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James Cameron, the auteur

Auteur Theory

Sir Alfred Hitchcock… Stanley Kubrick… Orson Welles… and James Cameron?

The first three directors are often considered “auteur” filmmakers. “Auteur theory” is a school of critical thought, developed by André Bazin’s… 1,734 more words


Auteur theory and authorship.

The term ‘auteur’ (the French word for ‘author’) was devised in the middle of the 1950s by a French film director and critic François Truffaut. In 1954 Truffaut wrote an article in prestigious French film magazine… 834 more words

Film Culture/Film Theory

Video of the Day: Wes Anderson

→ Wes Anderson’s 2006 commercial for American Express ←


Film Studies Task 1 and a Multi-Cam Update

- http://youtu.be/2lWvNS8ejag  –

Christmas is over, we’re back at College and our first deadline had arrived. For Task 1 of Film Studies we had to create a vlog talking about one analytical method and one analytical theory within our chosen films. 269 more words


Film Studies - Auteur Theory

So, during Film Studies on Friday we learnt about the Auteur Theory.  Now, an Auteur is a director who puts his or her individual and personal stamp on their films, this then makes them more famous than any other crew member. 406 more words