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Reconciled Chapter 2, Scene 1

Thanks for your patience this week in waiting to read the next scene in my novel. I think I have this wonderful idea that I can work on this daily and get scenes whipped into shape to send through at least once a week. 997 more words

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Parallel Importation: Australian writers say no.

Doctors are paid for treating patients. Baristas are paid for making coffee. Posties are paid for delivering the post. Why do writers struggle to be paid to write? 1,273 more words


Steve Toltz, Quicksand (Review)

Aldo Benjamin, the anti-hero of Quicksand, accuses wannabe-writer-friend Liam of having “such little imagination”. You could not, however, accuse the novel’s author, Steve Toltz, of this.  1,139 more words

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Reconciled - Chapter 1, Scene 2

Okay, so it’s confession time. I have had a case of the dreaded procrastination bug for the past three weeks. Yep. There has been absolutely no reason for why I have not posted this next scene, other than sheer procrastination which probably equals a touch of the fear of failure :P… 579 more words

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Halina Rubin, Journeys with my mother (Review)

I’ve read a lot of World War 2 literature over the years, but very little from the Polish point of view, so I was more than willing to read Halina Rubin’s… 1,202 more words

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It’s Australia Day! Here’s a list of ten Australian books that changed my life

As it’s Australia Day today, (a day traditionally spent on BBQs, drinking and listening to the Hottest 100) I thought I would share a list of ten books by Australian authors that have at some point in my life changed me, challenged me or shown me myself and my country in a new light. 1,384 more words

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Gratitude Day 14: Excitement grows excitement

Just a quick post today as I am rushing about like a headless chook. A funny thing happened about half an hour ago and I just wanted to share it with you. 561 more words

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