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Steven Spielberg: The Auteur

Within recent film scholarship, directors have been divided into the category of being either a practicing ‘auteur’ or a ‘metteur-en-scéne’. This essay will explain why Steven Spielberg’s oeuvre as a director is best understood as the work of an auteur. 2,460 more words

The 'Write' Stuff

MDA3200: Auteur Theory (2 weeks)

Week 1

The auteur theory is the idea that the director is the sole author of the film and each film they make represents the auteurs world view. 2,111 more words


Introduction to Film Analysis/mise-en-scene

Analyzing a film, it can be fun. It can also mean a lot of work. If we have the tools, however, it can go by a lot smoother. 309 more words


A Terrific Short: Vulgar Auteurism

In this “diminutive” version of It’s Terrific, our favorite moviegoer, Web Bist, introduces  auteur theory to discuss vulgar auteurism. What is it? Who is it? When is it? 37 more words


The Problem with Auteurism

The idea of the movie director as author (or, “Auteurism”) is something that has been bothering me for some time. Yes, I know that Pauline Kael already said her piece on it… 963 more words


Stars in World Cinema.

Stars are the most publicly visible personnel in a film but what specific meanings do they bring with them to the roles they play? What factors determine how we read a star? 233 more words

Film Culture/Film Theory

Beyond Auteurs: Do Video Games Need Visionaries Part 3

Part 3: Conclusion

This is the third installment of a series, so if you missed parts 1 and 2, you might want to go check those out. 975 more words