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29/8/1915 No breakthrough for Italy along the Upper Isonzo

Since the end of the Second Battle of the Isonzo, the Italians have contented themselves with local assaults along the upper reaches of the Isonzo line. 129 more words

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20/8/1915 Another defeat for Russia as the Germans take Novogeorgievsk

Russian forces in Poland are being hammered by the Germans and their Austro-Hungarian allies. The Russians have abandoned Warsaw and are mostly retreating eastwards, but some garrisons have been left behind to tie up German forces. 85 more words

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3/8/1915 The Second Battle of the Isonzo draws to a close

Italy’s General Cadorna calls a halt to the Second Battle of the Isonzo. As with the first battle, the Italians have made minimal gains and suffered heavy casualties. 130 more words

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26/7/1915 Italy and Austria-Hungary feed the Isonzo meat grinder

The Second Battle of the Isonzo continues. Italy’s General Cadorna is throwing his men at the Austro-Hungarians. There is no longer any real prospect of a breakthrough. 215 more words

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The Škoda 30,5 cm Vz. 1911 Howitzer

Another 305 mm gun for this post, or, to be more precise, a 30,5 cm one, as German and Austro-Hungarian armies measured the diameter of their guns in centimeters. 38 more words


21/7/1915 Warsaw: the German noose tightens

Russia is still reeling from Germany’s offensives in the east. The Germans are advancing into Lithuania and have taken the town of Szawle. But they are also advancing into Poland, with one army marching towards Warsaw from the north and another combined force of Germans and Austro-Hungarians threatening it from the south. 47 more words

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18/7/1915 The Second Battle of the Isonzo: Italy attacks again

The first Italian attempt to break the Austro-Hungarians along the Isonzo failed. Now, less than two weeks later, the Italians are having another go. By now their army is at last fully mobilised and they hope to apply lessons learned from their previous mistakes. 315 more words

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