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A Celebration in Sydney

Sydney has to be one of our favourite places to explore. While accommodation is always an issue, and the cities Caravan Parking is as scarce as hens teeth, one of the biggest advantages in Sydney is the… 1,016 more words


Changing the Date

I don’t want to go too much into why Indigenous Australians feel excluded by the current date of Australia Day. Other people, who are far more informed than me, have explained that far more articulately than I ever could. 870 more words


Disgusting: British Army prostrates itself before Islam

What ever next? Will they send a message apologising for all the wars they have ever fought in? Why not surrender completely! It would be quicker, and less painful. 220 more words

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Aussie Government: End the Free Ride for Electric Cars — Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Australian Federal Urban Infrastructure Minister Paul Fletcher wants a new system of road charging, which ends the free ride enjoyed by electric cars which do not have to pay fuel tax.

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Watts Up With That

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A collapsed floor in Jakarta
electioneering handouts
Ineffective public transport 20 more words


Slutty denies racism behind Iceholes comments

Local Member Ron Slutty says that telling people from Niceland they would not be welcome to visit The Iceholes in Western Plains does not make him a racist. 37 more words


Western Plains Member pokes gentle fun at Niceland’s travel warning to avoid iceholes

Local member, Ron Slutty has mocked official advice issued by the Nicelandic Government for tourists to ‘avoid countries with iceholes’ when travelling overseas.

‘Thank you for your concern Niceland’ said Slutty ‘But here in Western Plains we are very proud of our Iceholes, so you can go and get stufffed’. 79 more words