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20/5/1916 Austria's Punishment Expedition presses on against Italy

Austria-Hungary’s Trentino offensive against the Italians continues. Conrad hopes that his men will be able to advance from the mountains to the coast, cutting off the main Italian army on the Isonzo. 102 more words

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15/5/1916 The Punishment Expedition: Austria smashes Italy

Since Italy declared war on Austria-Hungary last year fighting on the Italian front has followed a familiar pattern. Italian troops have staged a series of offensives in the… 190 more words

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16/3/1916 The Fifth Battle of the Isonzo begins to peter out

Italian troops are attacking along the Isonzo line, hoping to take Gorizia and do something to relieve the pressure on the French at Verdun. But the Austro-Hungarian lines are holding. 131 more words

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11/3/1916 Italy attacks along the Isonzo

The German offensive at Verdun has put the French under considerable pressure. To relieve it, Joffre is looking for his Italian and Russian allies to launch diversionary offensives on their fronts. 110 more words


27/2/1916 Austria-Hungary invades Albania

The small Balkan country of Albania is in a disordered state, too preoccupied with its own affairs to want any part in the war convulsing Europe. 144 more words

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25/1/1916 The end of Montenegro

Montenegro has been invaded by Austria-Hungary and Germany. Most of the country has been overrun. King Nikola has fled together with most of his government. The army has been… 35 more words

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19/1/1916 Conrad and Falkenhayn start talking again

Germany and Austria-Hungary are meant to be close allies, but relations between their army chiefs are less than cordial. A source of tension is the frequency with which German troops have had to come to the aid of the Austro-Hungarians. 156 more words

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