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1/3/1917 Emperor Karl puts out peace feelers, sacks his army's chief of staff

The situation within Austria-Hungary is increasingly desperate. The dislocation of war, Allied blockade and the breakdown of trust between the different parts of the Empire are leading to food shortages. 294 more words

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7/1/1917 Romania overrun

Romania’s rash decision to declare war on Austria-Hungary has proved a terrible mistake. The country has now largely been overrun by the Central Powers, her armies smashed by the implacable might of Falkenhayn and Mackensen. 53 more words

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6/12/1916 Bucharest falls

Romania’s bold counter-attack against the invading armies of Germany, Bulgaria and Austria-Hungary has failed. The shattered remnants of the Romanian army are now in retreat, hoping to find some safety towards the Russian frontier. 43 more words

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3/12/1916 Romania's counter-offensive fails

Romania is engaged in a desperate battle for national survival in the face of invading German, Bulgarian and Austro-Hungarian armies. Mackensen leads a mainly Bulgarian force from the south while Falkenhayn commands an invasion force advancing from Transylvania in the west. 151 more words

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23/11/1916 Bucharest threatened, but Romania prepares to strike back

Romania’s unwise decision to join the Allies now sees its armies engaged in a desperate battle for national survival. German, Austro-Hungarian and Bulgarian troops have invaded the country, with Mackensen leading one force attacking along the coast while Falkenhayn pushes into Romania from the Carpathians. 189 more words

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4/11/1916 Isonzo: Cadorna's nerve fails again

Italian troops continue to push forward on the Carso plateau. An Austro-Hungarian counter-attack failed to stop their advance. Now the Italians are pushing towards the enemy’s second line of defence and few on the Austro-Hungarian side think that this will stop them. 210 more words

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2/11/1916 Ninth Isonzo: the Italian juggernaut appears unstoppable

Italy’s ninth offensive on the Isonzo continues. This time things are going well for the Italians. They have overrun the Austro-Hungarian first line along several kilometres of the front on the Carso plateau and are pushing forward towards the enemy’s second line. 58 more words

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