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Autechre - Chatter

Some Acid Electro from Autechre in their early days; off of the Warp compilation ‘Artificial Intelligence II’ (1994).


Autechre - Pathetic Triangle (2001)

This is pretty brutal techno from Autechre –  one of the mainstays of the wonderful Warp Records stable and producers of uneasy listening since the early 1990s. 49 more words

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Various Artists : Blech II - Blechsdottir

Originally released 23rd September 1996.  Original review published 30th November 2008.

The premise? Simple. Take one beyond cool ambient/electronica/whatever label at the peak of it’s creative powers, add to it the best of their peerless roster of knob twiddling savants and then mix spotlessly some of their best unreleased work. 226 more words

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The Warp Magic Tour Bus parks up in Dublin (2002)

A band of modern-day merry pranksters has rolled into Dublin – a busload of DJs and expert knob-twiddlers creating an alternative summer holiday soundtrack.

After 100 releases, the Warp Record label is taking its Magic Bus Tour around Europe. 387 more words

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Autechre - Laughing Quarter

A track from the bands 1997 EP ‘Envane’, which was the forerunner to their incredible album later that year, ‘Chiastic Slide’; an album where the hulking rigidity of ‘Tri Repetae’ started to loosen and melt before our eyes. 25 more words