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Omelette à la Alma | Phantom Thread riff

Rambling Preamble 

Phantom Thread (2017) is the eighth feature film by writer-director Paul Thomas Anderson. I have been a fan of Anderson’s work since I saw  1,919 more words


An Unregenerate Auteurist

Although I never met the man, he has made a lasting impression on my taste in films. It all started around 1964, when I was a student at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. 486 more words


The screenwriter as Author: Industry Practices and ‘Network by Paddy Chayefsky’

Towards the beginning of Network (1976) this is a moment that gives us pause – during an already enrapturing and unnerving sequence that introduces the sickly black comedic tone of the film via voiceover and images of exquisite self-reflexivity, we are introduced to the din of the plot in chaotic overlapping audio and images. 1,279 more words


Zack Snyder and the dark side of cinematic authorship

Zack Snyder’s patchy filmography makes him a reliably easy target for any film student wishing to critique his mishandled use of cinematic storytelling. His directorial projects are not only structurally flawed but visually inept, utilising his multi-million dollar budgets in the same way a 13 year old might if given £2000,000 to decorate his room with whatever looked ‘coolest’ with no regard for functionality or purpose. 887 more words

Auteur Theory

Opened World: A Living Out of Dying

For Suda51, videogames seem to be a kind of professional afterlife to working in a morgue, allowing him to creatively re-articulate his prior craft. The very structure of games focuses on cycles of death and revival, in which sequences of play are continually punctuated with “game over” screens. 193 more words

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The History and Evolution of Auteur Theory

Ever since I learned of its existence, the concept of auteur theory has always fascinated me. Perhaps most importantly, it inspired my series of articles for Headstuff entitled “Director Profile”. 1,485 more words