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8/4/1918 Austria-Hungary's poor welcome for its returning POWs #1918Live

Russia released its prisoners of war after making peace with the Central Powers. The former prisoners do not always receive a warm welcome on returning home. 221 more words

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The Austro-Hungarian Bravery medals in WW1 - part 3: paperwork

The Austro-Hungarian army was well organized in its paperwork. Each request for a medal would go through the hierarchy and be kept in the personal record when awarded. 253 more words

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18/3/1918 Looting the occupied Italian zone #1918Live

After Caporetto the Austro-Hungarians found themselves occupying a large swathe of north-eastern Italy. Many of the people in this zone, both ethnic Italians and Slavs initially welcomed the Austro-Hungarians because of fond local memories of Habsburg rule before the area’s incorporation into Italy in 1866. 170 more words

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11/3/1918 The food crisis eating at the Austro-Hungarian Empire #1918Live

German civilians are suffering from food shortages. Compared to others in Central Europe however they are enjoying relative abundance. Food rations in German-occupied Warsaw are now half that of what people in Germany are enjoying. 316 more words

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18/2/1918 Germany pushes into Russia #1918Live

At Brest-Litovsk Trotsky shocked the Germans by rejecting their harsh peace terms but then informing them that Russia will fight them no more. The Bolsheviks… 167 more words

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14/11/1917 Caporetto winds down as Italy manages to hold the enemy at the Piave #1917Live

The German and Austro-Hungarian offensive at Caporetto has smashed the Italians, forcing them to abandon the Isonzo line. They retreated to the Tagliamento but were… 377 more words

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9/11/1917 Caporetto: as the enemy advance falters, Italy sacks Cadorna #1917Live

The Italians have been unable to hold the line of the Tagliamento and are now retreating to the Piave, hoping desperately that the Austro-Hungarians and Germans can be held here. 261 more words

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