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Experiencing Racism in the Philippines

Blue eyes, blonde hair, and skin as white as snow was the way I arrived into this world. Of course, this came after the blood was wiped from my body. 748 more words

Bee Life

Assumption is the root of all fuck ups.

The inspiration to this post took place about 7 months ago, during my first visit to Adelaide and I was doing some Wwoofing in Adelaide Hills. 1,711 more words

Don't Genoa Bout the Dogs in Florence


Day 31: Sunday, May 15

On Sunday morning we said “see ya later for a tinny and a saus on the barbie and maybe a dip in the pool if it’s not too nippy outside and Mum remembered to turn the heating on” to France, and finally arrived in Italy! 3,723 more words


As Nice As We Cannes Be

Day 27: Wednesday, May 11

Relieved to have left the spawn of Satan pizza crims behind us, on Wednesday we boarded the train to our last French city.  2,369 more words


Travel marvel's rough diamond

All euroed up, my TC and I returned to the Mercure Korona where a great many other travellers were gathering in the lobby with their baggage. 592 more words


What Is The Australian Outback?

Some of the Internet websites I’ve read, as well as travel brochures for overseas, just get the whole Outback thing completely wrong.

For an Australian, the outback is a place (with a blurry transition line) west beyond the Darling River in NSW (some 1000km from Sydney), west beyond Longreach in Qld, in the majority of South Australia, the central and southern parts of the Northern Territory, and the northern, central and eastern parts of Western Australia. 665 more words