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Autechre - T Ess Xi

This track is from 2013’s imposing ‘Exai’ album, which is an incredible slab of complex electronic music. Autechre make music that sounds like a puzzle that doesn’t have the possibility of being finished built into it; this is in no way a criticism. 55 more words


Fleure - Autechre

I discovered this album and style of music recently, completely different from what I’m used to as I haven’t listened to music sans words much before. 570 more words


Reflections On An Impasse

ferocity as approach
limits the depth
of engagement
possible between
two forces
otherwise unopposed

to extend and
thereby share
what resources
they have
at their command. 51 more words


Hive mind: Autechre - Exai

If the copyright ever runs out on the term ‘heavy metal’, Autechre should claim it back from the guitar gods. The future-industrial clang on Exai… 444 more words

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Just for the fuck of it: Death Grips - No Love Deep Web

Just as the big dick on the cover can’t be unseen, you won’t be forgetting No Love Deep Web in a hurry. Death Grips’ third album staples itself to your inner ear, a hip-hop headbutt that gives you the fear and a simultaneous nihilistic rush as soon as MC Ride bellows: “Shit’s about to get kamikaze” on opener Come Up and Get Me. 432 more words

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Dark arts: Autechre live in Dublin

Autechre‘s no-frills live performance works on the thesis that stage shows and visuals are mere pollution, a distraction from their singular musical vision. Sean Booth and Rob Brown famously even play with the house lights turned off, to heighten the sensation between your eardrums – like trendy sensory-deprivation dark-dining restaurants. 416 more words

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