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Clark's Death Peak sounds like 'a boulder bouncing down a hill with birds tweeting around it'

For years Clark has been a relatively unsung hero on Warp Records, hidden in the long shadows cast by cult electronic poster boys Aphex Twin, Autechre and Boards of Canada. 211 more words

Album Review

Guest Mixtape: Oliver Coates

Several ground-breaking records from 2016 can be attributed to the gifted talents of British cellist and composer Oliver Coates. The London-based composer’s sophomore full-length release ‘ 431 more words


Personal Pickups

I wanted to start doing something different, something more personal. By occasionally switching up the general Picks of the week with Personal Pickups I want to give an insight in what I am actually buying for my own record collection. 143 more words


Autechre - Montreal

This track is from 1994’s ‘Amber’, which was Autechre’s 2nd album on Warp. Back then (and now, alas) this stuff was called  ‘IDM’, which is possibly the worst ‘genre’ label of all time. 81 more words



As far as I know, the New York State improv trio Borbetomagus—saxophonists Don Dietrich and Jim Sauter, and guitarist Donald Miller (who’s actually a New Orleans resident these days)—haven’t set foot in a recording studio in close to 25 years. 692 more words


Autechre - Rotar

Rigid, heavy Electro akin to stuttering steel pistons and rusted motors roll on whilst deeply melancholic melodies are eked out of the proceedings. It is really incredible what Autechre do on this track from their 1995 masterpiece ‘Tri Repetae’ (Arguably the first album where they really set out their stall). 33 more words