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'My customers have predominantly reacted positively': Cake depicting 9/11 stirs outcry in Austria

WASHINGTON — It is rare for cake makers to make national political headlines. Thomas Kienbauer, however, is an exception. The Austrian has recently caused a controversy at home with a cake modeled on the World Trade Center, depicting planes hitting the twin towers in 2001. 506 more words


The End of Frank Stronach’s Career as a Politician

The Austrian magazine Profil wrote on December 9:

10.7 million euros – a third of the amount spent by all the parties taken together – is what Frank Stronach invested in his election campaign, with the declared goal of garnering well above ten percent of the vote. 68 more words

elections: meanwhile in Austria

The limelight is currently on the *big* elections. So while many international discussions about recent big legislative elections are (rightly) quite critical, here’s some positive news from … Austria! 84 more words

Frank Stronach’s Crusade to Transform Austria

The Globe and Mail, March 4:

In Sunday’s state elections in Austria, Frank Stronach’s party received 11.3% of the vote in Carinthia and 9.7 % in Lower Austria. 417 more words

H.C. Strache "Still Failing to Get a Life"

We are now less than a month away from “Wien-Wahl” 2010, Austria’s crown political event of the year. Yes, we also held presidential elections earlier this year, but because the opposition to incumbent President Heinz Fischer consisted of a suspected Nazi and a kooky conspiracy theorist, the thing was a huge joke. 722 more words

Life In Austria

GENUG IST GENUG! Für eine menschenwürdige Asylpolitik!

1. Juli, 18.30 Uhr Heldenplatz: GENUG IST GENUG! Für eine menschenwürdige Asylpolitik!


Arigona Zogaj und ihre Familie sollen bleiben!
Für eine menschenwürdige Asylpolitik!
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