of this review: I accidentally clicked Publish when I hadn’t finished writing it.

*** 791 more words