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Opened World: A Living Out of Dying

For Suda51, videogames seem to be a kind of professional afterlife to working in a morgue, allowing him to creatively re-articulate his prior craft. The very structure of games focuses on cycles of death and revival, in which sequences of play are continually punctuated with “game over” screens. 193 more words

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The History and Evolution of Auteur Theory

Ever since I learned of its existence, the concept of auteur theory has always fascinated me. Perhaps most importantly, it inspired my series of articles for Headstuff entitled “Director Profile”. 1,485 more words

The MoeGamer GameCast: Episode 6 - ZAWAZAWAZAWA

In this episode of the GameCast, we talk about the prevalence of “auteurs” in Japanese game development, NepNep in VR and one of the bleakest anime series I’ve ever seen. 205 more words


From the Archive: Pulp Fact-ion: An Exploration of the Auteur Theory (starring Quentin Tarantino)

Even before I started studying film Quentin Tarantino has always been a personal favourite of mine. His attention to detail, both in his film making techniques and in the narrative landscapes (and entire universe) he has created, are unbelievable. 2,154 more words

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MAGIC IN THE MOONLIGHT and Possible Problems with the Auteur Theory

I haven’t seen many Woody Allen films, by golly, he’s directed 53 so far. I’m trying to change that. I think his films are often fun genre-benders that play with the conventions of cinema. 1,154 more words

Are Modern Artists More Like Modern Politicians?

No, this won’t be another post telling you why you should turn to your favorite celebrities for advice on politicking.

When we think of the modern artist we think of them in multitude: They are sharp, savvy, and successful in all areas of fame, from social media to performance. 687 more words