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Federal Police investigating both Labor and Liberal politicians with charges likely soon

The Australian federal police are currently investigating three federal politicians and had a win in the Federal Court in the Peter Slipper/Mal Brough/James Ashby matter on Thursday (19/5/2016) which is the same day they raided the offices of Senator Stephen Conroy and a Labor Party staffer’s home. 1,263 more words

James Ashby

Mock wedding photos & media coverage

What a wonderful wedding! Big thanks to our MC Lauriston Muirhead, Father Peter Mcleod-Miller, Bridget Doyle (Baroness bride), Jim Sloan (MP) and Marjorie Glanville (music). 451 more words

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"Dey turk er jurbs" and scare-mongering on the refugee issue

Yesterday the immigration minister Peter Dutton said this of asylum seekers in response to Labor and Greens proposals for increasing our refugee intake:

They won’t be literate or numerate in their own language, let alone English … These people would be taking Australian jobs, there’s no question about that, and for many of them that would be unemployed, they would languish in unemployment queues and on medicare.

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Refugees Criticise Liberal ‘Jobs And Growth’ Package For ‘Illiterate And Innumerate’ Australians

The Liberal Party is re-thinking its key election platform of “jobs and growth” less than two weeks into campaigning after realising it could benefit “illiterate and innumerate” refugees. 222 more words

The UnAustralian

Shorten Promise To Slash GP Fees Is A Dangerous Delusion

THE PROMISE by ALP “leader” Bill Shorten to cut fees for GP visits by up to $25 is dubious, almost certainly unfunded, and a further recipe to ramp up debt to fund spending from a party planning $102bn in tax hikes that have already been discredited by independent analysts as incapable of generating the projected revenue. 1,053 more words

Greens Preferences: Making Broccoli-Munching Gnomes Useful

ACRIMONY has greeted moves by Victorian Liberal president Michael Kroger to seek preference deals with the Greens; it is not credible to oppose the idea by saying Labor is the lesser evil: it is an economic vandal, addicted to fuelling recurrent spending with high debt and taxes, and obsessed with chasing the hard Left vote. 2,467 more words

Bill Shorten’s alleged crimes are fraud, theft, adultery and rape to name a few. Should he be PM?

Bill Shorten’s past which includes alleged crimes of fraud, theft, adultery and rape haven’t stopped him being in a position where he has a good chance of becoming Prime Minister in 7 weeks on the 2nd of July 2016. 1,375 more words

Bill Shorten