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Assault of Arditi

I’ve just realized that only 3 of my 1,300 posts published until now were linked in some way with the Arditi, the famous elite Italian soldiers. 36 more words


Fatiche di guerra (again)

And about three years after my first post about the fatiche di guerra” distinction, established by royal decree number 641 of 21 May 1916 and circular #29450, dated 17 September 1917 (this distinction was given to soldiers who had spent 1 year in the War zone), here’s another picture of the diploma. 60 more words


Salute to the Fallen

I am just back from an art exhibition held in the Gallerie d’Italia in Milan. Its name is “La Grande Guerra – Arte e artisti al fronte… 70 more words


A Touring Club Italiano Poster about airplanes

I had already shown you the British version of such posters, here’s the Italian version of a public warning, printed by the Touring Club Italian. It was supposed to help civilian to understand the difference between allied and enemy airships and airplanes. 10 more words


26/3/1915 [Eastern Front] Russia takes Lupkow Pass through the Carpathians

The Russians overran the Austro-Hungarian province of Galicia last year. The Carpathian Mountains stand between them and the heartland of the Hungarian half of the Habsburg Empire. 94 more words

First World War

22/3/1915 [Galicia] The Fall of Przemysl

Austro-Hungarian troops have been under siege in the Galician fortress town of Przemysl since November. The situation has become increasingly desperate, with the garrison now on the brink of starvation. 141 more words

First World War

The death of Cesare Battisti, as imagined by the Domenica del Corriere

Once again, I’ve chosen to show you how Achille Beltrame, the prolific author of thousands of covers of the Domenica del Corriere weekly, works on the representation of recent events without having any photographic source. 117 more words