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20/9/1916 Brusilov's offensive ends in failure

The Brusilov Offensive is over. In its early days, it brought the Austro-Hungarians close to collapse. Their line was only stabilised by the commitment of significant quantities of German reinforcements. 192 more words

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18/9/1916 Things start to go badly wrong for the Romanians

Romania’s leaders joined the war on the Allies’ side in the expectation of an easy victory that would allow them to establish a Greater Romania on both sides of the Carpathians. 202 more words

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14/9/1916 Cadorna launches the Seventh Battle of the Isonzo

Since it joined the war Italy has launched a series of offensives along the Isonzo. Most of these have been bloody failures but the last offensive, the… 241 more words

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6/9/1916 Ludendorff's rise

Hindenburg is now the supreme commander of the German army. However the aged field marshal is something of a figure-head. Ludendorff, his deputy since the victory of… 253 more words

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2/9/1916 Romania enjoys success in Transylvania but faces gathering storm clouds

The Romanians are continuing to push into Transylvania, hoping to create a Greater Romania on both sides of the Carpathian Mountains. The Austro-Hungarians in Transylvania are heavily outnumbered and unable to resist the onslaught. 111 more words

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16/8/1916 Italy claims victory as the Sixth Battle of the Isonzo draws to a close

The Sixth Battle of the Isonzo started well for the Italians. The Austro-Hungarians had weakened their lines by sending men off to face the Russian offensive in Galicia… 196 more words

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15/8/1916 Germany takes over the Austro-Hungarian army

In Galicia Brusilov’s offensive against the Austro-Hungarians continues. Brusilov brought Austria-Hungary to the brink of collapse, advancing on a broad front, inflicting a great many casualties and taking vast numbers of prisoners. 223 more words