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Excising Excess

arrival of a dividing line that cannot be ignored
secures future to its correlative past
within this o’erbrilliant and insignificant moment.

nothing fits inside of a grave but body’s mass… 68 more words


You Bee Theres or Bees Squarepusher

Going to a Squarepusher gig can cause your brain to melt. Not only do you deal with Tom Jenkinson’s insane bass and electronic jazz, you also have to deal with what can only be described as some of the most horrible human beings in existence. 420 more words

Aphex Twin

Friday Night Tune General Election Special: Autechre - Lost

What a weird couple of days it has been. Now that the dust is beginning to settle over what may turn out to be one of those rare but defining moments in British politics where the true repercussions are only felt years later, the strange initial mix of elation and utter horror has been replaced by the realisation that this is a country screwed up in so many ways it’s not funny. 920 more words


Bleep Blog - Warp Drive (Take II)

So after my attempt to write about the wonders of Warp Records in my last blog was sabotaged by the might of Aphex Twin I thought I’d better elaborate on some of the treasures you can find on the label. 336 more words


Ένας Δισκοπαθής Εξομολογείται #6: Μπάμπης Κολτράνης

Σε εβδομαδιαία βάση ένα πρόσωπο που ασχολείται εμπράκτως με τη μουσική, εξομολογείται μέσω της Δισκοπάθειας την αγάπη του για έναν δίσκο. Αυτή την εβδομάδα, ο Μπάμπης Κολτράνης που περιβάλλει ηχητικά τη ζωή του όχι μόνο ακούγοντας μουσική, αλλά και μέσα από κείμενα και ραδιοφωνικές εκπομπές επί της τελευταίας, μεταφέρει τις έντονες παραστάσεις που αποκόμισε κατά τις ακροάσεις του LP5 (ουσιαστικά, του άτιτλου πέμπτου άλμπουμ) των … 34 more words


Blueprints and Secret Chords

It seems like such a long time since I released “Acquiesce“, and although part of this hiatus was due to society’s preoccupation with Christmas ( don’t get me started ), I actually spent quite a long time trying to deal with what I see as , a broken music industry. 651 more words



from the album “Tri Repetae” (1995)