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Autechre - Eutow

Euphoric Electro from Autechre; this is from their 1995 album ‘Tri Repetae’, back before their music strayed way off the grid.


Autechre – Chatter

Some Acid Electro from Autechre in their early days; from the Warp compilation ‘Artificial Intelligence II’ (1994).


11. reSEARCH

Bridges + Codas, installment #11 of The Research Series, aired June-10-2018 on CiTR.FM.101.9.

The eleventh of a planned forty-nine movies, each forty-nine minutes long, featuring no particular artist, theme or agenda beyond boldly going … who knows? 126 more words


Autechre - Cipater

The opening track from Autechre’s 1997 album ‘Chiastic Slide’ has a wonderful moment where everything shifts; and this album is a point where things start shifting for Autechre. 82 more words


Autechre remixes from 1994 to 2007

Autechre did a number of amazing remixes in the 1990 especially in the golden era of Warp records and IDM and ambient techno. I collected them into 15 tracks and made a mix out of it with the following tracks : 111 more words


From the archives: Warpvision 1989-2004

Just stumbled across this little beauty in the @SoakRecords archives. @WarpRecords Warpvision DVD and CD mix from 2004. Just wish i still owned a CD and/or DVD player!! 42 more words



Listening to the first of the NTS sessions by Autechre, I noticed something about the  track ‘32a_reflected’. Parts of it sounds like it’s played backwards. On playing the track twice in a row, you can hear that it start how it ends, but in reverse. 177 more words