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26/3/1915 [Eastern Front] Russia takes Lupkow Pass through the Carpathians

The Russians overran the Austro-Hungarian province of Galicia last year. The Carpathian Mountains stand between them and the heartland of the Hungarian half of the Habsburg Empire. 94 more words

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22/3/1915 [Galicia] The Fall of Przemysl

Austro-Hungarian troops have been under siege in the Galician fortress town of Przemysl since November. The situation has become increasingly desperate, with the garrison now on the brink of starvation. 141 more words

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The death of Cesare Battisti, as imagined by the Domenica del Corriere

Once again, I’ve chosen to show you how Achille Beltrame, the prolific author of thousands of covers of the Domenica del Corriere weekly, works on the representation of recent events without having any photographic source. 117 more words


19/3/1915 [Eastern Front] The Austro-Hungarians attempt a break-out from besieged Przemysl

In Galicia, the siege of Przemysl continues. The Austro-Hungarian defenders have been holding out in the fortress city since November. They have tied down large numbers of Russian troops and blunted the enemy’s attempt to invade the Hungarian lands beyond the Carpathians. 150 more words

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Seaplane down

Another cover from the Domenica del Corriere weekly. Here again, popular artist Achille Beltrame represented in a very realistic way the destruction of a Austrian seaplane. 17 more words


Austrian shrapnel

It’s nice to have skilled friends… If you remember the two pics of shrapnel shells posted some days ago, I wrote that I wasn’t sure that the second one was Austrian. 31 more words


A Message from Franz Joseph

An amazing poster for this Friday. The content is the declaration of war against Serbia, on July 28, 1914, by Franz Joseph, the Emperor of Austria. 41 more words