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Belinda the Brush

‘Come back here you little Pelican!’, she mocks, her grin beaming.

The littlest Princess tears off at a hundred miles an hour in the opposite direction, her grin making a perfect pair but where is Belinda? 270 more words

Far North Fiction

Like a Bird

Today is reverently calm & clear
Cockatoo’s haven’t yet squawked
their presence over head
Kookaburra’s haven’t yet congregated
their favourite bough in full view
the multitude of parrots haven’t… 235 more words

A Field Of Poetic VOICES




Suddenly Happiness

snatches me like a thief,

puts me in it’s pocket

and walks away whistling..





The Reverend Hellfire.. 6 more words

Keep her safe

Don’t monetise her personhood,
Or tell her cruel lies.
Do not destroy her innocence,
Or see her as your prize.

Don’t hit her or manipulate, 218 more words

Australian Poetry

The yellow dinghy

Her wooden oars,
Her creaky boards,
Her seats on which we sat.

Our picnic packed,
Our journey mapped,
Our harbor habitat.

Bobbing around,
We often found, 226 more words

Australian Poetry

Christmas time

She skirts around a jewelled pine,
And sniffs a present tied in twine.
She stretches out her dainty paw,
And bats a dangling, sparkly ball. 164 more words

Australian Poetry

Prasarita Padottanasana

A practice that builds you, doesn’t mind that you are broken

I fell, gravity took hold, I tumbled

Into the cavernous realms of a mind unknown… 20 more words