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The long-term consequences of poor refugee resettlement services

The long-term consequences of poor refugee resettlement services include family breakdowns, poor health, social isolation, homelessness and other issues. These consequences are also not easily distinguished from the effects of refugees’ earlier overseas experiences of trauma and neglect, thus easy to hide and easy to ignore. 160 more words


Discussion of refugees' problems hijacked to pathologise a religion or culture

Refugees who show and attempt to openly talk about personal problems can find others who wish to hijack the discussion for their own ulterior motives. An article from Australia highlights the same phenomena we see in the US. 267 more words


Legal help group in Australia assisting refugees with opportunistic landlords

As in the US refugee resettlement program, refugees in Australia are being resettled into housing often run by landlords looking for an opportunity to make an extra profit with tenants who do not understand their rights or fight back. 234 more words


Justice Leads a Young Man to Help/Heal His Community

A story from our friends Down Under about the healing power of justice involving a Somali refugee gives us a hint of the world we could create if  justice was an actual priority. 386 more words


Call for compensation to refugees cheated by resettlement contractor in Australia

Refugee advocates and a prominent lawyer in Australia are asking that the government there compensate refugees for the abuse and neglect they experienced at the hands of a government… 227 more words


Congolese refugee couple want to appear grateful, never make demands

A story about a 39-year-old Congolese refugee welcoming his wife and four children to Newcastle, Australia after a long separation is featured in The Newcastle Herald… 456 more words


Service providers breach law; assume refugees will take no legal action

A legal service in the Australian state of Victoria reports what many of us who help refugees already know – that many service providers breach the law in the assumption that their low-income, non-English-speaking customers will not take action to enforce their legal rights. 172 more words