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Australia is a land that keeps coming up with the unexpected – from the black smoke of bush fires to the brilliant green and blue of the sea. 52 more words


Study: Australians can be sustainable without sacrificing lifestyle or economy

Steve Hatfield-Dodds, CSIRO

A sustainable Australia is possible – but we have to choose it. That’s the finding of a paper published today in Nature. 1,143 more words


OVER 140 Dead in 'horror' attack

LONDON, England. Paris have closed their boarders tonight after announcing a state of emergency.

A series of explosions and shootings have left at least 140 people dead in Paris tonight, with an unconfirmed amount of people injured. 248 more words


The Red Baron

The Red Baron was a person that I hadn’t heard of until I was watching a show called ‘Horrible Histories’ with my younger sister. I knew he was a good pilot but I wanted to learn more about him. 497 more words


The following is a tongue-in-cheek description of what is special, and different about Australia and Australians. It is written by Douglas Adams of “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” fame. 1,573 more words

Story Corner

My special Humans - Cassandra

Trying to control the future. It’s always an easy thing to do. We all do it. We’re always looking 1 step ahead, 1 week ahead, 1 month ahead or even a few years ahead. 916 more words


Outram Road

Outram Road Gaol

The Japanese used Outram Road Gaol in Singapore as a place of punishment for all those who broke their rules – prisoners of war, internees and local people. 129 more words