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City observer 117ATR4

A city has but branches of the commoners

Paved over with the solid tiles

I’m only inside their nests observing their movements, obsessions right and left… 128 more words


Resident Animal

I’m tempted not to state my interest

Moons sky brings me back to reality

Barren buildings and owned killings

Faces swapped so none can see… 95 more words


Blazing carrion sky

Eating all the clouds

Breaking all their moister

Mawl down the lighting and the ice

Filling bellies full of watery vice

Brace, riding this carrion is hard… 18 more words


A Brave and Beautiful Book

The words in this title – a brave and beautiful book – are the commendation from Rodney Hall for Paula Keogh’s memoir of love, madness and poetry,  927 more words

'Afraid' - A Poem

Everyday just seems so mundane,

So lifeless.

I get up,

I go to work,

I sleep. If I can.

Then do it all again tomorrow. 19 more words


Precious Seedling Flourish for His Glory

Break up the fallow ground
Remove the rock and weed
Water the dry earth
Take up the Word and heed

Roots grow down deep
Anchoring and feeding… 45 more words

Christian Poetry

Just you say, I’m sorry darkly

There’s a cat sitting on the asking to see you

To say mice have taken over the parliament of owls

The shallow black waters running in the creeks and valleys, so nothing can be drunk. 82 more words