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In the Shadows

Series IVPost #5中文版

From fairies and pixies to genies and demons—Eurasian hinterlands are believed to be the home of many different mythical creatures and beings. 422 more words


These 4 Simple Tricks Will Help You Shop For Tequila Like a Pro

In today’s evolved tequila scene where searching for that “100% Agave” stamp of approval is almost common knowledge, we can all use a few tips and tricks when staring blankly at the dozens of tequilas that we all have to choose from. 585 more words

Original Flavor

Bear and Leopard

Series IIIPost #3中文版

This is a tale from Rukai folklore about two of Taiwan’s most formidable native hunters: The Formosan Black Bear and the Formosan Clouded Leopard. 775 more words


4. Going Backwards: Cherry Picking Outdated Information

In his Việt Nam: A History from Earliest Times to the Present, Ben Kiernan argues that in the early history of Vietnam there were two important migrations of peoples into the Red River Delta. 1,285 more words


The Great Flood

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Flood stories are some of the most ubiquitous motifs found in ancient literature. From the Hebrew Bible—the most printed book in the world—to the Sumerian… 543 more words


Our Lady’s Child?

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Take a guess: Is the following a German fairytale? Or is it a Taiwanese folktale?

Once upon a time, a beautiful girl was born to a terribly impoverished family. 1,030 more words



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To the vast majority of the islanders, the far side of Taiwan—the island’s hidden eastern coastline—represents a world unto itself. Isolated, the east coast is protected by some of Asia-Pacific’s most formidable mountains to its north, south and west and the vast emptiness of the Pacific Ocean to the east. 869 more words