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Monique McDonell

Put your hands together for today’s featured author…Monique McDonell coming to us from the other side of the globe…Australia!
Monique is the author of 6 Novels, including the first in a series, … 841 more words


Delicious descriptions: Fiona McFarlane thinks a house can be a character

In another life, well, not quite another life, but in my pre-blog life when I discussed books online via listserv reading groups, I became involved in various literary discussions. 408 more words

Australian Literature

Fiona McFarlane, The night guest (Review)

Those of you who followed the literary award season in Australia last year will have seen Fiona McFarlane’s debut novel The night guest pop up several times. 1,294 more words

Australian Literature

Ellen van Neerven, Heat and light (Review)

It’s silly I know, but I had a little thrill at the end of Ellen van Neerven’s Heat and light, because not only was the last story set in a place where I spent six of the formative years of my childhood – Sandgate on the northern edge of Brisbane – but one of the characters learnt to swim in the same pool there that I did, and her brother has a beagle, just as we did. 1,065 more words

Australian Literature

Monday musings on Australian literature: Capital men novelists

It’s been a year since I wrote my post on Capital women novelists, the third in my series on Canberra’s writers. (The other two were  1,243 more words

Australian Literature

John Clanchy, Six: New tales (Review)

John Clanchy, like Julian Davies whose Crow mellow I recently reviewed, is another Australian writer I’d heard of but not read until his piece in the Canberra centenary anthology, … 1,013 more words

Australian Literature

Pulse: First 2014 (Review)

Now here’s the thing. I’m a librarian by training, so I have certain expectations of how publications are titled, and Pulse, I must say, confused me. 1,171 more words

Australian Literature