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John Howard Suggests Turnbull Ignore Pauline Hanson Then Steal Her Policies

Former Prime Minister and recent convert to spray tanning John Winston Howard has called on Malcolm Turnbull to ignore senator-elect Pauline Hanson and then steal her policies. 181 more words

The UnAustralian

Bill Shorten Celebrates France’s Honourable Loss To Portugal

Fresh off pushing Malcolm Turnbull into extra time on election day, Opposition leader Bill Shorten  was today celebrating France’s honourable loss to Portugal in the final of Euro 2016. 142 more words

The UnAustralian

Liberal Party Give Malcolm Turnbull's Locker To Dipper Brown

Malcolm Turnbull has turned up for training at Liberal Party headquarters only to find that his locker has been given to contender and climber Dipper Brown. 177 more words

Social Media Burnout and Hung Parliaments

The advent of social media and its rise in our culture has led to a simultaneous explosion of channels for promoting one’s voice to the world while at the same time overloading our minds with too many decisions to make and distractions. 121 more words


Embarrassed AEC Admits The Dog Ate Australia's Ballot Papers

Australia may be heading for the polls again after a red faced Australian Electoral Commission confessed that the reason it hasn’t been able to hand in a result for Saturday’s election is because the dog ate all the ballot papers. 208 more words


The Pauline Problem: I don't like it!

While we eagerly await the results of the 2016 Federal Election, one of the more noteworthy issues facing Australia is the re-election of Pauline Hanson. For those unfamiliar Pauline Hanson rose to prominence in the late 1990’s, advocating extreme protectionist economics and aggressive nationalism, particularly focused on white Australians being praised while Asian Australians and Indigenous Australians were targeted as “degenerates”, “foreigners” and “invaders”. 970 more words