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The hard part is leaving.

Top 10 Shanti Hostel Skopje Moments (in no particular order):

Petar #1 running up to my dorm room window while I was sorting through my locker yelling “Erika, your chair is fixed!” To be clear, it wasn’t actually my chair, it’s a communal hammock that I just happen to sit in almost every morning when I eat my breakfast and write ideas, emails, stories, etc. 458 more words


Repost: An american perspective on evangelism

One of the american uni students I got to meet told me about how different it was over here in Australia. They couldn’t believe the number of non-Christians. 150 more words

Australia's problem with latent racism.

What, exactly, is the Reclaim Australia group trying to reclaim? As tempting as it might be, it would be foolish to brush off Saturday’s protests as actions from an outlying lunatic fringe. 742 more words

Current Affairs

Mishe is awesome.

You learn things about yourself travelling. For instance, I have learned that my “resting bitch face” pretty much translates to, “f**k off.” I have ordered things off of menus which I couldn’t pronounce. 323 more words


Galway: A quick pint and how the Australians are rotten liars. A lesson in living a good story.

It all started with some coins.
In the early hours of the morning a man in my dorm decided that the floor was as good a place as any to toss every coin in his possession. 1,678 more words

Love Others

Mums Interview Stars of Magic Mike XXL

Probably only Australians will be familiar with these two fellows ‘Hamish and Andy’. They have a Radio talk back show in Australia. Anyway they got their Moms to interview Tatum Channing and Joe Manganiello. 11 more words