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The 'Bespoke' permanent Australian residency test

With our daughter being on the ‘cusp’ of buying a three bedroom unit closer to Sydney town, I was intrigued by a new word that seems to have caught the world by storm. 438 more words

Gerard Oosterman

Beyond The Galaxy

The Sun goes to bed at the end of the day,

The Moon and the Stars come out to play.

They peek through the curtains of my room, 203 more words


Cycling MexicoΒ 

Cancun- Puerto Morales 🚴🏽 -Tulum 🚌 – Punta Allen 🚴🏽 – Felipe Carillo Puerto 🚴🏽- Tihosuco 🚴🏽- Dzuiche 🚴🏽- Yaxcaba 🚴🏽 – Libre Union 🚴🏽- Valladolid 🚌- Chetumal 🚌 = 350km on bike. 2,483 more words

A collection of Anzac Day recommended reads

To commemorate today’s Anzac day celebrations, thought I would share a handful of World War I, Gallipoli based stories that I have recently read. I have included a mixture of non fiction and fiction books, from both Australian and British authors. 752 more words


My Pet Dinosaur Interviews

When I was a kid, there were some answers I’d have almost at the ready. What’s your favourite colour? What do you want to be when you grow up? 1,229 more words


ANZAC Day - what it means to me

Photo by Cheryl Goodenough

ANZAC day is a very important day for me. This is for many special reasons, not only because it is the official day of recognition and commemoration for Australia but also because on this special day I remember my family. 750 more words