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New Story - 'When The Australians Came'

Flash fiction piece | 300 words

There are holes now, where there were none before.

Gaping spherical gashes like dimples on the otherwise unblemished beach. A natural wonder  perhaps? 64 more words

Rowena Sheehan

Are Australians ‘Shy’ about Money Talk?

For many of us, there are a few unspoken rules about what is appropriate to talk about with others and what is not. One of those subjects happens to be about money, but is this really why Australians avoid talking about the subject? 34 more words

Be Happy All This New Year

Happiness, unlike money, can’t be banked, so now is the time for living in this new, new year. Ten or twenty cashed-up years at the end of your life won’t compensate you for the thirty to forty-year slog to set yourself up for blissful retirement. 362 more words

Human Interest

Culture Shock: When it's hard to be a German Overseas

We Germans are known for many things. Our diligence, our conviction to make quality a priority, our scientific and cultural mind, our historical heritage, as well as World War I & II, our technological contributions to the world, like the car and engines, and last but not least soccer, cakes and beer, of course.  606 more words

Coaching & Lifestyle

 Good afternoon TooFewSteppers. Hope that I am finding you well on this rather lovely Sunday. Did y’all party last night? You better had done, as sleep is for the week (Frank Turner™). 328 more words


You Know You’re an “Aussieophile” When…

I didn’t give Australia much thought until around 1978 when my husband-to-be expressed an interest.  We toyed around with the idea of going there for our honeymoon, but decided on Bora Bora instead. 428 more words