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Autechre -- 'elseq 1' [review]

Five cuts clocking in altogether at around 50 minutes, ‘elseq 1’ is another exhaustive and generally hard-edged set of Autechre tracks, bringing sinister-factory and unbalanced electronica to the masses in true hard-to-decipher-but-pleasurable, non compromising form. 88 more words

Autechre - Rotar

Rigid, heavy Electro akin to stuttering steel pistons and rusted motors roll on whilst deeply melancholic melodies are eked out of the proceedings. It is really incredible what Autechre do on this track from their 1995 masterpiece ‘Tri Repetae’ (Arguably the first album where they really set out their stall). 33 more words


Autechre - Garbage EP (1994)

I told you I was going to go the route of the filthy casual in future Autechre coverage (even though I ended up listening to… 418 more words



following on from my ‘Alva Noto’ post, here is the genre of music he comes from.

Autechre are by far my favourite ‘Glitch’ artists.

i really like the discordant sounds, and all the bleeps and scratches. 76 more words


Autechre - Amber

  • Artist: Autechre
  • Released: 1994 on Warp Records
  • Genre: IDM

Where I live in Singapore (ha, ha), there’s this particular road in Malaysia that serves as the perfect place to listen to Amber in the car, which starts from the Tuas car checkpoint and begins again from the Malaysian side, through the Batu Pahat checkpoint. 348 more words


Autechre: Elseq 1-5

Autechre: Elseq 1-5
Warp Records (2016)

Autechre release an epic 4 hours worth of new music and all the Heads can do is complain about… 233 more words