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January 2nd 2019

Today is the anniversary of my Blog, theministryofshrawleywalks, I started exactly one year ago today having felt compelled to write about ice skating at a massive garden centre, where we all shuffled anti-clockwise around a ram packed rink for pleasure and many £’s. 501 more words

Day To Day

Autechre - Xylin Room

Deconstructed Electro, done only the way Autechre can. This is from their 2003 album ‘Draft 7.30’.


Anna Thorvaldsdottir

Recently my 160GB iPod Classic started to die. The battery wouldn’t hold a charge, especially not in cold weather. If I selected an artist/album to listen to, then decided to scroll through and find a different artist/album to listen to, half the time it would simply shut down on me, declaring that the battery was totally empty and I needed to connect it to a power source. 775 more words

Burning Ambulance

Autechre - cloudline

An incredible sound shape, from a band renowned for their incredible sound shapes. By the 2:45 minute mark, you realise you’ve been lured into some reimagining of R&B; or some other dimension where West Coast Hip-Hop (along with one of its daddies Bernie Worrell) has been venerated by malfunctioning AI. 34 more words


Autechre - Overand

The penultimate track on Autechre’s hulking, rusted, metallic beast of an album; 1995’s ‘Tri Repetae’; changes tack from what came before, and allows the listener to freefall into beatless space and creepy ambient.


[Guest Mix 001] Mokhov :: Boards of Autechre

Oleg Mokhov isn’t exactly a stranger around here. Fresh off his intricate, euphoric new album with lush electronic synthesizer and music for clouds and outer-worldly exploration on “ 130 more words