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86%: Australia, this is your wake up call

Melissa Fleming is the head of communications for the UN’s High Commission of Refugees. Fleming is a believer in the stories of the people who have been displaced and continuously in her work on the field asks people about their lives, their stories. 816 more words


We don't need a Federal ICAC

But we do need to store all your metadata for two years. Honest. Would we lie to you?


We're only storing the metadata

Which will be defined in the bill by the same genius that described “computer” so that it can include the entire Internet.

People have been targeted by drone bombings on the basis of their metadata. 67 more words


Seemed appropriate.

Considering Hugo Weaving played V.

Someone said to me today,

They can have my metadata when I can see all of big business’.

To which I added, and that of Parliamentarians.

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No to Big Brother.

No! To Big Brother. Get a warrant!

And turn up to bloody ICAC, you sleazy buggers.

Edit: Rather than a series of posts, here’s the Abbott version. 23 more words


#StopDataRetention meme

George “bigot” Brandis wants to store your data for at least two years. At your expense.

But he doesn’t know what metadata is. And it will be defined by the same people who described “computer” in such a way that it includes the entire Internet. 111 more words



Ladies, Gentlemen and variations thereupon, I present the leader of the Opposition, Senator Scott Ludlam.

I could go into all sorts of arguments about having curtains in windows or putting on pants before you leave the house… But you know all that. 524 more words