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Identity is Everything

In the film industry identity is everything.

The question that remains is how do we combine our work, our vision of the world with the economics of a marketplace? 391 more words


Nouvelle Vague: theory = practice

There is a set cliched prejudice concerning theory/practice opposition: one cannot be professional and successful both in theory and practice, one is either a thinker or a doer and no compromise is possible. 880 more words

Whose Film? Auteur Theory Condensed.

The idea of an auteur in film-making has been around since 1954 when François Truffaut wrote a criticism of traditional French film evaluation in Cahiers du Cinema (a French film magazine). 334 more words


Chemical X

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (BvS) has released into theatres after much buildup and promotion to rather scathing reviews.

Is anyone particularly surprised? 1,518 more words


Pulp Fact-ion: An Exploration of the Auteur Theory (starring Quentin Tarantino)

Even before I started studying film Quentin Tarantino has always been a personal favourite of mine. His attention to detail, both in his film making techniques and in the narrative landscapes (and entire universe) he has created, are unbelievable. 2,159 more words


Steven Spielberg: The Auteur

Within recent film scholarship, directors have been divided into the category of being either a practicing ‘auteur’ or a ‘metteur-en-scéne’. This essay will explain why Steven Spielberg’s oeuvre as a director is best understood as the work of an auteur. 2,460 more words

The 'Write' Stuff

MDA3200: Auteur Theory (2 weeks)

Week 1

The auteur theory is the idea that the director is the sole author of the film and each film they make represents the auteurs world view. 2,111 more words