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The Differences Between Your British Friend And Your Aussie Friend.

Going out for mid-week drinks.

Your British friend will sigh and say they are only coming out for one or two because they have a meeting first thing in the morning, but end up getting shitfaced and eating a kebab on the side of the road with you at 3am anyway. 619 more words


The Magical World Of Australian Mushrooms By Steve Axford

Steve Axford, the master mushroom photographer living in Australia whose work we wrote about earlier, is back with more stunning and colorful macro pictures of the diverse and beautiful world of mushrooms. 20 more words

Challenging the City Slicker: Tracks (1980), by Robyn Davidson

Robyn Davidson’s book is one of those things that challenges you because it describes something that is so utterly alien. And there’s more than a few reasons why, on the surface, I thought there would be little to relate to when I began reading her account of a trek across nearly two thousand miles of Australian desert. 961 more words


Interview: Francisa Rendic Jewellery Shop

Francisca Rendic’s jewellery shop is the newest addition to the Arcade Project, which is located on our ground floor. She uses precious metals such as sterling silver and gold as well as precious and semi-precious stones to create unique and limited edition jeweller… 1,471 more words

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So it Begins

So as of late I have actually made a rather successful leap into the very strange and not quite familiar world of adulthood. I have recently been taken off the market (I know shock, horror) after being single for around 5 years. 147 more words