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Ashamed to be connected with strikers

Lockinge-born William Hallam, living and working in Swindon, felt strikers and trade unionists were behaving in an unpatriotic way.

20th May 1917

There was a Trade Union demonstration and procession round the Town. 81 more words

Life On The Home Front

Australians on the big stage

As an avid NBA fan I have watched with great interest firstly the great increase in Australian guys making it to the NBA and secondly their increased success at the top level. 292 more words

Revenge porn: Image-based abuse hits 'one in five' Australians

Image copyright Getty Images One in five Australians has suffered image-based abuse, according to the nation’s most comprehensive study on “revenge porn”.

The national survey of more than 4,200 people found that men and women were equally likely to be targeted. 450 more words

Immigrants Explain What Shocked Them Most About Aussie Culture

Australians are the kings of small-talk. They can talk about the weather, their car, their weekend, the foam on their coffee…and if I’m gonna be trapped in an elevator I’d like them to be Australian.

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Vegemite: the star attraction of an Aussie-themed night at 20T

Vegemite is an Australian icon and one of those things that many Aussies miss desperately if they move or even travel overseas. I say, ‘many,’ not, ‘most,’ because since speaking out (loudly!) and declaring my disgust for the food, I’ve found fellow ex-pats who hate it too. 661 more words


Behind every soldier, there was a woman

As we pay our respects to the fallen today, those who faced danger, hardship and brutality, made sacrifices and paid the price of conflict, I want to remember and honour the women who have served and are currently serving in war, conflict and peace-keeping missions.   515 more words