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Reality doesn’t exist until we measure it, quantum experiment confirms

Mind = blown.

Australian scientists have recreated a famous experiment and confirmed quantum physics’ bizarre predictions about the nature of reality, by proving that reality doesn’t actually exist until we measure it – at least, not on the very small scale. 612 more words

NEW Nanomaterial Holds Promise for Highly Efficient Thermo-Photovoltaic Solar Cells - Solar Energy at Night?

Dr Kruk next to a diagram of the metamaterial structure. Credit: Stuart Hay, ANU

Overview: “Thermophotovoltaic cells have the potential to be much more efficient than solar cells,” said Dr Sergey Kruk from the ANU Research School of Physics and Engineering. 542 more words


Call for Applications: 2017 Visiting Fellowships, The Humanities Research Centre, The Australian National University

The Humanities Research Centre (HRC) was established in 1972 as a national and international centre for excellence in the Humanities and as a catalyst for innovative Humanities scholarship and research within the Australian National University. 379 more words

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Have the Space Aliens All Died Out?

Here are some space aliens! Hey, it’s all about knowing where to look…

Is science even science anymore?

Take, for instance, this “scientific study” from Australian National University, as reported in some of our major newspapers: the one that says we haven’t been able to discover any extraterrestrial life because it’s all died out already ( … 176 more words


Environmental Concerns

This week’s lecture was addressed by Dr. Lorrae Van Kerkhoff from the Fenner School of Environment and Society, with the underlying aim of highlighting notions of sustainability in engineering and computer system solutions. 1,465 more words

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Design Thinking

This week’s lecture was addressed by Steph Mellor, a senior executive designer at ThinkPlace; it was quite insightful in that it introduced to us — in a very approachable manner, and with awesome Captain Planet references — the concepts encompassing a new way of creating solutions: design solutions. 1,053 more words

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Systems Thinking

This week’s lecture covered the issues encompassing escaping the complexity dilemma. The complex nature of the complex world in which we live, riddled with different kinds of complexities — detail and dynamic — seem to unravel issues which cannot be addressed using conventional management approaches. 1,311 more words

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